• Your feelings don't matter, this is about fact. Vladimir Putin is a dictator.

    Putin is a dictator plain and simple. Anyone who says he isn't is either brainwashed or doesn't know the definition of the word dictator. He has even ammended the constitution to extend his rule. For people who argue that he has a high approval rate please refer to North Korea.

  • Not a freely elected leader

    Putin's background is in the KGB, corrupt local government, and corrupt business. He has been involved in manipulation to gain money and power since before he left the KGB. He controls the news media, controls the plutocrats (those who opposed him are imprisoned or dead), and allows no opposition. He has gone so far as to assassinate the opposition leader. Yes, Russia does have "elections". But so did the Soviets, and only an idiot would say that these were free. He is a dictator. If he wasn't, then Hitler or Stalin weren't dictators either.

  • He is a dictator

    1. When Putin is President, the President runs Russia. When Putin is Prime Minister, the Prime Minister runs Russia. The government's structure adjusts to keep Putin at the top.
    2. His country's press largely does what he tells them, so that the public always agrees with his policies.
    3. If you're too critical of him, you end up in jail.
    4. He introduces brutal laws against citizens he dislikes (e.G. Gays).
    5. He has personally stolen billions from his people.
    6. Through his control of information and ability to jail his opponents, he nearly always gets his way domestically.

  • I think people miss understand the word Dictator.

    Many people who say his not a dictator say well his not a evil tyrant thus not a dictator. A dictator is not what he does, but the power he hold in his country, when you have no clear opposition parties that can challenge the one in power and/or the ones there where were killed off or suffered horrible accidents then that too make a dictator. I would also like to say you can not have a half dictator either just like you can't have a half King. You are either a dictator or not. As for Putin yes he is helping the Russian economy and trying to pull it out of the depression the USSR had left it in that doesn't make he not a dictator.
    For example Napoleon was a dictator before he was and Emperor, he pull France out of Republican chaos and forged a Empire covering most of Europe. Napoleon wasn't a tyrant at all, power hungry yes.
    To summarize people please make a good argument defending Putin as a democrat and not just what he has done with his absolutely power.
    And it was Bush that Invaded Iraq, not Obama. And invading other countries does not make you a dictator, it just happens that dictator do it a lot. Look at Great Britain birth place of modern democracy but invaded 1/5 of the worlds surface and Britain is was not a dictatorship then.

    Sorry for missed spelled stuff, I'm doing this on my phone.

  • There is no foreseeable way for the people to remove Putin as their leader by democratic means.

    Putin has proved he will bend (and it is largely suspected rig) elections to remain in power, this itself is completely undemocratic.
    Additionally effectively remaining in power by holding a different office in order to circumvent constitutional limitations on consecutive presidential terms is at least a highly cynical practice. But when you consider that Putin effectively maintained his power within government during that time (using Medvedev as a figure head) it has to at least be conceded that he has managed to serve as leader long after his terms in office should have expired. This has been a hallmark of dictatorships worldwide. And it is widely accepted that democracy has fallen when a leader stays beyond their constitutional mandate. Putin remains in power, with no end date to his regime, and no balanced opposition. Putin is for all intents and purposes not a democratic leader, and is therefore a dictator.

  • I'm writing here so I can vote....

    All of the answers claiming Putin ISN'T a dictator are stupid and inane answers.

    "I do not believe Putin is a dictator however his life long term does make it seem that way to some people. I actually think Putin is pretty level headed and overall I think his policies are good for the people of Russia. He's not perfect and with that he does have some issues with specific topics, but that doesn't make him a dictator."

    Phucking retarded! Whether or not he's "level headed" is irrelevant to the discussion. His good judgment, or a lack thereof, has nothing to do with him being a dictator.

    "While Putin has very strong control of the overall Russian Government I wouldn't call him a dictator, he is kept in check by other political forces inside the Government and he is elected by the people in most fair elections, both of those things are very un-dictator like, I don't really believe you can consider Putin a dictator."

    He's kept in check by other forces inside the gov't? Pray tell, which ones?

    He's elected by the people in most fair elections? LMFAO!
    That's a hoot!

  • Sure he is

    Must be so annoying for him that he has to pretend he's a democratic ruler cause he hates democracy. He's an offspring of the soviet era dictators. There was a ducumentary where one of his right hand man who sought assylum in USA explained it all. According to him Putin sleeps with a shotgun in his hands.

  • Putin is definitely a dictator.

