• Long Term Goal

    Long term plans or goal can be met with the help of political dynasties. When a government official is to plan something which could need a lot of time to establish, a lot of people will not believe that those plans will happen because someone else would just replace that official and the plans will be gone. But with political dynasties, those plans are ensured to be established as it will be passed on from generations to generations of that family who are part of political dynasties.

  • The future is uncertain, it's either good seed or bad seed

    A good leader is not made, it is molded. If an individual is born with parents who are politicians, there is a great tendency he will be a good leader himself, for me, it's all about training, a good tree will bare a good seed. Going back to the points made by other people, that WE, as voters, have the power to elect and select these "GOOD TREES" to lead a certain area to success...

  • Political dynasty is born by citizens!

    We, citizens, should know that there will be no political dynasty if we know what is the right thing to do and who is the right one to vote. We know that citizens in the Philippines have the right to choose their right leader because of the fact that we are in a democratic country.

  • The Philippines is a Democratic and Republican State

    It is the people who will vote for whoever they want may it be a politician affiliated with another politician. How do you exactly "prohibit" political dynasty? By not allowing them to run just because they are related to another politician? That is now depriving them (the politician) of their right to run for election!

  • Political dynasties can create a good politician.

    A child reared in a political dynasty can see the workings of politics in an early age. He/she can learn from his/her parents simply by observing, and after distinguishing what is right from what is wrong, that child can become a good politician, that has learned from the mistakes of his/her parents.

  • Pasig is under Political Dynasty and we super like it.

    We all have the power to keep a politician in the post. And so they are given a term to prove their worth and realize their promises. In our case, our local government have proven more than we expected them to be. Vote buyers will never know if you don't vote them. Just accept their money haha.

  • How a political dynasty is justified!

    A Political dynasty like any other corporation has a boss and relatives of the boss, the line of thought is pretty much the same, if an individual in a particular political party has conflicting views he should go and make his own political party. Now what happens in a Political dynasty, the only flaw in political dynasties is that there is little meritocracy.!!

  • No good governance

    In the Philippines it is obvious that our government dint do well enough in improving the country. That only means that people who are in position does not have a good governance so why continue it by electing the son daughters and etc. of the current politician. Lets take for example binay who has a SALN of 100 000 thousand in late 1980's which gone up 100 billion last 2014. How ?. Come??

  • Political Dynasties breeds Corruption

    Families protect each other which therefore protects corrupt practices. As in business monopolies in politics are very dangerous and detrimental in society. No one family should take hold over an entire province or city. Genuine opposition should always be present as there are always at least 2 sides to one coin.

  • Anti Political Dynasty

    Because there are the appropriate person should be there in the position not only the family of a certain person! According to the constitution Article ii section 26 under constitution of 1987.Because there are the appropriate person should be there in the position not only the family of a certain person! According to the constitution Article ii section 26 under constitution of 1987.

  • Political leadership should be earned

    Political dynasty is not inherently a good thing. It is often accompanied by picturesque formalities and steeped in custom and tradition but the root of it is the inherited power which the recipients may or may not be able to use responsibly. England has shown us the crown can surrender the power of the monarchy while maintaining most of the pageantry. Dynasties can do the same if it applies but politically they are a weakness.

  • Kennedy, Bush Families Seemed Invincible

    Political dynasties in American politics aren't necessarily a good thing. George W. Bush decided to finish what his father started by starting the Iraq War. The Bush family has known the Saudi royal family for three generations going back to George H.W. Bush's father. The Kennedy legacy continues for a fourth generation as a new bunch of Kennedy kids are old enough to enter politics. Political dynasties aren't necessarily good things as policies can get old and stale rather than having them change with the times.

  • NO, political dynasty is not good.

    Political Dynasty is not good because it is very likely to form a dictatorship , like Naziz in Germany , etc.Also sometimes people do not get their personal rights too, as the ruling government is political dynasty . The people are not allowed to elect their representatives who would run the government ,like India and many other countries. No one is allowed to take part in politics as in the political dynasty it is already decided the member or the son of the person ruling will the next head of the government . I"m not saying that the requests of the people are not being fulfilled but very less likely to be fulfilled. At last I would like to say a very common thing that this type of government will be nudge in increasing corruption.

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