• It's unfortunate that it's necessary.

    Yes, political correctness is a good thing because it was born out of necessity. There is a prevailing attitude of prejudice and hatred and ignorance in this country, and before political correctness became a "thing", people were rampant in their insults and slurs. Unfortunately, we need political correctness because we are not a polite society.

  • PC is GOOD

    OK, NO ONE is trying to censor you. Say what you want, but if someone doesn't like it, expect to be told. If you don't want to hear it, imagine hearing something that really offended you like the "n" word or any other derogatory word. Freedom of speech only means that the US government won't tell you what you can/ cannot say. It doesn't mean that I can't tell you you're a moron and need to STFU. Political Correctness is about being a DECENT human being. Why would you want to say things that would hurt other people? Only a sociopath would think that that's acceptable behavior. There are limits on freedom of speech, but not by the government. You CAN yell "fire!" in a crowded theatre, but if someone gets hurt, you're responsible. Try spewing hateful, racist, BS at work or in school. I'll pretty much guarantee you won't have a job or an academic career for very long after. That's got nothing to do with the government and everything to do with the fact that we, as a people, decided it's not acceptable to be horrible, racist, pieces of shit to other human beings. If you can't abide by that, then you probably are a sociopath after all...

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  • We are a country of averages waging a war on ignorance

    It's frustrating that it's even necessary, but the privileged who never have to face discrimination or prejudice on a daily basis (even hourly, every single day of your life) will not get the point any other way, unless it's constantly put in their face over and over. So yes, of course 57% don't like it. The privileged never like having to face the suffering they are not directly forced to see.

    PC can go away when compassion, understanding and acceptance becomes commonplace enough as to no longer need it.

  • It is about compassion

    You can believe whatever you want to believe, you can say whatever you want to say. Political correctness is not law. This country has been incubating prejudice, hate, and marginalization towards specific groups of people since day one. PCness is bringing attention towards the problem; there is ALWAYS a way to say what you want to say while being politically correct, unless what you want to say is in support of our country's unfortunate prejudices. If your non-PC statement is "truthful and heartfelt," as some people on the "NO" side argue for, then you are prejudiced on a truthful and heartfelt level, i.E; you are a bigot.

  • I approve it

    The reason I approve having political correctness is because in politics, the American people need a candidate who is correct and will make the right decisions. Also, in my views, political correctness ties in with you making decisions involving the economy, and foreign policy issues. If you don't have the standards of political correctness then you shouldn't be the highest leader. Yes, you need to agree, but sometimes being right on stuff is better.

  • It has both Good and Bad portions...

    The thing about PC is that it can be very beneficial for society, and very harmful to Civil Liberties such as free speech. The thing I like about PC is that it encourages polite discussion that does not involve ride remarks about race, gender, sexuality, ability, etc. However, PC goes too far when people are not able to make jokes, and when the entire world is turned into a safe space. Microaggressions, triggering, and Safe Space is completely idiotic, and is counteractive to free speech, and a person's ability to handle the real world. In Conclusion, PC had originally good intentions, but had gone too far.

  • Because standards matter.

    It's important that we all agree on a baseline of courtesy and consideration. Political correctness merely asserts that all people, regardless of age, ability, race, gender orientation, sexual orientation, class membership, etc., should be treated with dignity and respect. Political correctness does NOT inhibit free speech; it simply encourages civil discourse. If someone objects to political correctness, it is generally because they hold racist, classist, ableist, or otherwise bigoted opinions. There are plenty of forums for those opinions to be shared. Political correctness attempts to balance the playing field so that the targets of those bigoted opinions have a chance to be heard as well.

  • Important to correct the indecent and to have a social norm of decency.

    Growing up, almost every joke was some-dumb-n(word) joke. Almost every ill was attributed to black people. And the black kids in school got the worst punishments. Being not-white and not-black put me and my family in a bind. We had to choose a side. To keep silently approving the stories that all the nations ills originated from these worthless subhumans, or to recognize that it is wrong to routinely, systematically, and publicly degrade and devalue an entire race.

    Even in 2015, around the Thanksgiving table we had to have ground rules which promote decency and dissuade the use of slurs, racial jokes, or racial bashing.

    We agree it is better to acknowledge and address ignorance than it is to hold ignorance as a universally acceptable social standard. Without political correctness, we would not have been able to do this.

  • Political correctness is the most ridiculous thing I've heard in awhile...

