• Yes, pornography is a moral issue.

    We go through great lengths to hide port from our children. Is it kept in a small room in a video store. If it was so moral, why would we try to hide it so much? Sex should be between two people whom are married, in love and keep it in the privacy of their own home.

  • Any rational person will say it's wrong.

    It's wrong from it's very nature : tool for self-gratification that like some drugs have terrible side effects on the person indulging in it and also it can become addicting; such harm to the individual's flourishing and well being can only be detrimental to the society as a whole too.

  • Porn messes with the expectations of sex. This is not only a moral issue but a psychological issue.

    Porn creates unrealistic expectations in the minds of men about love and sex. In porn, the women are always hot and ready to go and have perfect airbrushed bodies. Best of all, the women don’t talk. Men don’t have to worry about nagging or having to interact with the women they view in magazines and videos. Men can just have their way them, and be done with it.

  • Pornography is inherently a moral issue

    When you look at the facts of the matter, the people in the pornography business are victims of some stripe, whether it's abuse of physical type or sexual. The pornstars are emotionally damaged people, you don't see emotionally healthy women in porn, have you ever talked to a female pornstar? It's a perfect way to ruin porn for you. They are just very damaged people and it's so very sad, unfortunately most men will need a degree in philosophy to understand why the objectification of women is wrong.

  • Yes, pornography should be stopped

    Pornography is a moral issue because usually pornography is watched by young children which may affect their minds in which it is an age of playing and studying and keeping mind active rather than being spoiling their brains.
    It may lead to illegal sexual intercourse which creates the society bad. Pornography causes many unlawful actions to be done by children which will adversely effect their health.
    Usually pornography uses actors which they do it as a source of money which is a very cheap business making the society worst.

  • Yes, pornography is destructive

    It twists the mind. It leads to dissatisfaction with REAL women, the kind that matter because they have great personalities, are loving, and are actually worth anything. I am lucky enough to have not been exposed to it in great depth, but it is there in American culture, taunting you, and I shudder when I think about its destructive potential on the minds of those who could be better (I talked about use by males because I am male, but it is not a problem unique to men). It is a universal burden, and we need to be opposed to it.

  • It depends on your reasons.

    On one hand, if it's used by somebody open-minded enough to understand the consequences, and who can still appreciate a real relationship, with a real women, then there really isn't much of an issue.

    It however, can effect relationships, overall arousal capability, and degrade not only your self image, but your image of others as well.

    In other words, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    Although I must say that in my opinion, I assume that porn is part of the reason people play so many games with there relationships, and why sex is confused with "lovemaking". Sex is like drinking alcohol. Making love is exactly that. That's why so many relationship fail. One partner wants love and the other wants sex.

  • I Do Not Believe Pornography Is A Moral Issue

    Pornography is created when two or more consenting adults agree to create pornography together. Pornography is utilized when one or more persons decides to access it. Both parties in pornography are taking part willfully, there for I do not believe it is a moral issue. Some people may feel as though it is a moral issue and they can avoid pornography, if they so chose.

  • No, it isn't

    There's no morality to it, sex is a healthy act when between consenting individuals. People that think it is for married couples only are living in another century, we aren't supposed to be so uptight anymore. Granted, there is a lot of porn with women doing things that aren't the most glamorous acts you'll find on this planet, but so what? As long as it's what they signed up for and not beyond it, that shouldn't be a problem. You can avoid this stuff if you aren't interested in it.

  • No. Pornography has nothing to do with morals.

    Pornography is a healthy activity involving consenting adults. Yes it is hidden from our children, because their minds are not mature enough to understand or handle the idea of pornography. However, pornography can be used in a healthy manner to increase intimacy between a married couple. Increasing knowledge of your sexual abilities. I like to think of it as a learning tool.

  • Not at its core.

    There are a number of ethical concerns with the industry, but generally porn shouldn't be considered a moral issue. As long as all parties are consenting individuals (who are old enough to consent) and the consumer is consenting, then there aren't morals to consider. The moral issues that exist have to do with how the industry is run.

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