• Yes it is

    Pornography that under aged kids sometimes see things that they should not. They know there are not allowed which makes them want to see it more. Pornography also is a cause of rape and it is very addicting to watch for almost all ages. Under aged kids that see it will get addicted and grow up with it.

  • Porn is highly addictive.

    I am a well educated and intelligent professional with a wife and kids. I've been addicted to porn for over 12 years. It is only the near break up of my family that has enabled me to be on the path to recovery. Porn plays on the same neurobiology as any addictive substance. I would much rather be an alcoholic.

  • It's Brain Science.

    It may sound crazy, but it’s true. Here’s how it works: Everybody’s brain has what’s called a “reward pathway” (if you want to get technical, it includes the “ventral tegmental area, nucleus accumbens, ventral and dorsal striatal areas, and parts of the frontal cortex,” but that’s a lot of words, so I’ll just stick with “reward pathway” hope that’s okay! When you’re doing something good, something that makes you happy, that pathway is activated and your brain releases pleasure chemicals (dopamine and opioids—come on, why can’t scientists ever give stuff an easy name?). Those chemicals are what make you feel good about something, and that good feeling encourages you to repeat your behavior.
    Now, I know what you’re thinking, “If your brain releases those chemicals when viewing pornography, then it must be natural, it can’t be bad.” Nice try, but no. Remember, hard drugs also trigger the reward pathway and we know those aren’t natural or good for you. The problem with pornography is that your brain thinks that you’re doing something good, like building a relationship and connecting with someone you care about, but because the reality is that you’re just staring at a computer or TV screen, your need for connection and closeness isn’t actually getting met. But that doesn’t stop your brain from thinking it is. The other problem is the amount of chemicals being released. While healthy amounts of the pleasure chemicals are released when you meet your needs in healthy ways, addictive things like drugs and pornography flood the brain with pleasure chemicals and actually change the way the brain works.
    So what happens the next time you feel the need to get close to someone? Well, the reward pathway in your brain is wired to tell you that viewing pornography will fill that need. So instead of trying to develop an actual relationship with someone, you turn to pornography instead. Now that’s pretty messed up. And the more you view porn, the more you turn to it to meet your needs, until pretty soon you’re addicted .
    Although pornography is technically an addictive stimulus that leads to difficult to control behavior, and not an addictive substance as in drug addiction, your brain responds in pretty much the same way to both of them. Visit

  • The impact on their lives is devastating.

    Over recent years I have worked with tens of thousands of men on this topic. The impact on their lives is devastating. The impact on relationships and particularly on their sense of self-esteem is traumatic. We also have a large and growing body of evidence from neuroscience on the effect on neural pathways.

  • Yes it is

    It's been shown that porno is addictive, and if you jerk off too much to it, you have troubles getting an erection and feeling. Because of these facts it's obvious that porn is addictive if used too often. With that being said, keep it within moderation and make sure to abstain if you have sexual dysfunction!

  • I believe pornography is addictive.

    Like any behavior that one craves continually, I believe that pornography, also, is addictive. I also believe that once a person seeks such gratification, they continue to seek it in new and varied ways, because they become accustomed to it. That's where the addiction comes into play, and then the behavior can take over ones everyday life.

  • Yes, I believe pornography is addictive.

    I do believe that pornography is addictive in the same way I believe pretty much anything can be addictive. The addiction is not necessarily a negative thing unless it starts to impact relationships, infringe on work or family time, etc. I think pornography is addictive especially who have fetishes or interests they are afraid or too shy to share in "the real world." Pornography is much easier to obtain for free as a result of the digital revolution which I think has led to some people who would not otherwise have been able to access pornography to do so. Thus, there is more of an opportunity for people with addictive personalities to be at risk of becoming addicted.

  • Not for all

    Some are not effected by the "addicting" effect of porn. Some do not have a desire to have sex. Such people (such as myself) are asexuals. Yes, many people have fallen to the addicting effects of porn. Dose that make it addictive for EVERYONE? No. It dose not. Not everyone who drinks feels the need to het stoned, look at Germany.

  • No, Pornography is not necessarily addictive.

    Our world is chock full of degenerate scum, and some of the worst of these are pornography "addicts". While there is nothing special about sexual arousal that would make it especially physically or mentally addictive, these degenerates, whom claim to have fallen victim to their own desires, do so only because of their own immoral nature.

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