• Power is the only thing that matters

    Power is the ability to do what you want, When you want without having anyone else have to tell you otherwise. It is absolute. It is what defines right and wrong, Truth and lie. If you have true power, Then you are always right and you always will win. Health, Wealth heck be it love, Everything and anything will be in your grasp if you have true power. Everything that exists now, Be it tangible or intangible is solely because of power. So, Not only is power everything, It is the only thing.

  • Power is everything

    Power is needed to gain happiness. People who have already been happy won't understand this. Power is important to gain access to many thing in the world. For example, to access water, to get healthy food, travel to someplace that makes you happy, to have home sweet home. Human should try their best to gain power. But keep in mind that you shouldn't use your power to make others suffer because it'll backfire directly or undirectly.

  • Power is sovereignty.

    Power is not simply acquisitive; it is not purely about power over others; it also encompasses the power over yourself; i.E.: rights.

    Power is the capacity to say no, and for it to be accepted.
    Power is the capacity to be left alone, when you want to be.
    Power is the capacity to be able to choose what fulfils you.
    Power is the capacity to be safe and to feel safe.

    When we talk about feeling powerless, we do not tend to mean that we lack control over the lives of others; we tend to mean that we lack protection from the control of others. Power is the opposite of this.

    The rights you enjoy in society are backed by power - fear of due legal process is what motivates professionals to not ride roughshod over you. Most of us who are employees or who have mortgages, credit card debts, and driving licences, understand what power is and what the limits to it are; as do those in developing countries where corruption is rife, and justice is rare - there power is against them.

    What most people are describing above is not so much power, as influence or control, which are byproducts of power - the dark aggressive side of it; but there is a light passive side to power - and that is liberty and rights.

  • Power Is Everything

    With enough influence to change outcome one does not need anything else! Lets say that there are three different kingdoms that all together have 30 soldiers. One soldier is guaranteed to kill another soldier but dies in the process. As long as one has the most amount of soldiers one wins!

  • Depends on your meaning of power.

    If what you mean by power is "the ability to change things", then yes, I would say that power is everything. It's not simply about influence. You could say that I have the power to type this down and give my opinion on the matter. It really depends on perspective. However, if you mean the power in the phrase "power corrupts", then I would say that power is not everything.

  • Power IS everything

    Without power: Nobody listen's to you, nobody respects you, nobody will knowledge you, nobody will honour you, nobody will recognize you, nobody will bow down to you. Without power you can't do anything. People with power can do almost everything. Look at, Poetin, Hitler, Kim jong un, Stalin, and all other dictator's

  • Power is everything

    Why do humans bow down to God? The answer is simple. Power. You cannot compete with God in any shape or form because He has absolute power. I'm not trying to bring Religion argument but to show you what power truly means and it can do. If you have power you can do anything. You can create anything. Those who are weak and powerless will always succumb to those with power. Weak and powerless people cannot do anything. I just want to end this with a quote: "Might controls everything....And without strength, you cannot protect anything; let alone yourself".

  • Soon you'll see for yourself

    Think what will happen if people will be able to one wave of his hand to destroy the entire planet that you can do with it? ... I think the answer is obvious, and the only way out is to become stronger and stronger. Become stronger for this reduced sense of our existence and indeed it is the purpose of existence of all living beings and even more, this goal itself the cause of life itself. This evolution!

  • Power is Everything

    You need power to control everything that's around and power can be used for good and bad. Those who say power is not are those who lack ambition to go get what they want. Even if it means crushing those who oppose you or being friends with the enemy. Power is a must in this cold world we live in.

  • Power is everything

    You need power to control people and almost everything man has ever made. You need power to tell people to do things such as not to steal or kill. You also need power to stop others from attacking you and your people and to control the force that stops it

  • Power is not everything

    Power is important in business relationships and in some personal matters. However, being happy and having a strong family is much more important. I would much rather be low on the totem pole but happy and surrounded by happiness than have a lot of power and feel unhappy or angry all the time.

  • No, power is not everything.

    Power and social dynamic are a fact of life, but not everything. Societal problems arise when people believe that power is the only criteria for success and value. Kindness, justice, and faith in humanity are just as important as power, and can yield better outcomes based on history. Those who have valued power above all else have sacrificed the lives of countless individuals to achieve momentary success, only time and time again to be defeated by others in the world who believe that kindness, tolerance, and justice are above power.

  • No, power is not everything.

    Yes, power will give you a lot of control. It will give you prowess, and prestige. But will it give you happiness? No. The reason none of our governmental systems throughout any number of our world governments don't work as intended is because of power. Humanity has an unhealthy greed for power, and if we begin to think that power is everything, it will be our downfall.

  • Duh power isn't everything..

    Money is!

    Nah just kidding..

    No one thing is everything. Not power, not money, not health, not even love.

    "Everything" in this case I assume can be defined as all things good. So the only answer to "What is everything?" is "all things good". And there are a lot of good things.

  • Power isn't everything

    Power isn't everything because power is a thing that can turn the purest of hearts to evil. Power cannot control the will and love of people. Power is corrupt and makes people greedy but it is not everything. Power cannot be everything as love returns you to your normal state.

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