• Yes, the will win.

    Portugal will win Euro 2016, because they have the best players and the best team. They also have the best coach and the best record. They are statistically more likely to win Euro 2016 than any of the other teams still in the running, and with their track record is hard to see anyone else beating them.

  • Yes Portugal is going to win Euro 2016

    Portugal has high chances to win the Euro 2016. The Real Madrid star, who was on target as his side saw off Chris Coleman's men in Lyon, is confident his team can now go on and lift the trophy on Sunday night in Paris. We need to just wait and watch them win

  • No, Portugal will not win Euro 2016.

    No, I do not agree that Portugal is going to win Euro 2016. Portugal's soccer team has been around a long time, it has roots, it has star players, it has championships. However, Portugal is not the most athletic team in Euro 2016. They are definitely a contender in Euro 2016 however.

  • No, France is going to win Euro 2016.

    No, France is going to win Euro 2016. I think that France has better defensive skills, considering they were able to block Germany for an entire game and win the semi final 2-0. Portugal has a lot of hype surrounding the team because of team members like Cristiano Ronaldo, who brings a lot of media to the team. Overall, I believe that France is the stronger team and will come out on top.

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