• It is a necessity in rural areas.

    In large cities, public transportation is a great idea. There are enough people going to the same place every day to make it a viable system. However, private transport is necessary in rural areas. There aren't enough people to make a public transport system cost-effective or efficient. As well, private transport is convenient because it enables you to go wherever you want whenever you want without the need to check schedules, buy tickets, etc.

  • Private transportation is convienient.

    We can go wherever we want. Besides, public transportation does not goes where we want to go. You have to get out of the bus when it is the closest to your destination, and just walk all the way left. Can you call this convienient? Well, I dont think so. So, I like private transportation better.

  • Private transportation is a justifiable option, but driving a car on a daily basis is an unnecessary commodity.

    Private transportation is attractive. There is more time control and more places to cover in a timely manner. But in the same way you distribute your groceries over a whole week or a whole month, transportation is comparable in that you have daily needs that you have to meet , and then you have pleasures that you can put away for special moments. Water, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, etc are all dietary needs for human consumption, but sweets are rather stimulating rewards that fulfill you when you abstain from constant use. If you travel a significant distance everyday by yourself to go to work, it doesn't seem logical that you will waste your money on a car designed for 5 and often 7 people, and leave it all day in a parking lot with no use for anyone else other than taking up space. If by contrast you substitute that car for public transportation, you will reduce your accident risk, enjoy more time with yourself and take up less pedestrian space. You might then actually rent a car for special occasions that you will share with your loved ones, travel long distances with and enjoy over long periods of time abstaining from driving it.

  • Creating a highly efficient and timely system for transportation has greater benefits:

    I will cite four:

    1. It grants an easier time designing civic landscapes since grids and such will become more more manageable and traffic congestion will no longer be a major issue.

    2. It saves energy, cuts down on emissions, and overall is good for the health of the area.

    3. It is actually more time-effective since getting lost will be less of a possibility with an expansion of routes and a reduction of traffic conjoined with making mistakes or having hidden roads a non-issue since it's detrimental to city planning.

    4. It is far cheaper for the populace at large and also paves the way for transport that isn't managed by humans at all; trolleys and rails would likely be more efficient and getting to even obscure areas would be considerably safer and cost effective for all persons involved in the city.

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