• A better future

    The type of punishment I support is consequences.
    Example: if a student breaks the school's speaker because she was angry...1. Evaluate the reason 2.Contact parents 3.Give the consequences ...If the student was mad because others did something bad, then we shouldn't give her a punishment that's not related such as washing the dishes because, 1. She will learn nothing from washing the dishes 2. She will start to hate school 3. She will just think that if she even purposely burn the school's lab, she will just do little punishments (it's unfair for students who didn't submit their homework and have to write 1000 times).
    So, give them consequences because "We can choose what to do, but not the consequences."

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  • Yes, there needs to be order.

    Yes, punishment is a good thing in school, because enforcing rules is the only way to keep order. This does not mean corporal punishment, but it means that there should be rules and consequences. Enforcing rules creates a predictable environment, and makes the learning environment better for all the students, and a better working environment for teachers.

  • Some form of punishment is good.

    America has created a generation of lazy; entitled; disrespectful kids who think that everything should be giving to them. Now I'm not saying beat them to within an inch of their life, but so form of negative reinforcement when the do something is needed. Be it hard labor, tedious cleaning, and/or a spanking when they commit an act that is wrong. Then explain to them why you did what you did.

  • I support it.

    I am a strong supporter of the widespread use of paddling in our nation's public schools. I believe that it should be used as an alternative to suspension for example. I believe that there are more stellar methods of discipline that can be used in our classrooms, but that paddling should be an option. What type of discipline do you believe in? I mean, if you think that punishment is not necessary, I believe that as a future teacher that in order to run a classroom and to teach, discipline has to also be instated in my classroom. I believe that paddling should only be used after most other methods do not work. What do you think?

  • Reflexion, not punishent.

    Even trought no all punishment is necesarilly bad, it's no good either.
    Educaction needs to lead children to think for them self, to be curious, critic and creative; and that could only happend if they reflection over their bad choices, not if they're just punished for it.
    When a person makes a something "wrong" we have to talk and listen to them, try to find the real cause behind and make them aware of that. So they can grown, change for the better, trying to take knowlege of WHY something is wrong or right.
    We have to teach that mistakes are meant to be learn from, not something to avoid JUST because of fear of being caught. It's about creating a concience & critic mind.

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