• Yes, it's bad for business, but isn't actually bad for older games that much

    Now you're probably wondering, how is it not bad for older games. Well, I will get to that.

    Let's say a new copy of NBA 2K is released right, everyone buys it, but oh wait, someone finds a way to get the game for free online. So that person makes a Youtube tutorial and thousands of people do it too! That means 2K loses thousands of dollars for that game because of piraters; however, people are still buying the game so their profit is going up. But it wouldn't be fair if you make a new game and people make you lose money by finding out how to get it for free...

    Now here is how piracy isn't really bad for older games. Let's take Madden NFL 2006 for example. That game was made a LONG TIME ago. They don't even make new copies of the game. Because they don't make copies, EA won't get profit for that old game anymore. Meanwhile, people wanting a copy of the game will buy a used version of the game from someone else...However, EA will actually get a bit of profit. Even though they don't make the game anymore, they probably got a few thousand new ones that haven't been opened at all in stock. So they sell those few thousand in stock on Amazon and make some money.

  • No, it is not.

    Generally speaking,
    NO it is not.
    Piracy is not such a horrible thing as people make it out to be,
    Some people do not have the money to purchase such things.
    I mean, if people were to pirate one game in particular, would it really effect the industry that bad?
    The gaming industry as a whole still makes billions of dollars, even with piracy being a thing.

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