• In my neighborhood there have been like five deaths in the past month.

    I think it is clearly getting out of control. A teenage girl who lived right across the street was hit by a car when playing Pokemon go because she wasn't paying attention. A man got mugged while chasing a Pokemon because some guy hacked into to it to make a poke stop, and killed the guy.

  • Pokemon Go is going over-viral

    Pokemon Go is going all around the world like a mad elephant, more and more people's lives are destroyed by pokemon GO, deaths, injuries,relationship broken, are all the effects of Pokemon Go going viral, It is a crazy idea of people pointing their phones at imaginary creatures and flicking imaginary balls at them, and yet we are all doing it. What has our world come to ?

  • Beause yeah h

    I think pikachu is lovely, but i just think teenagers should focus more in school than being abducted by pikachu.... Like people try abducting randoms on the streeet like that is so dangerous and as a mother i do not likethis at all ok? I am gla you think so

  • Yes, Pokemon Go is creating a ruckus in society.

    Getting stabbed and discovering a corpse are just a couple of things that have occurred while users were playing Pokemon Go. Even though this is for entertainment purposes, the negative effects on society are happening from players participating in Pokemon Go. With so many more important things to do in this world, Pokemon Go should purely be for entertainment and not a full-time job. Americans say there are no jobs and they are lacking money to live. However, many continue to have cell phones and devices and play games like Pokemon Go. They should be utilizing their time better by looking for employment or participating in an intellectual activity such as reading or research.

  • For the developers

    Niantic didn't seem to anticipate the level of success for Pokemon Go, and now it seems as though they're unsure how to sustain it. There's been a huge drop-off in discussion for the game, and while that may be due to media outlets running out of lame thinkpieces, the narrow focus of the game makes it hard for me to imagine it lasting beyond the next few weeks. If it had the depth of an actual Pokemon game, though, it could last for years.

  • No, Pokemon Go is not getting out of control.

    Pokemon Go is just a passing fad, and will quickly fade just like other fads. Many people are obsessed with the game right now, but interest will wane as time goes on. A few obsessed fans of the game will remain but it will not cause the frenzy that is currently taking place in the near future.

  • Pokemon Go is a Trend that Will Slowly Dissipate

    One cannot blame a game for the actions of a few people who have no common sense. If you can't play a game without having the common sense not to trespass or climb trees,etc., one should blame those people. Just like any other game, the hysteria will eventually die down and people won't play as much.

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