• Of Course It Is

    Speaking through biological terms, every single human walking on the face of this Earth is genetically the same, this is one reason we are referred to as "The Human RACE". Race is socially constructed to allow people to put together their identity, and add another label to their name. If you look at people you will see that we are genetically the same, we have a body, limbs, eyes, ears, tongue, nose, and many other genetically similar features.

  • Humans are almost identical genetically.

    Biologically speaking, every human being walking the planet is the same race and the same species. We're all almost identical genetically. That being said, race is a social construct not invented, but assumed and believed both by people of the past and people of today. As a social construct, it has caused us nothing but trouble and bigotry.

  • Yes, it is

    Race is essentially something that has been constructed by the way our society is. At the end of the day, we really are all humans, and what race we are doesn't have much effect on that. The issues with race are created entirely by all of us, and it shouldn't be like that.

  • There is no evidence to the contrary.

    It is pretty clear that race is an artificial, or social, construct. There is nothing in science, biology, or genetics that accounts for racial divides or constructs. Since we cannot point to something real that separates people of different races, we must look at race as a culturally defined label rather than something that actually exists out there in the world.

  • Race is a social construct; not genetic

    Dictionary.Com defines race as a group of people united by a common history, language, cultural traits. Although there can be traits of specific "races" such as shape of lips, eyelids, skin pigment, etc, race is simply a way to cause diversity. There is not a single difference between americans and mexicans, yet people assume they are so different because of language, culture, and stereotypes. In general, humans are almost genetically identical. Do you think there are races of lizards? No. If you do you can leave now

  • We're All Just Human

    This is a practice post for my students. I would like them to understand "race" as a social construct, but to also hear the opposing viewpoint as well. Ultimately, race is a category we, human beings, have historically come up with to organize groups of people according to differing levels of power and privilege.

  • The core premise to differentiating race is through phenotype or genotype, but we don't treat that as such.

    When most people argue that race is real and something of significance, they don't report that it is because there's some huge importance in the difference in the way people appear. They purport to infer that people are meritoriously different, in that only they were born with a different bone structure, or skin color. But what do you say to those with the bone structure of an African descendant, with hair of a European, and the skin color of a South American?

    For those who compare race to breeds of animals. No one thinks a brown pit bull is significantly different than a grey pit bull other than the colors of the coats may be rarer. If there are races, the distinction wouldn't lie in the melanin levels of the species.

  • The Humans are 1 Race

    When people say the Human Race they are talking about all humans. Blacks are not one race, and neither are whites. We are all one race. One singular race. Mexicans aren't a race. Race, racial identity, racism, and other things are all social constructs. Thank you for reading this. Yo

  • Race is a social construct.

    Science and DNA show their is only one human race, no multiple races of humans. The multiple race paradigm comes from presuppositions regarding evolutionary theory. Indeed, there sadly exists ethnic prejudice and bias which constantly undermines societal growth. Do not need to believe me, do the research and use critical thinking skills. God Bless.

  • Biological Evidence Says Yes

    Biological Evidence is clear: we are all one race. The human race. Want some examples? 99.9% of our DNA is the same in all of us. Makes sense, we're all human. In that .1% remaining, only in 10% does "race" have ANY real effect. That means that a white person and a black person with essentially the same heritage are likely to be 99.99% the same genetically. That means that they would only have 2 genes NOT the same. Now, if we're talking about people who are not the same except their race, that number obviously gets lower. The point is that race is not a biological concept. It's been dismissed by both geographers and biologists because it's not real. It's an arbitrary few adaptations to look at when we are talking about categorizing people.

  • I counter the whole "race is a social construct idea." There is so much evidence to the contrary, that race deniers must be blind.

    If it is just a construct, please end affirmative action, the census, etc. The real phrase is, "Society is a racial construct." Africa has been a shanty town for the last 2000 years, meanwhile other nations have forged empires. You cannot keep justifying racial differences and beating the dead horse. Riddle me that.

  • I thought this was the age of reason...

    With all the scientific findings as well as physical appearances between races proves that race isn't a social construct. To believe that it is is stupid. It is like saying that different dog breeds are just a social construct. The reason why different parts of the world are more successful than others proves just one aspect of differences. Science can even distinct between different races just by examining the types of bacteria found in one's mouth. It is mal-practice for a doctor to ignore differences in the races. Wake up people, don't believe the lies of Cultural Marxists. Love your race.

  • Race is not social construct, society and culture is racial construct.

    If race is social construct, than dog breeds are also social construct. E.G German Shepherd and Chihuahua are same. Saying that Chihuahua can't run like Greyhound is "racist".
    Race is more than skin colour. Race can be determined by DNA tests.
    While blacks represent just 14 percent of the population, they account for 35 percent of all reported chlamydia cases, nearly half of syphilis cases (48 percent) and almost three-quarters (69 percent) of gonorrhea cases.

  • It is not a social construct, there are differences between the races.

    It's an utopian ideal to think there are no differences between black and white people and that all people are equal. It's not the case. There are differences between the races. Asians tend to get higher IQ scores than whites, whites tend to get higher IQ scores than blacks. Is this just a coincidence? The skull shapes of Asians, blacks, and whites (respectively called Mongoloids (also refers to hispanics), Negroids, and Caucasoids in anthropology) have different shapes. For example, Negroids have protruding mouths, while Mongoloids have larger cheekbones, and Caucasoids have a more narrow skull profile than that of both Negroids and Mongoloids.

