• Yes,the punishment is necessary.

    We have to give the punishments upon their mistakes.We should make it as a law.Otherwise the crime will be increases and also we have to give the punishment for the person who did the mistakes.The laws are followed by us means the middle class,poor people are very happy.The women also bravely do their works.

  • Don't do the crime if you can't pay the time

    We live in a society of rules and laws that must be obeyed. If one chooses to break the law should loose liberties. By taking away the liberties of another, that individual should have to compensate for that lose. If there aren't consequences, individuals would be less inclined to follow the law.

  • Harsh punishments are not only physically abusive but also highly disintegrate for the mind...

    When children are punished for what they do they don't realize their mistake and will hence forth repeat it again and again. In such a case punishment will only be taken as a act of hatred of their teachers against their believes if they are strong headed people. But if they are weak, they'll think they have no morals and are useless and will never be able to stand up for himself or herself and will be very less confident. They instead of correcting their mistake and moving forward will start hating their punishers and do everything out of fear. In school life when you do something out of fear, your whole sole purpose of going to school for- LEARNING, remains unfilled. Instead of beating up the child- if they are made to understand their mistake in a accepted manner, the result will be much more fruitful.
    There are many cases where people have gone to the limit of leaving or running away from school and if they can't do that act as if they are ill and not go to school in the fear of punishments. Hence, I strongly believe punishments shouldn't be laid upon the back of any child because basically- We all learn from our mistakes, and that is how we actually grow up into a proper, responsible and actually mature adult.

  • It is not needed

    As everybody think punishment will lead discipline it does not because it hurts so many students deeply and make hatred in their hearts against their teachers .They also forget for what their punishment is as they do it as a regular practice and instead of punishing the teachers can encourage children with excusing them for some more time

  • No the punishment is not nessecary

    Since every individual is different, it depends on what the punishment is, what is the degree of punishment, what is the extent of punishment and if the punishment is equal to the act of the person. It goes without the saying that punishment is sometimes necessary and sometimes not. So I am on both sides.

  • Punishment Leads to Fear

    I believe that a person should be able to speak their mind instead of checking their backbone at the door.Nobody likes being told off but sometimes I feel it's necessary regardless of whether the person is an acquaintance,a friend,a sibling or even an authority figure.I also believe that once you're an adult it's okay to stand up to people who call themselves your elders.

  • Discipline Follows Respect

    Punishment is not necessary to instill discipline. Punishment seeks to set a pattern of discipline through creating a culture of fear. Living in fear is unhealthy and ultimately will breed contempt for the one imposing discipline. Respect is a much more effective way to create an atmosphere of discipline and doesn't breed fear.

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