• Porn is tearing apart lives and relationships

    First of all, I don't understand why the porn industry is so big. I consider it disgusting, barbaric and vulgar. But not only is is it described by my adjectives used, but it tears apart relationships and lives. Husbands/wives involved and viewing porn or boyfriends and girlfriends viewing is tearing apart relationships. It adds a degrading image to the beauty of the human body. It makes a person sick on the inside and leads them into other things they do not need to be involved in. These men and women in the pictures people view, need to be respected as humans made in God's image. Not be viewed as only pleasure tools. It is a social issue. That's the fact of the matter.

  • Very much so it is a problem!

    Porn ruins relationships. I have personal felt all types of emotions because my boyfriend was addicted to porn and it went on for years. People don't understand how young children start looking at those things and what it can do to them in the long run. It can become a serious addiction and effect their everyday lives.

  • Pornography is a Social Issue

    Yes, pornography is a social issue in that it features depictions of sexual acts that are many times degrading to those involved, particularly women. Women in pornography are set up as creatures of fantasy and wish-fullfillment, and as there is very little porn produced for women, these depictions can lead to an underlying sense of sexism in those who view pornography.

  • Porn is a social issue

    The porn industry and usage of porn are indeed social issues. A social issue is defined as something that affects many people in society and/or may cause controversy in reference to moral values. First of all, lets take a look at the increasing size of the pornography industry as well as the usage of pornography. Today, people can get it quicker and faster than ever just by using the internet. The porn industry directly effects the actors involved in porn. Many women and men may feel excited to do this at first but soon dwindle down into depression. There is evidence of many women actually never consenting to being in amateur porn videos and are forced to do so against their will. The problem with pornography is that it not only dehumanizes both men and women, but it also promotes sexism against women and the tired old sexist ideas that women are only objects meant to be here for a mans desires. Another issue here is that pornography brainwashes and captures men into a lie that these images and videos that they see are what they SHOULD desire. Pornography basically presumes that all men need porn and masturbation to get on with their daily lives as if it is some "caveman" instinct and they cannot function properly without it. This is false in one premise that of if evolution existed, humans would actually be more evolved than cavemen (this premise is in line with the theory of evolution), therefore; men or women do not have some sort of "caveman" instinct. The next factor in determining that this is a social issue is evidence of addiction as well as the results of pornography use. We have seen countless cases of increases is rape, child molestation of ones own children as well as others children, men being convicted of keeping women against their will for decades while confessing and saying pornography used caused them to do so, as well as many other countless cases that can be easily found and researched. We see in most pornography violence towards women. If choking a woman and using her body in multiple ways as a semen outlet with violent thirsting isn't consider an issue, then what is? If increases in child pornography aren't an issue, then what is? Pornography use effects people on a global scale and there has also been evidence that pornography is being used as a global method of degrading humanity into moral perversion. I could go on and on about this. But the last note I will make as a conclusion is that a social issue is defined as something effecting many people in a society, porn effects not only the large amount of actors, but also the women and men who view its dehumanizing images as well as the innocent victims of abusers, and the families torn apart. The next definition was one that of a social issue is a controversy of moral value, which pornography clearly is.

  • God is the Truth

    Well you see it is a thing that happens and but we have freedom to do what we want and freedom to do what we want with our bodies. The government is trying to control by taking it away. I am a christian so I do not watch porn. But the government is secretly run by UFOs and I don't want them to mind control be so therefore porn is okay as long as God doesn't see.

  • The Anti-Porn Crowd Has No Logical Arguments

    It's "degrading" that's a matter of perception. You can't empirically prove that pornography is degrading. You can prove that quite a few people, even most people perhaps would feel degraded if they were working in pornography. The solution for these people is simply not to work in pornography. If a person works in pornography and doesn't feel degraded by it then they are not because feeling degraded is subjective. The only reason people label it "degrading" is because they think there is something inherently shameful about human beings engaged in close, intimate sex acts. There isn't. It's just another perfectly nature activity that human beings do. And some people happen to enjoy watching it. And that's also perfectly natural. Maybe you would personally prefer never to have an audience while having sex. That's fine, that's your preference, but it's not an objective standard. Some people enjoy being watched. Some people even like having friends over to watch them with their partner. It's different, but it isn't wrong.
    As to tearing apart relationships. There is no right or wrong way to run a relationship except for complete openness and honesty. If you get married and part of your agreement is that you will not watch porn and you watch porn and that ruins your relationship then it isn't pornography or the porn industry's fault, it's YOURS. Other couples may take different stances on pornography. It all comes down to what people mutually agree upon for their own relationships.

  • Not at it's core.

    There are some negative attributes of pornography, but I'd equate it to drug addiction. Prohibition against pornography would be next to impossible. It's also possible to use pornography without any negative effect. Because of this, I would not consider porn to be a social issue, just porn addiction and mistreatment of actors.

  • No, pornography is not a social issue

    Pornography is not a social issue, it is a moral issue. People enjoy having their little orgies, or wife swapping. Pornography has become a type of foreplay for some. It helps those who have a problem with sexual arousal. There are even those whom have porno parties, making it very social.

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