• Can't argue with success

    Pat Summitt is one of only four NCAA basketball coaches to win 1,000 games, and she also won eight NCAA championships. By any standard, she has to be considered a great coach. Some people will deny her greatness because she won in the women's game, but we can only evaluate her career for what she did, we can't downgrade her for what she didn't do.

  • Pat Summitt is one of the greatest basketball coach of all time

    Pat Summitt is one of the greatest basketball coach of all time, and for anyone to dispute that notion they must have their head examined. Her record clearly speaks for itself. She is in select company among the great sports coaches of all time. It will be hard for many to surpass her accomplishments.

  • Yes, Pat Summitt led the Tennessee program to success.

    Pat Summitt will forever be known as one of the best basketball coaches of all time. She led the Tennessee Lady Vols to National Championships. She also helped develop many girls into WNBA players. Summitt helped turn Women's Basketball into a televised sport and helped show the world that women can play competitive basketball too.

  • Her legacy proves it.

    I believe that Pat Summitt is one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time. With over 1,098 wins and eight national titles, her impressive legacy proves her skill as a top-notch coach, but her attitude both on and off the court are what truly make her deserving of being recognized as one the greatest basketball coaches to ever live.

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