• Not at all

    Photo shop males girls or anyone feel better about themselves. If there want photo shop girls would be extremely depressed ever time they posted a picture on instagram and looked ugly. I don't believe that girls should be self conscious in the first place but that's their decision. If I was extremely self conscious Id rather make my self less self conscious through photo shop than feel disgusted about my self.

  • Yes, by god it is.

    I'm just looking at this picture and it just hit me. It is a cruel joke when its used in this way, it begins to take away our love for the natural and begins to make everything superficial. Now Photoshop to a very minor degree is acceptable, but that is little more than a lie, and I for one despise lies.

  • It Can be Used Correctly and Misused

    Photoshop can make funny things that couldn't happen otherwise be made. It can also fix the lighting and fix a bad hair day in a picture. However, many places today are abusing and misusing Photoshop. You can't trust photos these days. You have to see it directly yourself to see if something is true. If you're going to show super-skinny models, ten don't Photoshop them and tell girls to look like that.

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