• For 7 news in Australia

    All around the world people are getting hurt by loads of things like poles for instance, trust me it hurts and I have a bruised shape of a pole on my head and all I say is... Owooooooooooooow owowowo owowo ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow bye

  • Well its dangerous

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  • Dangerous Pokémon Go

    I don't even like Pokémon and when someone made a game that you can walk and find Pokémon and it's dangerous because that what if a car was coming and there was a Pokémon on the road what do you do you go for it and poor driver has to stop right at you or maybe they didn't 't stop in time and you hurt your self what happens next who knows.

  • Yes, Pokemon Go poses many dangers to its players.

    Yes, Pokemon Go is a dangerous game. While Pokemon Go gives its players an opportunity to be active while doing something that they enjoy, the game has created many dangerous situations for its players. Players may be tempted to play the game while driving, the characters can sometimes be located in dangerous locations such as train tracks, and some players have already been lured to a location using the game to be mugged.

  • Yes, Pokemon Go is a dangerous game

    Yes, Pokemon Go is a dangerous game. Many people Pokemon Go and Drive, Pokemon Go in dangerous neighborhoods in the middle of the night, and people have also used Pokemon Go to lure people to specific locations. At these locations they've been jumped and robbed. Pokemon Go is also a distraction when walking, etc.

  • Pokemon Go is no mere fun-and-games app

    The game "Pokemon Go" has made headlines for its incredible popularity. But I think it deserves a closer look for the danger it encourages. Individuals are compelled to walk around just looking at their phones, which is a minor public inconvenience at best, and a recipe for traffic accidents at worst.

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  • Its Not Dangerous

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  • “Don’t judge anything without understanding the reasons” -Anonymous

    Pokémon Go, a very entertaining app has been blamed for user’s deaths, injuries, robberies, etc. But, have you ever pondered that Pokémon Go isn’t the problem? It’s us! The app itself warns us about possible dangers at the beginning in which we must accept in order to play the game, all other apps have user that have common sense so Pokémon Go should have too, and even if someone is leading you to a place where you can be wrong, you don’t have to listen.

  • No, when played with common sense it is not a dangerous game.

    No, I don't feel that Pokemon Go is inherently dangerous. On the contrary, it is encouraging people to go outdoors to walk and socialize, both of which are good for one's health. When a person remains aware of his or her surroundings and proceeds with caution and common sense, then the game -- or any other activity for that matter -- is not dangerous.

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