    The murder of Boris Nemtsov, even more than previous assassinations of journalists and other figures deemed unhelpful to Vladimir Putin’s regime, feels like a moment of grim significance. It represents a watershed, dividing Putin’s past from his future. Does anyone really think anyone else would be permitted to win an election in Russia were one held? Of course not.There’s an old Russian joke which says it all. A man is arrested for distributing leaflets in Red Square. At the police station it is discovered all the leaflets are blank. ‘Why is this?’, the authorities ask. And the man replies: Everyone knows what is going on, so why bother to write it down?

  • A dictator in all but name

    When a political leader holds all the reigns of power in the country such as military, police, media, judicial and legislative system he is more than eligible to be portrayed as a dictator. However he is not a fully fledged one such was for example Hitler and there are some masks or should I say a wiff of democracy in today's Russia. He appears to give freedom of speech and or expression but never allows other TV stations to broadcast his speeches and no journalist or other audience except the selected few. Also anyone can and is beaten and imprisoned even poisoned/killed if he and his friends feel threatened. He is expected to lead the country till 2024, that means 25 years in power. To do that he had to change the law! So he is a dictator in all but name. It's not necessarily bad, there are examples in history of good dictators/emperors with full powers such as Marcus Aurelius, Constantine, etc. who went down as just and wise rulers but mostly they were corrupt as absolutely as their power was. So we will see how Putin fares by history but he is a Russian Tzar!

  • There is No Doubt about it.

    Complete control. Anti-Putin's in jail. 1000s of arrests. How much more do you need! It's time for a reform.Killing opposing politicians. He has control over: media, politicians, military, prime minister, judicial system, legislature system, and even amended constitution for MORE executive power. PUTIN IS A DICTATOR. He has his own "special democracy" as an excuse(without the special.

  • Not a dictator

    Anyone opposing America is branded or portrayed as opressive and tyrannical by the western media. Sure he invaded Crimea, after the referedum stated that 95% of crimeans, who were ethnic Russians, actually wanted to be a part of Russia. Furthermore, his reaction towards the ousting of president Yanukovych after the Ukraine revolution was very reasonable, after all the the euromaidan movement was clearly backed up by the European Union in order to pull the Ukraine away form the CIS and towards the EU for economic and strategic reasons. The urkaine is Russia's most important economic beacon and strategic buffer towards the EU, therefore the most natural response is to feel threatened by the EU if they were to take it away as they tried throught the Euromaidan movement. And for those that claim that Putin is evil just because he invaded a country and is an ex-member of the KGB, think about how the despicable and brutal modus operandi of the CIA, such as all the political assassinations and coup d'etats in South America during the cold war, which led to son much death and opression that still has a considerable effect in many South-American countries, think about how Obama invaded Iraq for absolutely no reason (weapons of mass destruction never found) and the consequence of this invasion is more than 500,000 dead and counting. I think we may be calling the wrong guy a dictator.

  • No, Putin is not a dictator.

    Putin is supported by about 65-83% of Russians. Obama is supported by 47%, you can call Obama a dictator because people don't even like his decisions and they can't do anything about it. All he is doing is standing up for his ideals and US does not like it, and its the reason for all the bullsh*t they say in CNN about Russia.

  • He is a not a dictator.

    Why is he a dictator? Because he is one of the only leaders that does not support United States? What exactly has he done to be called a dictator? He never outlawed homosexuality, he outlawed propaganda of homosexuality. He doesn't make decisions by himself, they have their own type of Congress where people vote whether to make a law or not. What exactly is wrong with being a KGB officer? I all the time see people acting like KGB is something completely horrible, do you people even know what it is? KGB, CIA - same agencies with the same purpose. I don't believe Russia ever displayed itself as perfect, Putin always talks about how "we need to improve, it is our fault we have led our country into poverty" and in fact it has improved over the past 10 years and this is why people support him. They do have protests in Russia, its just they are not major because Putin is supported by 80% of the Russian population.

  • No He's Not

    I do not believe Putin is a dictator however his life long term does make it seem that way to some people. I actually think Putin is pretty level headed and overall I think his policies are good for the people of Russia. He's not perfect and with that he does have some issues with specific topics, but that doesn't make him a dictator.

  • No, I don't think Putin is a dictator.

    While Putin has very strong control of the overall Russian Government I wouldn't call him a dictator, he is kept in check by other political forces inside the Government and he is elected by the people in most fair elections, both of those things are very un-dictator like, I don't really believe you can consider Putin a dictator.