    Political correctness isn't there to eliminate insults and prejudice, it mas meant to protect the thin-skinned portion of the populous that are too weak to hear them. People need to learn to take an insult. Insults aren't a good thing by any means, but not everything in life is good, not everyone is going to like you and it's about time we all accept that. The First Amendment contains one of our most basic rights, the freedom of speech. Taking words out of our vocabulary because someone feels they are offensive does not in any way fall in line with the freedom of speech. People are taking that away from us because they can't handle what we say and frankly, that's just pathetic. And you're for political correctness and that offends you, tough.

  • It's murder for comedians

    Ok so I am funny and one day these two girls in my class say that one can make chick sounds and then they make a baby chicken sound and I say oh that's what you meant by chick sounds well I can't say that one anymore because of political correctness

  • It's called the first amendment

    And I can say what I want and should not be ostracized by "social justice warriors" who I offend when I exercise my right as an American. Do you know who else limited free speech? Oh that's right, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Castro and every other dictator ever. That is where this country is headed with this political correctness nonsense.

  • It avoids the freedom of expressing opinions based on reality.

    How often we are chastised for saying something truthful and heartfelt only to be harshly criticized and called names for doing so. Political correctness was purposefully designed and accepted by certain groups for controlling communication of ideas, feelings, and opinions that are contrary to those groups.. An open society has no place for such control. For example, A devout Christian may accept the Biblical teaching that a man sleeping with a man as with a woman is committing an abomination. He will never accept gay marriage as sanctified by God since traditional marriage is a sacrament. Now if this person expresses his belief it is considered politically incorrect because it is contrary to the interests of a very politically active disenfranchised gay group. That group will easily refer to this person as a homophobe and a hater. Realty is, this person is neither but simply a devout Christian traditionalist pure and simple. This is reality. Our nation is diverse. Let us adopt the idea that youByou & meBme, respect each other & agree to disagree. Political correctness needs to end.

  • PC is BS

    The essence of political correctness seems like a decent thing, since it essentially boils down to 'don't be a jerk', which is advice I'd give anyone. No one likes a jerk. But PC has gotten so out of control that it has become a form of social engineering, as control freaks, social nanny's and thought police tell people how to talk, think and act. I myself am an American, which means I also have a 2nd amendment right to say whatever the hell I want. I choose to be a decent person and treat others with respect, I don't need some social justice warrior telling me how to behave because they THINK they're better than myself, or anyone for that matter.

  • Contrite politeness is killing our country

    The only reason PS is a thing is to keep people dull, so that nothing will get done in this country, and the government can take all our power as a people that is supposed to be running things. We give them the power by being submissive. Do people really want to be called african american when they haven't even been to africa? Why would we not call something for what it is? THIS DOES NOT MEAN PEOPLE CAN SAY WHATEVER THEY WANT. It's not about allowing people being rude. It is about having the freedom to express what something is, without worrying about how others are offended. The people who get offended will usually find something to be offended about, so why can't the rest of us just accept the fact that they are always Debby Downers? Why is it wrong for us to have the freedom to say what is necessary? PC is what created the idea of HATE SPEECH in the first place. Do your research, and stop being ignorant.

  • There's a point at which 'being polite' is taken to an extreme, and that is where political correctness has gotten.

    While it is important to interact positively and without disdain for someone of a different gender, race, religion, etc, it is not necessary to mute yourself when situations that require an honest opinion arise. The fact that being 'politically correct' has almost become a guideline when conversing in general, and, while it is nice to be mindful of people around you when discussing a topic, it should not be required to blur your opinion.

  • Its the most annoying thing i have ever encountered

    Do you wanna really know what you sound like when your being politically correct? You sound like a condescending jerk. People who use politica correctness call short people vertically challenged. You call a black person born in america african american when they may not have any african heritage. I actually heard someone say this. Playing pioneers and native americans is a racially insensitive game. People enjoy being mean to eachother. All political correctness does is restric our first ammendment rights by censoring what we want to say. How about you people learn to grow a thicker skin and not look to be offended?

  • Limits communication and creates subjectivity

    It is sad how many knowledge could be obtained through discussions if people weren't limiting themselves through political correctness and fear of how the other person might feel. It is not the responsibility of an individual to take care of the feelings that another person might CHOOSE to feel. If I a told somebody that he is like the sky, I cannot be blamed of him getting offended because he thinks that the sky is "ugly", interpret it however you want but it is not my responsibility how you choose to do it.

  • Get over it

    People are obnoxious. So what? Get over it. We just need to words to express what we're feeling and being politically correct restricts that. Deal with it! People need to learn to grow up and take a punch and stop blaming the government for everything. Jeez! Grow up people! This is America, no one cares!

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