    Regard to genetics, the sexes are also genetically similar. Even more so than similarities between the races. We don't call the sexes a social construct. Why not? We're genetically similar, and even more similar to each other than the races, so how is it not a social construct using the similarity in genetics argument? Oh yes, because there are differences between males and females, and there are differences between the races too.

  • It's easy to argue either way, but no.

    I've heard the arguments that race is a social construct in my anthropology classes, and honestly, the arguments are poorly constructed and not based on fact. There are clear signs that races differ physically whether it is a broader nose, different colored skin, or even a different hair texture. It is nice to think that we are all the same emotionally and mentally, but physically, it is impossible to state that there are not clear differences between races.

  • Reality clashes with belief and it's sometimes it's a matter of life and death to see the minuscule difference.

    American minorities on the wait list for transplants reflects how the political correct society neglects these minuscule differences and how it impact on the well being those who rely on them to survive. People need transplants from those who are genetically similar to them. Minorities are lacking dearly in transplants comparison to Caucasians. There are minor differences in humans' biologically. Genetic research does not say we are all the same, but rather we are largely similar. We also similar to pigs. Recent research in neanderthal dna show differences in genetics among human groups. It also broaden knowledge in autism. Sometimes the most minor of differences can have significance. The category race does not play a role in social society, but holds in areas of heath. We should not let belief impact reality.

    We should not overrate on the minuscule difference among groups rather embrace that we are largely the same with minor differences.

  • Let's cut the fluffy bunny stuff shall we?

    Here is a wonderful example of pseudo-science turning up to the party just to vomit at the front door! Please don't take offence but keep the sociology stuff in the marxist corner of the school staff room please. I don't think it pedantic to point out that the word SAME does actually have a meaning. Humans like all other living things are not all the SAME and in many cases barely actually SIMILAR. If we were "genetically the same" we would obviously all be the same. To not see and enjoy the differences in species is a very unnatural, inhuman or even anti-natural fault and must be a thoroughly depressing misfortune; one that is mostly endured by those who speak often of their love for "Diversity" while actually trying to wipe diversity out. Again, it would probably be worth checking out the meaning of that word "diversity" as it clearly has become lost on some like many other too commonly abused words. Humans are all humans, yes. Trees are all trees too. And like trees, dogs and birds,etc we thankfully vary greatly. The world is still a beautiful place. Long may it continue.

  • Race affects outer appearance while social constructs do not

    Sure, there are some radical pro equality extremists that would like to doubt the existence of physical differences between human beings with different ancestors but its just not true; While the idea of races itself is a scientific construct, it clearly says that a different races of the same species are able to produce fertile child generations, and are someway different in their appearance or physiology. Both is definitely true in the case of humans: People with south african ancestors are likely to have a dark skin colour and a different voice, asians are likely to be relatively small and so on. How should these differences not enable to categorize people into different biological races? How could this been socially constructed? And what should be wrong with races? Do you have a problem with that diversity? Actually I like the fact that natives dont look all the same everywhere. As long as you dont use it to judge people on their race or claim to be superior over other races, whats wrong with that?

  • It's not a social construct, that postmodern view reflects a political agenda, not truth.

    To anyone holding the pomo view I warmly recommend looking at the evidence. Read a few books by Steven Pinker, check his extensive reference list which points to countless studies. Skip the populism of Wikipedia and read peer reviewed studies.

    Reality isn't a construct either simply because they say so. (Kant and Locke are mostly responsible for this ignorant view of the world, later the french impostures Derrida, Lacan, Foucault etc exaggerated it even further.)
    Weather there exists a human bias or not in how we are able to understand the world or not, it remains true that the views supporting the existence and indeed necessity of naming races and other natural kinds where indeed the differences are true, is evidence based.
    The opposing constructionist view always refers back to a theoretical framework, not evidence. So in essence they base what they say on wishful thinking and political ideology. But since science is producing genuine results they are forced to embrace relativism. Saying that nothing is more valid or true, or better than anything else. With the exception of their socialist views which of course has the moral high ground. See how this nonsense works?
    The postmodern constructionist view is smoke and mirrors, and they grossly overstate the importance of language in our understanding of the world.
    - Richard Ironfist

  • Ignoring science doesn't make it any less true

    IQ, differences in skull and bone structure, different muscle twitch fibers, and much more have made it patently clear that race is NOT a social construct. Claiming that race is a social construct is like claiming that a Mastiff and a poodle are exactly the same, with no morphological differences whatsoever. In fact, I am of the belief that dogs are a great example of the differences between races.

    For example, poodles and mastiffs are genetically very similar, however they were bred (manually evolved) for different purposes. Poodles were bred to retrieve game, while mastiffs were bred to be sheepdogs. Poodles have different fur, different bone structure, and different intelligence than mastiffs. The dog metaphor can easily be transferred to humans. Africans evolved to run quickly on the plains after their prey, which is shown by the increased presence of fast twist fibers in their legs. They did not need to adapt their climate to them and sufficed with using simple mud and wood structures, which would partially explain the lower IQ average. They grow taller due to a lower need for body fat based upon the climate that they evolved in. Conversely, Europeans have a higher presence of slow twitch fibers, to allow for great strength at the cost of speed. They also evolved to be shorter and stockier, in order to better suit their environment. Furthermore, they had to build complex structures, invent new and more efficient technology, and band together to survive, which explains the higher average IQ.

    Claiming that race is a social construct is ignorance, and spitting in the face of great men who answered the great questions of our day.

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