• Of course it is!

    I understand that police need to do their job but they are meant to make peace, not end lives. Additionally, it is evident that certain ethnic groups are targeted more than others. Although that I know that not all police are involved in cases of brutality, the police as an institution need to be monitored more carefully and need to think about improving the life of people, not ending their lives. If you have any free time, I

  • These cops though.

    People are injured and killed by police who think they have no laws. Police are so stupid now a days its not even funny. Im only 16 and I was brutalized by a cop. Cops just think they have the right to do whatever they want to do. I think police brutality is a problem.

  • Yes, but people need to know the facts.

    Police brutality is a huge issue that seems to be filling up the news and all we seem to see is unarmed men being killed. Police are supposed to be the ones protecting us not taking away lives. For a very long time now police and civilians have had a problem coexisting ever since the police riots of 1992 where a man was severely beaten by numerous officers. Although many people may make a very fair argument saying police are just doing there job, police should be much more careful and cautious when it comes down to another mans life. Viewing the scenes with Eric Garner was enough to bring an uprising about this issue because this man in no way was trying to cause harm to anyone.

  • My pro opinion

    The police take action with knowing what is really going on or if they have the right person. They are supposed to make peace and yet people have to go to court about being harassed and abused by police. It is against the law to use excessive force there is no reason why the police aren’t arrested or put in jail after killing someone after using excessive force.

    Why is this a problem?
    This a problem because in the chart from ”quietmike.Org" shows that police have been caught With more Assaults, Sexual assaults, Murder and, Fatal excessive force than the regular population. The conviction rate on police is low and that can lead to more police abusing their power and killing and assaulting people.

  • Community Policing has been abandoned

    The concept of community policing has been replaced with a militarized "us against them" mentality compounded by erosions of rights due to the "War on Drugs" and the "War on Terror". SWAT assaults are used for non violent situations which escalate the interaction, no knock warrants without probable cause, and placing "officer safety" above any collateral damage have all contributed to this disconnect between the police and the people that they are supposed to SERVE. Only use SWAT as originally intended, end no knock warrants, take back battlefield equipment, address steroid abuse among police officers, and end the insane war on drugs and sanity might return.

  • No more beatings !

    We do not need any of these to happen anymore. The people that are being beaten are innocent people and do not deserve it. The police doesn't even have reasons to beat they do it for entertainment like who is entertained by this. Stop the crimes of beatings in the USA!

  • Police Are Brutal!

    I think there are a lot of good police officers out there, but I also feel there is an equal amount of police officers that abuse their power and their people that they should be protecting and serving..After all we do pay their salaries. Citizens should not be treated like we are of lesser value than the police force. We should not always be fearing the possibility of police brutality in the case of a misunderstanding. Police should be better chosen and better trained, the job is not for just anybody.

  • Assault, cop or not.

    Though many police officers are upstanding citizens, the number of police brutality relate incidents has most definitely risen. There have been many cases of late where police have shot and killed people. I personally believe that punishment for a crime should be decided by law, not an individual. Also, the way in which police have been handling recent rioting and protesting is uncalled for. In the most recent protest at UC Berkley there has been footage and photographs released of police shoving and hitting protestors with batons and spraying them with tear gas. One photo in particular which disturbed me was that of a young man who's head was covered in blood after being beaten. I consider this to be assault, cop or not.

  • Police Officers take advantage of how much power they have

    Police officers now know that if they commit murder, they wont get charged for it. They use deadly force when shooting someone. They should be told to shoot in the arm or legs but no more than two times. This would limit the amount of deaths they commit. But that's only my opinion

  • When people are becoming scared of the law that is "suppose" to protect us, it really is a huge problem.

    True enough police have their protocols to go by, but they aren't treating citizens like human beings. I believe that if a crime is committed, the criminal should be have to deal with some consequences, but for kids-young men mainly- to be shot and killed in they're own neighborhood without justifiable cause is just absolutely bizarre.

  • There should be more police brutality

    I support that the cops should have the right to torture any criminal for any reason!

    A young man will think twice before stealing another car, if the first time he is caught, he is beaten, raped. His testicles are fried with electricity and the soles of his feet beaten to a bloody pulp. Don't you agree?

  • Police have the right to protect themselves

    Officers leave their house not knowing whether they will survive their shift. Offenders deserve the way they are treated especially when they treat the officers like crap and resist arrest. For those who think its a problem and say put yourself in their shoes, think about the officers family. They never now when its the last day they will see them again. So don't just think about the offender, think about the officer too.

  • Police have the right to protect themselves

    Officers leave their house not knowing whether they will survive their shift. Offenders deserve the way they are treated especially when they treat the officers like crap and resist arrest. For those who think its a problem and say put yourself in their shoes, think about the officers family. They never now when its the last day they will see them again. So don't just think about the offender, think about the officer too.

  • No it's all just a bunch of media hype

    With social media and the news there's to much hype(making the situation looking worse than it is)that we only see the bad and not the good. No only that but we seem to intentionally look for the bad in cops. Basically we go looking for trouble almost as if it's good for us or something. Then we we just go and video that bad and post on social media all the while emphasizing the bad so we can have a story to tell our bar buddies. Now I not saying that there isn't a problem I'm just saying that it's not as bad as we make it seem. And that most cases are just misconception of a situation.

  • Police brutality is glorifed

    It is not nearly as big of an issue as it seems. All these people screaming "it wasn't really in self defense they are just drunk with power" are wrong. Normally in a debate there is some truth on both sides but not here. Violence is a problem yes. However only a small handful of all violence is police brutality. Of cores i am talking about here in america. If I were to take the question literally and apply it all over the world then yes police brutality is a problem. But unless you are in the military you only need to focuse on our law inforcement here in the united states.

  • Instances of police brutality are unfortunate, isolated occurrences

    An estimated 1.2 million violent crimes happen in America every year.
    A total of 1,501 police officers were killed in the line of duty the past 10 years. That would be 1 cop dying every 58 hours. An average of 58,261 assaults against officers happen every year.....Bottom line....

    Crime is the problem

  • You did what you did

    Face the consequences , you chose to do whatever crime you chose to do therefore you must face the force necessary to reprimand you. If you chose to resist then again the choice is yours, accept your punishment without fight or the resist that most CHOSE to do. Sorry people

  • No, it is isolated.

    No, police brutality is not a problem, because incidents of police brutality only happen on a limited basis. Law enforcement is under significant pressure and every person who is wrongfully arrested will cry foul. Police brutality can be a problem, but it is few and far between. Most law-enforcement officers do their jobs in an exemplary fashion.

  • No, it only seems like a problem because good cops don't get recognition.

    Police brutality only seems like a problem because it is so easy to film and share videos now. It is very rare for a video of a police encounter to "go viral" unless one of the parties is misbehaving. Also out of the vast majority of "police brutality" videos I've seen only a handful are actually worth getting angry over. If people uploaded videos of regular everyday police encounters I'm sure people would see it isn't as big of a problem as it seems.

    That being said, I do believe officers that are shown to be a problem should receive stricter discipline than what is essentially a slap on the wrist.

  • The POLICE are not the problem, the PEOPLE are

    It is simple: don't do stupid things. Don't rob a store with a weapon and expect not to get tackled or tazed or shot. Don't challenge the police, get all up in their face, and expect not to get pushed back. The police are doing their job, keeping the city or town safe from people who act like that.

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