• Yes we do.

    If all criminals surrendered when confronted by police, this wouldn't even be a question. The matter of a fact is that most criminals are more than willing to fight back. So if you were to corner a 230 lbs man who is wanted for murder, while he is holding a brick or a weapon of some sort, you will probably want to use that taser gun.

  • How is it?

    The definition of brutality is polices hitting or doing something without reason. Such as protestors being hit, or polices hitting a criminal who has been resisting arresting after the criminal has been caught. I have really not been part of a protest but I'm willing to participate in a protest if it agrees to my opinion and if it's non violent.

  • Why would we need this?

    Police brutality means that normal criminals or suspects are assaulted by police to arrest/stun them. If allowed, police would be able to put people in chokeholds or shoot them with tazers to arrest them. Why would we ever need this? Unless the suspect is assaulting the cop then yeah, then maybe the cop should try to at least get his/her hands behind their back and then try tazing them or something. Try fists before weapons. That would work instead of just outright tazing them.

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