• It is art

    For those who say that art is made only by a person not a device, you're wrong. The person controls the camera, the person clicks the button, they control what they take a picture of.
    For those who say it isn't an art form are just jealous they they can't take a decent picture

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  • A camera is just another tool

    Photography is art. People say that it is not because it's too easy, or the camera makes the image, or anyone can do it. None of these are true. There are many, many photos out there that are NOT art. Art through photography is not easy at all. I have been studying and practicing it for three years now and I still haven't put out something I find worthy of being called 'art'. As for the argument that a camera is not a living thing and it is creating the photograph, that is not true. The photographer is creating the photograph. The camera records the image, but the photographer is the one capturing the emotion or beauty of the moment. Photography is art, that is a fact. Though beauty is in the eye of the beholder and some people don't like that medium. Just because you don't like it as much as, say, a painting, doesn't automatically make it not an art form.

  • Photography is ART!

    Photography is most definitely art! There is so many things you can do to photography. You can change the tints and colors. You can paint over photos, and develop them. In art class at school I took a class on just photography and I learned so much from that! Photos on a wall are considered art and I think that it is just totally wrong to say that photography is not art!

  • Photography is just as artistic as any other medium.

    It doesn't matter if you photograph it or paint it. If it contains emotion, it's art. Art is expression, and photography is fully capable of being a medium of expression. Art is beauty, and photography is fully capable of being beautiful. There is no denying the fact that photography is art, regardless of one's definition.

  • Yes it is!

    As someone who is fond of photography, I definitely believe it to be art! There is something to be said for choosing one's subject matter carefully as well as making sure to get a perfect shot. Anyone can just hold a camera and snap a picture, but you won't get a truly great photograph that way. Or maybe sometimes you will-- but that's part of the fun, human, subjective nature of art!

  • Less skillful, rewarding and creative, but yes- art nonetheless.

    What's that I saw on your linked in profile under interests? Photography. Ah I see, I think I'll add that one. Wait, I need proof. Let me just get my phone out and take black and white pictures of the flowers and vase in my lounge. And I think I'll take one at 45 degrees and change to sepia.

    I say this not to trivialise the debate, but to provide a narrative as to what photography has become. Of course the motion can't be discussed by questioning what art is. Indeed a difficult question. One which philosophers have pondered over for ages. Would you class my example above as art. Yes, and you degrade the medium lower than already is (i’ll explain this later). No, and you start an equally difficult argument as to what must ‘go in to’ a photograph to become art. Other posters have spouted that arguably every drawing or photograph is art. Thus, it follows that ‘I want a fast car so I can drive very very far’ can be poetry. Is poetry art? If so then what is the form? The writing of the poem? Its oration? I don’t think an answer to this question can derived from stating what art is or isn’t, so my argument is going to go down the route that others above have discussed; process.

    I follow art and art history, and you could make similar comparisons. Many argue that Mark Rothko’s work can be dismissed as colours layered onto a large canvas, as though you were painting your living room wall. But here’s where I make the distinction, and it’s a big one. With ‘art’ such as painting, sculpture, dancing music etc, the artist has physically created the piece. Let me take painting as an example to focus the debate. When I paint, it is MY hand which is capturing the photo. It is my hand which is creating the indelible mark and capturing emotion, light perspective, etc. With the camera its a lens, computer or printer. Yes, you can augment it with photoshop and other software. Granted this requires technical input, but the bottom line is that the physical creation was not done by you. Comparison’s have been made to authors using type writers vs the pen. This analogy can be thrown out as the presentation of an authors work bears no resemblance on the meaning of the work. The Old Man and the Sea would still be an incredible exploration of a man’s moral fibre, the ethical exploration of fishing etc etc regardless of whether Hemingway had hand written it or typed. It is still his story which he had thought up. The creativity that has gone into it is not diminished by typing it. The difference between a painting of someone and a picture of them is profound. In terms of effort, technical execution and creative input


  • Art is anything you create.

    Art is anything you create. It doesn't matter if you made something out of nothing, or something out of something. If you made something out of nothing, congradulations you made art. If you made something out of something, congratulations, you added on to the art and created more art to it. Art, I believe is enhancing someone else's perspective on things. A simple photograph of a chair in a dark corner might not mean anything to you, but to someone else, they can relate to it. If you add on color, make it black and white, change the tints, you make it more appealing. Example, there is a black and white photo of an apple sitting on a table outside on a fall day. With it being black and white, maybe you can't really tell if it is fall outside, and maybe the apple looks like a pear. Edit it, leave the grass and sky black and white, and make the apple a deep red, and the leaves golden and brown. You just made it instantly more beautiful and people gain more understanding of what the picture is. Anything is art. If taking a picture is not art because its from a machine, then music is not an art because of the machines they use to enhance the sound. Open your minds

  • Photography Is Art!!

    The definition of art is the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. Photography shows beauty therefore it is art. I rest my argument with how many times do you see a photograph of something and say oh my god that is so pretty or I wish I was there enjoying that beauty. And to those who say it takes no skill to take a photograph YOUR WRONG you have to know what type of lighting you have to have and at what angle you have to be at in order to take a good picture. Yes there are cameras out there that you can just point and shoot but is really going to look right?

  • Photography is art for those who can see it.

    When a person takes a photo they are displaying the image exactly the way they want it to be seen. They express their own emotions on the canvas and they send a message to the viewer making him feel the same. And not everyone can make such a photo that's why it requires skills and that's why it can be considered as art.

  • How do you define art?

