• It too will pass

    Pokemon Go has become the talk of the gaming world. It seems that people of all ages are having fun catching the different species and enjoying the adventures along the way. But, just like any other game, the novelty will wear off eventually, and people will move on to a new game, forgetting all about this one.

  • A Milestone and A Fad

    Pokemon Go will go away as the next big thing comes along. In a culture where what's new takes precedence over what's good Pokemon Go will fade into the past as newer entertainments are brought to market. Having heard already of great disappointments more than adoring comments it looks like it will fade sooner than market predictions.

  • Yes, it will be popular for a few months and then fade.

    Pokemon Go is one of the latest sweeping pop culture trends that will be very popular for a month or a few months, and then people will move on to the next popular thing. There will be people who still play and enjoy it, but it won't be as massively popular as it is now.

  • New game "Pokemon Go" is overhyped

    It seems like everyone and their mother is now playing the game "Pokemon Go" which enables players to catch Pokemon in real life. However, I believe that the game is a fad that people will lose interest in eventually, just like "Flappy Bird" and any other briefly popular videogame - the next big thing will come along and grab peoples' interest instead.

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