• It's an issue of low self worth

    I think most people who do it have stooped to a level where they've given up on finding love with anyone so they make it so they can date a bunch of people at once to cover their actual feeling of loneliness, it's not really "love" but more like a sexual satisfaction that they are trying to use to replace the love that they don't have.

  • Yes, Three's a Crowd

    People are unable to maintain balanced, healthy relationships of more than two people; two is hard enough as it is. People get jealous, or start talking behind the other's back, or two people feel more connected than the other... It gets messy really fast. It's unhealthy and a dishonest way to live one's life.

  • You can't throw love around like it's any other word.

    Come on. That's ridiculous. What's the point of marriage then? You can't "love" more than one person romantically at a time, or the word loses its meaning. I think you should have the one person closest to you, and not date other people out of respect for your love for that person.

  • Doesn't make sense and an excuse

    Perhaps it's just me, but I've heard lots of stories of people in "polyamorous relationships" who end up being cheated on because the lines in polyamory aren't clearly defined. I think it's better to commit to one person because if you "love" a lot of people, then how do you know when you're actually in love?

  • Not wrong, but not right either.

    It wouldn't be fair to the other person in the relationship, because in the end, someone will have to choose one person over the other. It saves everyone the trouble of just choosing one to love instead of multiple people.

    One thing to remember is that human beings by nature are naturally selfish, and in time, that will show in the relationship.

  • Control your genitals

    It's unevolved and lacking moral fibre. God is watching. I believe in monogamy. All that stuff makes me sick. But I'm glad they found someone who is equally sexually loose so they don't hurt other people with their lack of self control. There's more to life than sex. So much more.

  • It is wrong

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  • Given enough time, polyamorous webs will always collapse.

    Reason for this simple - there will always going to be situations where one has to choose between one or the other and whoever gets rejected will feel resentment, which will escalate at some point.

    Imagine situation with ...Lets say one female is dating two males, everybody knows what's going on. Then, one day, both of the males happen to have some big happening of their lives scheduled at the same time and they both want to have this female to accompany them. It might be a family event, gradituation ceremony or whatever. The female has to make a decision, which will leave one of the guys with seriously hurt feelings, which will turn into resentment and eventually the scheme will collapse on itself.

    Therefore the idea itself is flawed and flawed ideas are inherently bad.

    My example was a small scale thing. Imagine the same situation with any larger web, and there will be bad-mouthing and hurt feelings. If one thinks that a collapse of a monogamous relationship can be messy, imagine the fallout when it is more than two people.

    Tl;dr - poly relationships will face impossible scheduling problems, which will lead into feelings of rejection and resentment and eventually collapse.

  • It's Not Necessary.

    Just because you love someone, and they happen to be the gender(s) you're attracted to, doesn't mean that you need to start a relationship with them. Having friendships can be just as fulfilling as relationships- sometimes, if not more so.

    People are having more than enough struggles with relationships as is, especially young people. Treating polyamory as acceptable (or even superior to monogamous relationships) is only going to make it all even more complicated and confusing. Don't cheapen the value of having a partner by saying that you can have as many as you want.

  • Yes, polyamorous relationships are wrong.

    All relationships are wrong. Humans should not interact with one another. Asking if polyamory is wrong is similar to asking if monogamy is wrong: should such relationships be allowed? The answer, of course, is no. As many of the other "yes" voters indicated, polyamorous relationships almost always end in someone getting hurt. This is no different from any other relationships. So, if people not getting hurt is the highest priority, then yes, all relationships are ethically wrong.

  • Seeing as I am polyamory, no.

    Since I actually am a polyamory individual, this is an easy answer to give.

    We are attracted to who we are attracted to. Morality does not come into play. Two or more consenting adults can give joy to one another without exploiting others. Why would that be wrong?

    So long as everyone is honest about their escapades, no one is harmed.

  • Why is it wrong?

    As long as the individuals involved in the relationship are consenting and are aware of the other partners, then what's the issue?
    Honestly, if you don't like the idea of polyamory, then YOU don't do it. Don't harass other people just because
    A. You don't understand.
    B. It's against your religion.

  • Look beyond what you've been taught to be "natural" or "normal".

    If you truly love someone, you want them to feel free. You want to feel free. Putting limits on a relationships just is unrealistic (we naturally want to share our light with people we come across who speak to us) and stems from our own negative emotions we aren't taking responsibility for. It's okay to feel jealous, and insecure, but it is not your partners job to cut off other people because of it.
    Love isn't always sexual. It's in a gaze, a gesture, playfulness, deep communication, so many things that have nothing to do with simply getting off.
    I think a lot of people have that misconception, that once there are no limits it'll be a fuckfest.
    For some, maybe. But for me, it's about being myself and being honest with how that might naturally grow into something more. We should want to love as much as we can in life. It's ludacris to not in fear of someone else being upset about it - we should want our partners the happiest they can be.

  • Not in my eyes

    Any intimate relationship between consenting adults is private business. I see no reason to stigmatize polyamory, it does not directly harm non-participants. The same argument can apply to homosexual behavior. Polyamorous relationships are capable of having the same values as monogamy, only polyamorists define these values in a different aspect.

  • Not in my book

    Any intimate relationship between consenting adults is private business. Polyamory does not directly harm non-participants, so I see no reason to stigmatize it. The 2012 film Savages explores a polyamorous relationship between the three main characters, and it seemed to work out for them. Polyamory can have the same values as monogamy, but defined in a different aspect.

  • I am poly.

    I have two girlfriends and a boyfriend. I love them more than I love myself. Sure, it's harder to date more than one person, but it's not impossible. It's not about sex for most; it's about love, feeling more love than you can get anywhere else. Everyone offers something new! Finding or forcing one person to fulfill all your needs is wrong, in my opinion, if not impossible.

  • Of course not

    Communication is key to making a poly relationship work and function. Just because you personally may not be able see yourself in a poly relationship, does not make it wrong. I'm quite shocked poly marriage in the U.S. is not yet legal, and I truly believe some day love will win once again.

  • Love is love

    Like many people say, love wins. If you're queer or aromantic, there's many to support you. It's the same way with polyamory. However, queer, aromantic, and polyamourous people all face so much discrimination, most stay in the closet, fearing the opinions of others. Polyamourous people are just like you, they're just like me, they're like everyonee. They're still a human being with feelings like everyone else.

  • Only with lack of communication

    When it comes to any kind of relationship, communication is key. No matter how many partners you have, as long as all persons are consenting, it's a perfectly fine relationship. Why should anyone care about anyone else's relationships? As long as people are happy, shouldn't that be what really matters?

  • No, it's healthy as long as you communicate.

    Many people are capable of caring deeply and intimately for more than one person at a time, despite what monogamous society would have us believe. When pressured to only have 1 partner, many people revert to lying, cheating, repressing emotions and a whole slew of other unhealthy and hurtful behaviors. If people were more comfortable with the idea of polyamory, then it would be easier for people to be honest about their feelings and create loving, healthy relationships.

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