• We have rights

    Everyone has rights against the police. The police swear to defend and protect the country yet they make everyone feel very alerted and uncomfortable to do certain things when cops are around. The videos on social media are unbearable to watch, watching our own people being beaten and even killed by police shows the injustice of how they treat people.

  • Yes, and it's unstoppable

    I can speak for my city. In the past 10 years, the NOPD has perpetuated and covered up the murder of Henry Glover, as well as the mass murders at Danzinger Bridge after Katrina. They wrongfully detained and assaulted Robert Davis, putting him in the hospital, and assaulted a member of the press who was at the scene, recording the beating. After the incident, one officer committed suicide, presumably as a result of his trial for assault. Police brutality and police intimidation are problems all over this country. This one is anecdotal, but in a casual conversation I had with a federal law enforcement officer, he expressed his view that, "If you run from the police, you are going to get your ass kicked. If you don't want to get beat, don't run." I think this is the feeling of many officers. Their conventional understanding of what is right and wrong, what is just and unjust, does not reflect care for the law, nor for their community. And all over the country, police who abuse their authority by intimidating or sometimes assaulting people get away with it. The judiciary and the legislature are too afraid to pursue these cases, because they know officers will unite and walk-out until they get their way. The message is, "Let us do what we want, or we will not protect the community." My point is that officers are sworn to protect and uphold the law. When they abuse their power, I believe that they should be punished to the full extent -if not more- because they have fundamentally violated the trust of the people.

  • Yes, Because it goes against laws set against civilians

    Yes it is, because policemen often completely disobey the law. I understand many people believe that policemen should have some more authority, but they have way too much slack in restrictions. I wouldn't say that 50% of policemen are brutal, but that doesn't matter. If the police are provoked i understand it more, but they just go swinging around their batons, and hurt innocent people.

  • Police brutality is defiling the constitution.

    With almost 6000 reports of misconduct from 2009 to 2010, 300 of which resulting in fatalities, how could it not be a problem? What if one of those fatalities was you? Or your son/daughter, husband/wife? How would you feel then? Police reform in America needs to happen NOW, before more innocent Americans die at the hands of power-obsessed pigs.

  • Yes its a major problem

    If police are trying to help our community they shouldn't be abusing people. Abusing people isn't a good influence to our society so if they're doing it its going to make others think that they can do it too . Personally I think of it like a chain reaction. Kind of like monkey see monkey do. If people see cops abusing other people they're going to think its also ok for them to do the same. Just my opinion :)

  • Yes, from everything I've seen.

    There have been countless cases of police brutality around the world, and specifically in the US. It isn't the norm, no, but is most definitely a problem. The ones who have the most power need to use it responsibly. Sometimes a person who has power may have mental issues, not necessarily mental disorders, but problems at home, and problems at work, and you give that person a gun and a badge and a perp to exercise that power on...nasty things can happen. And it's a problem the police force must work out.

  • Yes

    While the "all cops are dirty" sentiment is erroneous, it's a problem that exists and police brutality needs to be addressed. The vigilante justice currently going on in California is not the right way to do it, it doesn't help the problem and just adds more violence. Police departments need to take this seriously and punish those guilty of it harshly and immediately upon discovery.

  • Yes, and it needs to be addressed by a higher power.

    Police brutality is a huge problem in this country. I have witnessed this, even in my tiny corner of the world, more than once, and even though I have never had any direct contact with the law in a criminal way. Police do not receive enough training before they get their badges, and I hate to say it, but it seems that a lot of them go into the occupation with an ax to grind.

  • There should be more police brutality

    I support that the cops should have the right to torture any criminal for any reason!

    A young man will think twice before stealing another car, if the first time he is caught, he is beaten, raped. His testicles are fried with electricity and the soles of his feet beaten to a bloody pulp. Don't you agree?

  • No, it is isolated.

    No, police brutality is not a problem, because incidents of police brutality only happen on a limited basis. Law enforcement is under significant pressure and every person who is wrongfully arrested will cry foul. Police brutality can be a problem, but it is few and far between. Most law-enforcement officers do their jobs in an exemplary fashion.

  • No, it only seems like a problem because good cops don't get recognition.

    Police brutality only seems like a problem because it is so easy to film and share videos now. It is very rare for a video of a police encounter to "go viral" unless one of the parties is misbehaving. Also out of the vast majority of "police brutality" videos I've seen only a handful are actually worth getting angry over. If people uploaded videos of regular everyday police encounters I'm sure people would see it isn't as big of a problem as it seems.

    That being said, I do believe officers that are shown to be a problem should receive stricter discipline than what is essentially a slap on the wrist.

  • You did what you did

    Face the consequences , you chose to do whatever crime you chose to do therefore you must face the force necessary to reprimand you. If you chose to resist then again the choice is yours, accept your punishment without fight or the resist that most CHOSE to do. Sorry people

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