• Yes it is.

    I do believe that poverty is a major factor in criminal activity. Although sometimes rich people commit crimes, I think that most crimes are committed by people who are trying to escape poverty. They usually can't find a job and are trying to earn money dealing drugs or some other activity.

  • Yes it is.

    When people are desperate they do crazy things.Poverty means these people are more likely going to steal to try and make a living. They need to keep food and clothing for themselves and their family and sometimes that is the only way. We need to help those people get a job.

  • Poverty a Factor in Criminal Activity

    Poverty is definitely a major factor in criminal activity today. Those stuck in poverty are far more likely to commit a crime, although people of all financial backgrounds and situations commit crimes. It's hard to stop criminal activity, though, because fighting poverty doesn't always lead to an immediate reduction in crime.

  • Poverty can corrupt the heart

    Yes, poverty is a major contributor to crime. While many poor people stay honest and work as hard as they can, extreme and prolonged poverty can break a person's spirit and corrupt their heart. When they feel like they can't get out of poverty, they might turn to crime. Crime offers easy and quick money.

  • Criminal Activity Is A Personal Thing

    I am personally far under the current poverty lines in the United States and do not participate in any criminal activity. I believe people who are rich are just as likely to commit crimes as someone in poverty. I believe people who are poor are more likely to be caught and prosecuted.

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