Is Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door the best paper mario game?

Asked by: bvc
  • Best game ever

    One of the best games ever in the history of mario. I played mario bros and all but TTYD made me fall in-love. The game has amazing character development and it's a real damn upgrade from the original. The bosses, badges, characters, abilities, extras, side-missions were all outstanding. I really loved this game. IMO the best game ever, cod and battlefield didn't satisfy me. But paper mario did. I remember in 2010 when I was in Giant Tiger I picked up a random gamecube game. And it was paper mario. Never regretted this moment of my life. Best game ever. Would buy this game again. I played this game thrice and i aint bored of it. So amazing!

  • Of course It Is

    I`d say that Paper Mario TTYD is the greatest Paper Mario game yet. Do not get me wrong,the other ones are awesome,but I`ve even HEARD rumours about it being said to be the best Paper Mario game. For those who haven`t played it,I won`t tell you about the plot,but one thing I will tell you is that it is the Best Paper Mario game of them all.

    Posted by: bvc
  • Worst game ever made

    Bosses are so easy except the shadow bitch she kills gamers who try to beat her and lose to her what sleeps behind the door I will tell you it is a demon who will always beat us and kill us over so called great game The game is BULLSHIT

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