  • Why do you call him a dictator?

    Look, Putin is a freely elected president who has done a lot for his country. Everything he does is for the good of Russia and not for himself. He is a very passionate leader and an example to prove this would be the time he, out of his own will, went to the victims of the fire and gave them new houses and money because of the losses they suffered. I know that being a dictator means that he is in full power but he is not. He takes the opinion of people and only passes a law or makes a decision if his people approve. Just because He doesn't support America, it does not mean that he is a bad person and a dictator. Though he sometimes controls the press, doesn't America too by covering up everything good that Putin has done and only putting fumbles or making up articles about Putin. Why does Putin support Trump? No it is not because Putin will achieve something out of it, it is because he has spoken with Trump and Trump has told Putin that he will remake bonds between Russia and America. Putin is not a dictator because He is not in full power and he takes the opinions of his subjects as well before making any important decisions. Putin is a democratic president and has been freely elected by Russia 4 times consecutively because Russians approve of Putin and everything he does for the country. Putin is a very strong and compassionate leader who is dedicated to improving the status of his home country, Russia.

  • Why would a dictator always advocate for democracy?

    I donot think that Putin is a dictator. With the past history of all the dictators, his actions just donot support for him being a dictator. In Britain's decision of leaving EU, he repeatedly calls it the decision of English people. He talks about mutual agreements in the foreign alignment. A dictator would just try to influence his decision and impose it on it's allies, which apparently US is doing. Putin strongly opposes that in his speeches. During the invasion of Iraq, US called for her alliance countries after they had invaded. That's imposition. The real reason why he is being called a dictator is because of his disagreement with some of the western policies. If the freedom of speech and standing one's ground just for the protection if one's people is called being a dictator, i am a dictator too.

  • Putin is a representation of the ideals of the russian people - not the west.

    I strongly disagree with this. Many of my russian friends and acquaintances adore Putin and the support he has given to the russian people since the fall of communism. Russia is a democratic state and this idea that it is still a communist country that has not changed at all since the dissolution of the Soviet state is western propaganda. His methods of running his country are no different to the UK and USA and there respective leaders. He wants to negotiate with the USA and there misunderstanding among westeners that it is still the Soviet state. Madeleine Albright just stated her experience during the USSR state as a reason we cannot work with Russia. I disagree with a few of Putin's policies but we must rember that Russia is a different country with very different ideals to the UK and the USA and we must understand that many of his policies do represent the opinions of Russians even if they do disagree with the policies of the west. Intervening in Russia and it's relationships with ex Soviet states will cause instability in the same way it caused instability in the middle East and the main instigators of this intervention will not be be affected (USA) Europe will suffer at the hands of this.
    Putin represents the thoughts of the majority of russian people, who have very different ideals and philosophies to us. Just because they disagree with the west does not mean he is a dictator. He was voted in and has remained voted in. He is not a product of the Soviet state but a production of a new revolution in russia- a movement for peace and democracy - not something a dictator would come from.

  • Russia is a freedom... But this is a threat for someone else...

    I can do anything I want. I can do business as I want. I can do other things as I want. I can't call him a dictator. Because I'm free here. And he was elected by a majority of Russian people (three times).

    Someone say that he steals a lot of money... Well... Give the the real evidence (not news titles). How many and where it was stolen. Point by point: 1, 2, 3, 4, ...

    Some people want to believe that they are 'in jail' in Russia... Well... This is their choice. This is their state of mind. They are want to be 'prisoners'. We have some media in Russia who hate Mr. Putin. And this media write about that constantly. They collect only bad and very bad news. They don't see anything good. They want to live in the "bad" world. They like it. They have their own audience. This audience have the same views. And they do it for longer than Putin is in power. They hate everything.

  • Putin is not Democratic, but by no means a dictator.

    Russia has its own Parliament, and, although Putin has considerably more influence on Russia than Obama does on the USA, this Parliament can and will veto any of Putin's policies that they don't like. They will not be shot, as some say, or even pressured if they oppose Putin. Furthermore, I don't think any dictator would have a 90% approval rating when citizens were polled ANONYMOUSLY by an American polling organization. He is a strong, firm, strict leader (granted, often too tough and/or strict for his own good), and has does an outstanding job leading Russia out of the brutal totalitarian horror it endured from Communism and its agents for 70 years. Really, talk about starting from the bottom.

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