• Yes i feel that PETA is dumb (also don't use this as a news article about "people want to kill animals because they love death!")

    I i saw the "natural" diet of a human and i was heated INSTANTLY. Yes i don't think that a deer carcus is beautiful but slam an apple on the side of the road and see if YOU want to eat it the fact that THAT'S what PETA thinks makes sense then I'm honestly worried for the human race's inelegance.

  • Animals Eat Animals

    I saw a billboard that said "feeding your kids meat is child abuse." But face it, ANIMALS EAT ANIMALS, it's nature. And don't forget, humans are animals. And when we use wool coats they usually don't kill the sheep. It's basically like giving them a haircut. Even millions of years ago early humans were carnivores. So yes, peta's quote "Animals are not ours to eat is entirely untrue." That is why I think that peta is majorly stupid.

  • They create parodies of games without research.

    They create parodies of games like Pokémon without doing any research. The Pokémon shown are beaten and battered with care neglected. The opposite is true in the games and anime, because you care for your Pokémon and try to heal them. There are many examples of Pokémon being saved by humans too. The scenes can be thought as horror for young children who do not need to see that sort of thing.

  • They make up fake videos and facts.

    There need to quit. They constantly use fake stuff to get people to support them but they dont even know cause they act like city folks and dumb cheecks of America. If they dont like what they do they can walk their happy asses to Africa and eat some meat.

  • Unfathomably, Incredibly, Stupid

    Use your heads for a second: in 2008, PETA killed 95% of the animals that came into PETA's possession were euthanized. What were the bodies used for? Nothing. What do other, normal, humans use the meat for? Coats and other worthwhile causes, instead of being wasteful. I am vegetarian and I find some of the things they do stupid.

  • IQ of 30

    Animal kills animal for food. Considered ok by PETA.

    Human kills animal for food. Not ok by PETA.

    Human kills animal for medical reasons. Not ok.

    Humans kill animals for clothes. Not ok by PETA.

    Summary: PETA is trying to corrupt and destroy out society and the government should do anything necessary to shut them down.

  • Yep, very stupid

    Humans are the rulers of earth and we should stay that way. Humans is the smartest most advanced and the fastest creature to adapt to environment and also we should stay that way. This organization is trying to persuade us to live with our foods and people with functioning brain don't want that

  • Indeed very stupid

    We are the rulers of the earth and we should stay that way. Humans are the smartest and fastest creature to adapt to the environment we are on top of food chains and also we should stay that way. This organization basically want us to live with our food and people with properly functional brain don't want that

  • They are very stupid

    The only consistent philisophy PETA seems to hold to is this:

    Humanity = evil, pollution, greed, violence

    Animals = good, pure, natural, happy

    Humanity + Animals = humans hurting animals

    They are the worst offenders when it comes to denying the nature of animals, and thus consistently pursue courses of action which do not help animals at all, but only their deluded platonic ideal of animals.

  • PETA is NOT stupid

    PETA is not stupid. PETA uses facts abut the way humans are negatively treating animals and advertising the facts to show the world what is currently happening. For an example, PETA shows the world what happens in slaughterhouses when the animals are killed, and how the workers there choose to abuse the animals. This is to help cut down the amount of people that choose to eat meat and help save more animals.

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