• Physical education in schools is worth the cost.

    Physical education in schools emphasizes the need for exercise in a truly healthy lifestyle and can be fun. Physical education also teaches students to have an appreciation for athletic competition and the rewards of taking part in healthy competition, such as a developed appreciation for team work and disciplined. Physical education also provides a break from daily academic rigors.

  • Yes, PE in schools is worth the cost

    It is very important for children to participate in physical education in school. Daily exercise is necessary for mental and physical health and well-being, and children need to create habits at an early age. The more physically active they are as children, the more likely they are to remain so as adults.

  • Yes, the cost of physical education is minimal compared to the cost of childhood obesity.

    Yes, physical education in schools is worth the cost because it teaches children that an active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. Many children do not have access to competitive sports or the opportunity to play outside after school. Physical education provides an opportunity to exercise, reducing the threat of childhood obesity. Teaching children to lead a healthy lifestyle reduces future health care costs, which makes physical education a bargain.

  • Yes, physical education in schools is worth the cost.

    Physical education programs represent crucial elements of a comprehensive learning program for primary and secondary students. Physical education programs assist children in developing healthy skills and practices, which contribute to their ability to become successful learners. Oftentimes, physical education programs also contribute to a child's self confidence. These programs also enhance a child's ability to socialize and develop team building and cooperative skill sets.

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