• Calm Conservative Matches Off the Cuff Trump

    Mike Pence is the perfect counterpart to Donald Trump. Pence is the perfect congressional politician without baggage and a temperament that is the perfect response to Donald Trump's 'I'm the best boss, biggest business person who can run this country' personality. I imagine some nay sayers panicked when they learned of Pence's upcoming nomination and soon followed acceptance.

  • Trump made a good choice in picking Pence as a running mate

    A few days before the start of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Donald Trump announced Mike Pence as his choice for vice president. This was a perfect choice because Pence has an in with very conservative members of the Republican party. Because Trump does not have this advantage, picking Pence as his running mate enables "the Donald" to appeal to a wider range of conservative voters.

  • Yes, Pence is a good running mate.

    Indiana Governor, Mike Pence, will make a good running mate for Donald Trump. Pence has strong backing from both conservatives and the Republican Party's establishment. The governor has years of serious policy making experience. Pence has also been at odds with Trump over some of Trump's more controversial policy proposals. This will likely appeal to moderates and independents as well.

  • He sold out

    Pence is definitely not a good running mate, even though he is a better choice for anything than Donald Trump. Pence is also extreme. He doesn't believe in climate change and wants a woman's right to choose taken away. He came out and tweeted his descent from many of Trump's insane rhetoric like deporting all Muslims yet now he is smiling next to Trump like he truly believes everything he says. He has sold out and allowed his ambition to overrule his good judgement.

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