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Art can only be made by living beings, not by non-breathing devices.

  Photography is not art, because photos can be copied. Artist's can't paint their original painting twice, but photos can be reproduced thousands of times. A camera is a machine, a painting is created only by humans. A photo records only what is there, but an artist creates a painting by design by removing as well as adding things.
Anonymous says2013-08-11T00:11:39.847
Are you saying that lithography is also not an art, because you can print out as many copies as you wish, as long as the original plate lasts?
Anonymous says2013-08-11T00:12:59.887
You can reproduce a photo thousands of times, but can you TAKE one same photo twice?
davidanthony86 says2014-03-18T23:42:56.523
I wasn't aware that a paint brush was a living and breathing device. What is failed to be acknowledged is the design of creating an image is a process that happens before the capture. A photo records what is there, a photographer controls what is there. As if the artist cannot control what is included or excluded from the frame is an void argument. A photographer captures a world that is non existent the moment it is taken. But maybe you are unaware of photographers such as Francesca Woodman, Robert ParkeHarrison, Gregory Crewdson, Roger Ballen, Clarence John Laughlin, Eugene Meatyard, and others. The idea that a painting contributes anything more to the world and culture of what is apparently supposed to be reflected in art bares no greater meaning than what is in a photograph. The artist in whatever medium as talented and skilled as they can possibly be, evokes nothing unless there is a vision and a voice. Art is not based upon the medium in which it is created, it is generated from the way in which brilliant minds express a vision.
Genworth_1 says2014-09-11T22:45:35.040
Exactly, a photo is more than just pushing a button. To take a beautiful photo you need proper lighting and good focus amongst hundreds of other variables. There are people that go to such great lengths just to get the perfect photo. I can't believe people think that it isn't an art form, it takes just as much artistic vision as painting.
LeicaBoss says2017-03-27T03:58:45.573
Please show which generally accepted definition of "art" makes "cannot be copied" an absolute criteria. Otherwise, you are redefining terms, creating a flawed argument.
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