Is qualitative research better than quantitative research?

  • Quality Is Always Bettter Than Quantity

    In the manufacturing world, you can make as much as anything you want. If it is all garbage no one is going to buy it. You learn how to make quality products firs,t so people will buy them. Then you worry about making as many as you can. Same with research, if you put out a bunch of info no one care about no one will read it.

  • Yes, I think quantitative research is better than qualitative.

    The reason I think that quantative research is better than qualitative research is because the former is all about precise and mathematical strategies to an issue. The latter is about more of a social approach, which can be hindered by many different variables. I think that when there are less objectivity, the better.

  • No, it is not.

    Finding a characteristic of something is important but, finding exact numbers can be more beneficial for many things. If NASA is wanting to dock something onto the ISS, then they will have to have very precise calculations to be able to dock whatever they want on there without causing any harm to the ISS. But overall both are a major part of research in general and should be thought as such.

  • It is not.

    Qualitative research is in no way, shape or form better than quantitative research. Quantitative research is the one that produces actual evidence for their claims while qualitative does not. This is the main reason why it is better, because you can actually see and feel what come of the research.

  • They are both needed.

    No, qualitative research is not better than quantitative research, because both are necessary in different context. Certainly, the quality of research is extremely important, as well as having defined goals for a specific research task. But quantitative research is important too, when a large volume of work is critical to answering problems.

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