• Peer pressure disadvantages

    You can be inspired to do bad things by the pressures your peer is giving you. It can also stop the flow of creativity going through your mind. It pushes you to outrageous things such as drinking and smoking. You will not be yourself due to peer pressure. The word pressure itself causes stress

  • Most of the times involves it wrong doing

    Yes there is positive peer pressure but it is very rare compared to negative peer pressure. Negative peer pressure cause one to do most of the times very outrageous things that can harm them mentally, physically and even spiritually. This is why I agree to the statement that peer pressure is harmful

  • It just causes heartache

    Peer pressure just ruins a person as an individual, making them believe they have to be like everybody else. Having them think that being unique and different isnt 'cool.' this could cause the victim to change into something their not in order to be liked which can ruin friendships, break promises, hurt their self confidence and put them out of their comfort zone. We should embrace out differences instead of pressuring others to be more like us. Itll just hurt you, so stay unique and dont let anyone tell you what's cool or not, their just insecure about who they are.

  • Peer pressure is beneficial!

    Peer pressure is definitely beneficial, because (for example) if your marks in a test come low and the rest of the pupils in your class got good marks then, next time it will help you gain impeccably good marks.
    There are two types of peer pressure, negative AND positive.
    And the most common one is positive. If you look at it from a certain perspective then it CAN ALSO be positive!

  • It is harmful

    It tells you to do stuff which can harm you ! If a peer pressures you tell someone because you don't know if it may grow and become more harmful than before! Never fall into peer pressure make your own decisions ! No one can tell you what to do!

  • Peer pressure can be harmful

    By definition peer pressure pushes people towards decisions that they don't want to make, which is usually for good reason. Peer pressure can put people, particularly teenagers, in dangerous spots that can depending on the activity result in a myriad of outcomes, most of which aren't particularly good ones. It's not a safe practice.

  • It's harmful for sure.

    Peer pressure can influence good people to do things which can cause them harm physically,mentally and behaviourally. People often think that whatever their friends do is right whether its good or bad. Peer pressure is destroying and affecting the youth, a lot in fact. Drinking, smoking, doing drugs, it's all result of the peer pressure. It is very often that our pals tell us that this is wrong. Even they are under the influence of all that harmful things so they assume that this is absolutely correct and they can encourage their friends to do the same. Our Besties lie to us , to just get to do the same,drinking , smoking drugs. So guys, I say PEER PRESSURE IS VERY HARMFUL, ALWAYS BE ALERT OF SUCH THINGS!!!

  • Harmful is peer pressure

    Peer pressure is harmful because it spoils some persons life for example if I don't drink and friends do it and they force me to do it it is known as peer pressure . Many people do these peer pressure to their best friends. Why don't people understand that peer pressure can come from any where may be from your enemies or your friends .

  • Peer Pressure Destroys People

    People don't really realize that peer pressure can come from anybody, not just your friend. It's basically a dare. This can come from both enemies or friends. So, technically, a person can dare someone else to kill themselves. This means that death threats are a form of peer pressure. So, if people ASK whether peer pressure is good or bad, the answer is neither; it's just the fact that the intensity of the things done in peer pressure is often more bad than good.

  • Peer pressure is bad

    In my opinion, peer pressure is bad because it can cause harm and ruin a person's life. For example, I'm not a smoker or a drinker but my friends are doing and they think that I should do it to. They say things such as ...."c'mon its cool, it's fun"

  • Peer pressure is beneficial not harmful.

    Peer pressure is beneficial not harmful. People only think about the negative because of media and in everyday life a big percentage of people find the negative thing more interesting. Nobody's interested when good things happen, its when the bad things happen and the media gets straight to work, trying to get the situation as negative as possible. Yes, there are bad things about peer pressure such as your peers getting you to take drugs or to drink alcohol under aged. But that's about it. There are so many positives, to many I can't list them all. Peer pressure can get you trying new things, enjoying something you wouldn't of thought that you'd of enjoyed, help you learn from your mistakes and grow as a person. There are so many more. Just because you've read a magazine and it says something, or your friend is telling you something, check again. Search the web, ask others about what they've heard, because it's most likely your friend has got it from a source that has rarely any good things. A magazine on celebs for example. Media always shows the negative not te positive. It's time to prove to people that things aren't true and they shouldn't judge people or something from what they've read, because the chances are that these things weren't as worse as they seem to be. Peer pressure is beneficial NOT harmful!

  • Peer pressure is harmful

    Peer pressure is the influence that forces one to do what they do not like and acquire bad habits. Peer pressure compels us to adopt certain habits that can ruin our life . It is possible that you do not smoke or do not like partying every weekend . But peer pressure is very powerful . It can turn you from a non- smoker to a chain smoker . Many people drink against their will just because of peer pressure. Peer pressure can also make you a drug addict . Thus, i say peer pressure can just destroy and ruin your life. Its harmful.

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