    It is impossible to answer the question posed until agreement is reached as to a definition as to what art is. Unlikely to happen.
    That is a difficult question to answer and everybody will have their own definition. Everybody who can hold a pencil or brush can create an image. Is every image art?
    Is it not art just because it is a representation of something that already exists? How many paintings are of something that does not exist? Arguably every image, whether a drawing painting or photograph is "art". But some images will be more compelling than others. Is all we mean by art that it is something liked by the majority? Even within the world of painting arguments rage as to what is considered art.
    This will run and run…….

  • ART is creation

    The only thing that involves creation in photography is the printer. Photographers are the dj's of art. They are just hired to play recordings, something already made. A photographer is there to CAPTURE,not create a scene that is already present. And for anyone who says that people are just jealous we can't take a decent picture, you make my day. Because anyone can take a not great but decent picture, not that many people can make decent art.

  • Really lazy art

    Art is something that takes time , taking a photo is to quick to be art. Art to me is a process in which you need to take it slow. It is not a quick flash and there you go, art is a slow steady pace and it takes a lot of patience. All in all photography is lazy art.

  • Photography in a Different point of view

    It takes effort for you the camera and the world. You need to be the one that takes it even if the camera is getting pressed by a robot, that robot had to be programmed by you and you have to be the one that let's it take the photo. The world must make the picture no matter what theres no escaping it. The camera must need energy to close the shutters.

  • I feel like art isn't an art so much as it is just a medium of recording a.

    Scene you had no part in creating. It's more of a way of sharing something you've found, or keeping it a seceret. It doesn't really express much about a person. Art is weird. Art is a little pointless sometimes. Sometimes art is just trash on a canvas that's been portrayed to mean something. But I don't count random nothingness such as scribbles and things people do without purpose as art. For instance I like to draw and write bit i am neither a writer or an artist. The writer thibg is because i suck at it but i dont draw with purpose, i just draw to draw. Not to express anything or tell anyone anything about me.

  • Lazy rendition of reality at best

    Photography doesn't create anything, it merely captures something that is already there. No creation : no art. Another argument I often use against photography : out of 50 pictures, 2 are going to turn out good, and even pros have like 50 tries before finally getting the right pic. Photography is more about being at the right spot in the right time than artistic creation.
    Another good argument : spend a day taking photos and even if you have no skill or experience, one or two pics will turn out looking decent; good luck trying to make a decent drawing after a day if you have no skill or experience with a pencil (or a guitar, a marker, a brush etc...).
    And it's been already said a thousand times, but here it goes again : turning two dials and pressing a button doesn't come near actually learning to paint, draw, master a medium etc...

  • No special skill = no art

    If it does't require a special skill, something that one was given by nature or was aquired through hard training and that can't easily be reproduced by somebody else, when an pre-defined algorithm decides how light will be interpreted and made visible in in a automated reproduction... That is not art.
    It may be pretty or it may depict somethin rare, but it is nothing special in terms of creation. A piece of art begins inside the head, already having a personal origin, meaning and a purpose, and not after it was created and been giving meaning to it aftwerwards. That's just talk and self-elevation, superficial crap.

  • It's a form of documentation

    If photography is art then so is recording sounds. Photography is documenting moments in time. If I took a tape recorder to the woods and recorded birds chirping and wind in the trees would you call that art? How about the sound of falling rain? Maybe the sounds of the city? None of that shit is art and neither is snapping some pictures. THe one exception might be an artist staging an image purposefully with artful mastery to take a specific photo of a vision he has come up with completely on his own.

  • Is photography art

    Photography is more a technical science than an art. Anyone can point and click a camera and even a novice will occasionally be able to capture a spectacular sunset or mirror-lake image. I agree there's an element of skill in composing the shot, deciding on the depth of field (blurred/sharp background), lighting, etc. But just because you require an element of skill to master something essentially technical doesn't make it art.

  • Experts say no, Instagramers say yes.

    Ever been to The Lourve? Probably not... That is, if you think photography is art. Take a trip to the epicenter of our planets artistic heritage and you'll be hit with a serious reality check as to what real art is. Sorry people, that new pic you uploaded to your FB or IG? ITS NOT ART!!!!

  • Can yield "artistic" photographs but is not an art.

    I agree with what has already been said. Art is creating something from nothing. Photography is merely capturing on an SD card what is already there. I suppose you could work a picture in Photo shop and create something entirely new. That might be art. Really creative photographers may be artists at heart, but the genre is not art. It can be "artistic" but that does not make the whole discipline art.

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Anonymous says2013-06-15T17:45:02.807
Art is valued more than gold. Art cannot be duplicated plus it's a view into a person's soul.
Anonymous says2013-09-21T17:07:46.287
Gregory Crewdson, designs every inch of his frame, total intentionality.
Dan Winters Builds sets and designs esthetics to make a character from a face.
Jeff Wall, Sees a moment he thinks is beautiful, takes notes, goes back with models recreates that moment over so he can capture it how he wants.

I only read the NO sections, but I debated competitively in school, and essentially it would seem no one here really knows photography well, only the theory of what a camera does normally. I would like to think that all people can understand that the tool, however powerful is still only a tool, in the hands of a person. If that person hones their skill, if they wish to create something that is art then all they need to do is work hard enough. Art is expression but it is also VERY hard work. Camera, paintbrush, or upside down urinal, if you sweat, cry and bleed for your work then no one can tell you it is not art.
boredashellsoimadethisacc says2014-03-24T23:31:13.723
I recently bought a children's coloring book and colored it. I expressed myself with the colors i used, would that be considered art?
fairylens says2014-07-21T00:09:49.213
Photography is an art, it is expression of emotional power of human nature which reveals hidden stories, shows the truth..