• Poverty is a big problem

    One major role of government is to help support citizens in poverty and to help them grow economically to be productive members of society. Currently the US is doing an insufficient job in helping the poor rise about their situations. Poverty is cyclical and a the number one indicator for poor educational and social movement.

  • Poverty is a big problem.

    Poverty is a big problem, and it touches everyone. The number is people living in poverty, or with low income, far outweighs the number of rich or high income people. These people struggle to provide basic needs for themselves that others take for granted. In many modern nations tax payers, and those with more money, often help pay for programs designed to help low income people. Sadly, these programs don't solve the problem.

  • It was their fault

    Being poor has nothing to do with the family they are born in, it has to do with their choices in life. They have decided to either be lazy an don't get a job and drop out of collage. They could have changed their future by going to collage and if needed get a student loan. That is my view on poverty.

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