• Pokemon is getting worse with time.

    The intrinsic feelings of nostalgia and wonder are slowly fading within the Pokemon franchise. This franchise is an example of how the oversaturation and never-ending life span of a franchise can yield ever-decreasing results. Unless the crew behind the scenes can maintain continuity with the classic episodes, this franchise will continue to decline.

  • Extremely dissapointing as time goes on

    Pokemon is one my favorite games and always will be, but when it come to the newest games and anime I hate it. The anime has been great to watch every now and then, but the newest ones have ruined Ash. Now he seems to be an adventurer who has known nothing about pokemon until his first day in a new region. The first two regions in the anime were good as Ash actually seemed to start becoming a pokemon master and was becoming more mature, but as the newer animes come out he's getting younger. In the newest sun and moon he's like that annoying chubby kid in your neighborhood asking too many because he just doesn't know anything

  • Only since Gen VI

    So my personal ranking of the games from best to worst goes like this:

    Red/Blue & Gold/Silver

    Both X/Y and Sun/Moon suffered from drop in story quality and music. It's at its worst since Gen III. The story in Black and White was decent with good themes. The story in the new games is just a bunch of social harmony drivel.

    The type advantage for Fairy types doesn't make sense when it comes to balancing the game; it should have been super-effective and resistant against Ground, which is the most offensively potent type in the game (Tied with Fighting for 5 super-effective matchups with only a fraction of the number of types that are resistant). Instead, they decided to make it super-effective against Dark (which already saw a fairly small amount of use) and in return gave Dark-types a neutral matchup against Steel types (hooray, now you kind of have more options for whittling down Metagross).

    Anyway leave Nintendo of America out of the creative process.

  • The quality has gone down tremendously.

    I feel that Pokémon was consistently improving and reached its peak in the fifth generation. Ever since the franchise hit the 3DS, we have seen a string of unfinished games and very questionable decisions made by Game Freak. The jump to 3D was a terrible mistake that limits the amount of content that Game Freak can put into a game, and after the mature direction that the series seemed to be taking in Unova the games now seem more child focused than ever.

  • The animation and the voices are getting worse plus changing the best characters

    Dude! Look at the new sun and moon animation and look at the original series The first Pokémon series was a classic show that will always be the best the remakes and the new Pokémon (except some) are just peace of trash they will never be like the classic Gen 1 Pokémon R.I.P old Pokémon we will miss you!

  • As of recently, Yes.

    I've been playing Pokemon all the way back to Gold and Silver, and I can safely say that the current games are just not as fun as they used to be. The biggest factor is the tremendous drop in difficulty since the earlier games. You practically get the Exp. Share at the beginning of the game now, the game constantly throws free items at you, and people will constantly heal your Pokemon before anything remotely challenging shows up. The story has also taken a downwards turn, with the enemy team seeming more and more general and pathetic. I really wish this wasn't the case, but the franchise has just not been upholding it's legacy.

  • Childish,Boring and no story line.

    After all these years pokemon has become an utter shit.No story, no real mission with ever- changing character.Ash has not caught any legendary or strong pokemon and really boring and annoying team-rocket in every episode.After advanced battle i have stopped watching pokemon on regular basis.Please make it better and make connection with previous seasons.

  • It is getting worse

    It is getting worse because the new Pokemon are uglier and some are the same. There is no difference in the new Pokemon and the old ones. They also made the new ones more childish and more cartoon. So then, overall Pokemon sucks dick and is crap. Suck it Pokemon! Suck it!

  • Unfortunate yet, irrefutable.

    People will generally like things from their childhood. So, to start out, we need to think of the games from a perspective outside of personal preference. Also, we must recognize that the quality of things like graphics, storage, and total memory is dictated by time, so the core game shouldn't be determined by these factors.

    I think the final factor in determining generational changing is the distribution of Pokemon. One issue with the first generation is that there weren't that many different Pokemon. The counterargument is that the newest games are oversaturated with Pokemon. In the modern games there are so many Pokemon that many are never used and even discluded from placement in the game.

    For me, the Black/White generation was the beginning of the end for the Pokemon game series. This was where the ratio of repeated, vanilla Pokemon to original unique and "cool" Pokemon went far in the former's favor.

    The story is an alternate aspect of the core game. The story initially was based around exploration and thwarting a power hungry corporation. Team rocket (Gen I & II) was a financial and political organization. Team Magma/Aqua (Gen III) were two eco-terrorist groups. Team Galactic (Gen IV) was a Cult based around founding a new universe. Team Plasma (Gen V) was another cult that had a guise of humanitarianism, but a political agenda hidden beneath it. Team Flare (Gen VI) was a hired group led by a gentleman who wanted to make a "beautiful world" (similar to Nazi beliefs), in short a political group. In my opinion the story lines have only gotten better with time but meeting their climax in Gen V (as it would most likely mirror reality and was most detailed). The Gen I and VI stories are both very shallow with little detail or reasoning.

    For me, the game was about the Pokemon, so I am gonna decide that the older games are best. Unfortunately the game with the best story had the worst Pokemon. But it is easy to tell that the criminal stories are starting to decline once more leading me to believe that the future games will lack the depth and realism that I can appreciate.

  • Yes, it has.

    I still love Pokemon, and I always will, however Pokemon is slowly getting worse. If not a gen-wunner or anything, because my favorite Gen is Gen IV, but after the release of BW, the games have slowly gotten worse. I never thought I would say, this, because Pokemon is my favorite video game series of all time and I've been into it since I was 5 years old.

  • Pokemon gives children to embrace their imaginations.

    I am an child that plays Pokemon. Me and my friends are connected to Pokemon in many different ways. I am not saying that Pokemon is the only thing that holds us up, it is just a way we connect. Now, the Pokemon company just needs some time to think of new ways to bring Pokemon back up to the top. Just give them time!

  • It never ends

    Pokemon is classic, which lot of people love. With the series, Pokemon may not be the best, only the original and a few movies, but the games...
    The games of Pokemon get better and better, I love them, just the fact that the Pokemon series may not be getting better doesn`t mean Pokemon will end. It is like Zelda, they keep making better games with time, but Zelda does not have a series (I think). I know that lot of people that used to play Pokemon when they were children and they played gen 1 and 2 prefer the older generations than the newer just because it was their infancy. If Pokemon doesn`t continue, it could get to a point were kids do not play it and Pokemon won`t be famous as it is today.

  • Pokemon is Just Fine

    No, Pokemon is not getting worse with time as the franchise continues to improve upon itself and introduce fun new gameplay elements, while still remaining true to its core concept of monster collecting made fun for children. If someone feels otherwise, I would invite them to consider that maybe they are simply too old for Pokemon.

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