• Caution PEER PRESSURE ....!!!!

    If u don't feel comfartable in doing something and your friends force you into it , then people be alert.... It's often seen that bad influence will never show you the right path , it will only make obstacles in your way... You should better start telling them that " you are not thier servant " .

  • Peer Pressure is harmful

    These days, it's very hard for a student or young adult to make their own decisions regarding good/bad life choices due to them feeling the need for the input of their peers. Your peers may pressure you into doing something you would not normally do. For instance, imagine being a teenager (if you aren't already a teenager) and you don't want to do a certain drug. Your friends (depending on what kind of people they are) may pressure you so much that you finally give in and try it. And perhaps, because of those people you become an addict. Thanks to peer pressure, you could ruin your future, and it happens on a daily basis.
    (If you don't agree with what I'm saying, please don't be too harsh, I'm only thirteen)

  • Peer Pressure: Just Walk Away!!! It's Harmful!!!

    I think peer pressure is harmful. It makes you do things you would have never done before, like taking drugs, drinking, smoking, and just being a rude person. If someone asks you to do something bad, just walk away from the person and say no! It isn't your fault if they aren't your friend anymore! It was their decision! I think that there aren't very many positives of peer pressure. I mean, they could force you to look at bad things, listen to bad things, and even do bad things! Just walk away!

  • Peer Pressure is very harmful

    Because it can lead you to very wrong tracks, and it can also cost you serious trouble. Peer Pressure makes you think in another persons mind, going along with peer pressure means the same thing as losing the significance of your brain. Peer pressure can be good but most of the time it revolves around bad things like drugs and alcohols.

  • Because it can lead you to the wrong tracks

    It can lead you to a wrong track because when you are peer pressured it is mostly for bad things, it may also be a good thing for advising a friend. When peer pressure they mostly do it around drugs. So are you saying drugs or anything around that is good.

  • Peer pressure ruins my class

    Peer pressure is bad. In my school there is only peer pressure and a boy who gets 100% marks get 50% marks now. A boy who get certificate for the best work he has the worst work now cause of peer pressure. And because of this i can not focus at all because i want to punch them so hard but wont because it wont change anything

  • Peer pressure is bad

    Yesterday my friends were having drinks and i dont drink so my best friend told me to have a sip, i just said no thanks but she forced me badly to drink... I said her that its my decision ! I choose not to drink but she did not agree she fought with me literally! And then she said if i want her to be my friend, i needed to drink... I obviously convinced her that in my culture we are kind of not allowed to drink so she finally fought with me and however i refused. So i really think its our life so peer pressure is very bad to choose decisions , they force us !!

  • Peer pressure is harmful !

    My friends always force me to cheat in exam by showing them my answers or they will not be my friends, they always force me to do such things... I really do not like that at all, am i a sort of servant ? No right.... I really hate them

  • Yes it is harmful! It leads to certain confusions in life

    As a teenager, nowadays in this stage, I became confused, very confused. My friends try to imitate some things media has to offer but I strongly disagree with that, how can I tell them? I don't want to be out of the groupie. ''Nah, reasons will be cage-kept because I dont want to lose them'' huh? It suddenly falls to confusion on what to follow or who to follow? Like what to wear, what to buy, what to do. First is that, I became really materialistic because of this unwanted pressure, I always buy things which is unnecessary and just a waste of money!!!!

  • Peer pressure is harmful especially in boarding schools.

    Peer pressure in boarding schools is bad. Some students tend not to study and attend classes due to this pressure. Dormitorians replied "No!, they are just tempting us to do bad on school, example is cutting classes, bad words, cheating and destroying of properties, also in exams, they agreed to cheat, how could you say no? They're your friends." on a survey of "Are your peers motivating you to study and strive harder?"

  • Peer pressure is beneficial not harmful.

    Peer pressure is beneficial not harmful. People only think about the negative because of media and in everyday life a big percentage of people find the negative thing more interesting. Nobody's interested when good things happen, its when the bad things happen and the media gets straight to work, trying to get the situation as negative as possible. Yes, there are bad things about peer pressure such as your peers getting you to take drugs or to drink alcohol under aged. But that's about it. There are so many positives, to many I can't list them all. Peer pressure can get you trying new things, enjoying something you wouldn't of thought that you'd of enjoyed, help you learn from your mistakes and grow as a person. There are so many more. Just because you've read a magazine and it says something, or your friend is telling you something, check again. Search the web, ask others about what they've heard, because it's most likely your friend has got it from a source that has rarely any good things. A magazine on celebs for example. Media always shows the negative not te positive. It's time to prove to people that things aren't true and they shouldn't judge people or something from what they've read, because the chances are that these things weren't as worse as they seem to be. Peer pressure is beneficial NOT harmful!

  • Peer pressure is harmful

    Peer pressure is the influence that forces one to do what they do not like and acquire bad habits. Peer pressure compels us to adopt certain habits that can ruin our life . It is possible that you do not smoke or do not like partying every weekend . But peer pressure is very powerful . It can turn you from a non- smoker to a chain smoker . Many people drink against their will just because of peer pressure. Peer pressure can also make you a drug addict . Thus, i say peer pressure can just destroy and ruin your life. Its harmful.

  • No peer pressure is not harmful its beneficial.

    We always blame the bad things first but why could we think about the positive thing. Peer pressure can never said to be bad.It helps to change our pesonality.Many people told that friends force us to do wrong things such as having drugs or alcohol.The first point against this can be said that those persons who force us to do wrong things knowing that we are not comfortable then they did not deserve to be call as friends.

  • Im on both sides

    Peer pressure makes u do better on grades. But in life, peer pressure makes us depressed and people then usually takes drugs and they eventually become unhealthy. But, since peer pressure is a everyday thing that happens, we shall learn to deal with it, and take advantage with it. Okay, im done .

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