• Punk is close to dying

    It seems that every generation of "punk" bands turns more pop/ unpunk than their idols. If this theory is true, punk will definitely be buried/ cremated in 20 years. As of now, it is on its deathbed. It has become "cool" to be punk. In the 70's-80's, being punk got you beat up. Punk has turned from a passionate group of people that sacrifice for it, to a "trend" that can easily be bought at your local K-Mart, without really standing up for anything. Search "how to be punk" on Google. The once-driving choice of individuality has died away. Real life Example: green day fan stated on Instagram he/she was "too punk rock for you."

  • Commercialization is dead.

    I'm just a 14 year old but I was raised to be punk. The clash, siouxie Sioux and h├╝dhker du are dead and movies like repo man aren't being made anymore. The new punk isn't even punk it's "pop punk" and that's just music, punk rock is more than just music it's anarchy and going against society and a non uniform way of living. Those "pop punk" kids follow the rules and stay out of trouble. It's not even pop punk its just pop. If you look up punk on google images its just a bunch if scene kids with eyeliner sneered all over their face and leopard print hair.

  • Punk is as dead as Disco

    Depends on what you mean by "punk". Hardcore and the punk of the 80's and 90's is still around, although I consider that something different from punk rock. Punk Rock was rebellion against aging dinosaurs in the rock world in the 70's. What people now consider "punk" is trendy, uniformed kids who think they know politics and can only play one beat.

  • Yes It Is DEAD!

    the essence of punk rock has been lost, we had the pixies, black flag, anti-religion, Iggy Pop and many others compared to what they say is punk? greenday..... no just no. Punk was originally freedom as defined by kurt kobain, now its a loosely based genre. its lost its soul

  • Punk Rock is the music of a bygone era.

    Although punk rock was very popular at one time, it no longer has the same appeal. Hip hop and heavy metal have replace punk rock as music of choice for young people. Even though some people still listen to punk rock the dominance the genre once had no longer exist and will probably not return.

  • In short, yes.

    Punk rock has gone the way of the dinosaur. Honestly, the pop music genre has completely taken over and is the reason behind the fall of punk rock. There may be a select few that still listen to punk rock but still, it's kind of like what cassettes did to records and CD's did to cassettes. As we go further along, we hunger for something different and what we clung to in the past gets lost in the shuffle.

  • Punk sucked in the first place.

    When punk was hot there where only a handful of people into it, In my entire county which is the third largest county in Florida. Compared to the regular rockers, not many people liked punk. Most punks songs got voted off the radio. And when punk songs came on the radio they where normally played on pop stations and not rock stations, to me punk is a form of rock.

  • MISSING! Punk has been on the back of a milk carton since 1985.

    The American scene had great run, but like all things , it's time has come and gone. The shows I've seen lately are full of stale watered down ideas sponsored by Apple. The punk uniform is now more conformist than suits and ties. There is no originality to the current music scene calling itself punk.

  • Not dead, but not relevant.

    I wouldn't say that it's completely dead, there are obviously still punk bands, be it local or with somewhat moderate success, but it doesn't really have mainstream or even sometimes notable success at all. You can still find bands that play punk, absolutely.
    It's entirely irrelevant, though. It never really has been a genre that's been likely to be really successful. If it were 1970's Manchester or London, England, I would say that that it is a thriving underground music scene, with a lot of potential. But now, no...

  • Punk is dead...And smells funny

    That about sums it up. Punk is dead. It's OK, it was bound to happen, and you shouldn't feel bad about it. Really. What is popular CHANGES, it's not your fault. I love punk rock, and always will. You can too...Just don't expect it from anybody born after 1990. Just because it's not popular doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. I promise.

  • Songs Are Still Being Released/Played on the Radio

    There are still modern punk-rock bands, Panic! At the Disco (2004-present), Fall Out Boy (2001-2009, 2013-present), My Chemical Romance (2001-2013), The All-American Rejects (1999-present) etc. etc. See how many times the word "present" appears? Not to mention, there are plenty of people out there still raving over those bands. So, in conclusion, punk rock IS NOT dead!!!

  • Johnny Rotten is not dead! Therefore punk is alive!

    I know this argument may seem biased, but I believe that John Lydon (Sex Pistols front-man) is a major figurehead of punk rock. In the 1970's when punk rock was a huge phenomenon the Sex Pistols, and the Ramones (and many other bands) effectively captured the pure anarchistic and bizarre essence of it. Punk rock was a genre which I believe Lydon hugely contributed to with his well-known and iconic rebellious attitude and lack of conformity. I realise that the Sex Pistols have long disbanded, and that punk rock is not the same nowadays, (e.g. Green Day) but John Lydon is still alive isn't he?

  • No it will never die

    It's just unpopular, some people don't even realize they listen to it. Like NOFX, Green Day, Sum 41. I love it, my friends love it. Many types of music are unpopular and rarely heard of now a days. Yeah it's not played on the radio , most people listen to music on iPods anyways. All types of music are available on iTunes.

  • Punks not dead, but Joey Ramone is.

    Punk will always be around, it comes in waves. In the town I live in, it's still alive and well. Youth love rebellion, that will never change. Most punks by their mid-20s outgrow the orange Mohawk and the bullet belt, but that's not punk, its fashion. True rebellion comes from within. I quote SLC Punk! "You can do a lot more damage within the system than you can outside of it". I truly believe punks are still everywhere, but a lot of them like myself wear their camouflage on a daily basis so they're a little harder to spot.

  • What is Punk?

    The Punks not dead crowd is referencing pop punk like NOFX and Green Day, the Punks dead crowd is talking about punk not being on the radio......Whether you wanna talk the spirit of 77, the mid 80's hardcore movement, or the beginning of the Epitaph revolution, real punk never got played on the radio. Punk still exists, it's just not in Gap/Old Navy or in Rolling Stone anymore, ya actually have to look for it. Not to mention punk ethics are still in all kinds of music from indie rock to metalcore.

  • Punk will never die

    There will always be bands who make music to make a stand, not just because it makes them sell a lot of CD's. To many people it might have become a fashion statement and it might not shock society anymore, but some people still do it to make a stand.
    And punk doesn't always have to mean you are rebellious and hate everything and everyone. Punk comes in many forms, like politics.
    Of course it will never be like it was in the 70s and early 80s, that time has gone and will never come back. The shock value is gone because society got used to it over the years. But all that doesn't mean that it is dead

  • Haha no way

    As long as people still listen to punk music (and I'm not talking about the commercialized punk music from Green Day and Sum 41) then it will never truly die. But it is true that lots of people don't like it, but I don't think many people liked it in the first place. I mean, it is an acquired taste after all.
    Oh and just because Green Day and the like are commercialized doesn't mean that I don't enjoy their music once in a while.

  • No, it simply isn't.

    First of all, anybody can go out, gather up a band, and make punk rock music. So it's not dead. Second of all, there are still punk rock bands that have been making music for years, like Pennywise and Bad Religion. I don't see it as dead, until it is dead.

  • No punk rock will never die

    It is imposiible for a music genre to simply die there will always be someone playing punk rock. Punk rock is a symbol of rebellion and people will always rebel against something lol. I personally love NOFX. There lyrics are amazing and live they are just having fun there so genuine and fun to listen to.

  • not dead

    Punk rock is simply not popular. If it was popular would it be punk rock? It has never been more alive. I really like green day, sum 41, good charlotte, all american rejects and some songs from nickelback, but I am not really sure if that is punk anymore, I'm pretty sure it's mainstream which is a pity. Anyways, there are still hundreds of unheard of punk rock bands out there, continuing the genre.

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