• Yes, I think it is.

    I'm white and I'm racist to myself. My black and Asian friends make fun of me, too. Not that it bothers me. I consider it quite funny. Besides, it serves us right for being so racist to them in the past.
    If any white people are offended by racism, you shouldn't be.

  • Racism has become the norm, "justified" by history.

    Multiple mainstream news organizations (The Guardian, Vox, Vice, CNN and others) have made many multiple articles either discrediting white men because they're white men or unironically bashing white men because they're white men. This is because most of the MSM has an blatantly obvious far-left bias, whom believe discriminating based on skin color and gender is justified due to past grievances that have already been solved. It's a disgusting fact, but a fact nonetheless.

  • Hell Yes and I live in Africa

    As a white person that lives in Africa and is surrounded by mainly black people i get alot of hate and alot of stares simply becuase im white and even when its just joking their like its not racist becuase your white, racism can be towards either skin colour and i hate that whenever racism in the topic people instantly assume its from white people to black people

  • Indeed it is

    I'm white, and a biased loser, but still, i gotta agree it is pretty much being ignored. I'm pretty sure there are people out there who hate all white people. They say things like "All whites are racists" and that we deserve to be punished because of slavery and stuff. The BLM kidnapping is a perfect example.

  • It's welcomed, not just ignored.

    Absolutely disgusting. The idea that we can fight racism by being racist against whites is just disgusting. But according to way too many fucking people, it's apparently impossible to be racist against whites, which in itself is a racist, divisive statement.

    Racism against whites exists practically everywhere nowadays, and is brushed under the rug by an upsettingly large percent of the population.

    In movies, Black Panther for example, racist generalizations are used against whites constantly, being called "colonizer" or being told that their ancestors stole African artifacts/land simply because they share the same skin colour as the people who committed such acts.

    Racism against whites is disguised as comedy throughout the media. In TV, jokes at white peoples' expense are frequent and brushed under the rug because whites did bad shit a while ago, therefore they can handle backlash now, even though the current generation hasn't done fuck all to warrant the aggressive, racist backlash bestowed upon us.

    "You can't say this because you're white," or "your opinion means less because you're white" is COMMON within liberal and social justice communities. The BLM terrorist organization calls for the death of whites and cops constantly. Feminists say white (men) are responsible for pretty much all the bad stuff that happens in the world, and the mainstream media and narrative accept that as fact.

    On CNN, a black woman completely dismissed and belittled white people after four black kids tortured a white handicapped boy in a viscous act of racism. Hardly anybody said anything.

    Racism against whites is not only ignored, but laughed about.

  • Racism against whites is an issue.

    Not only is racism against white people ignored, it is an issue in many places. "reverse racism" is not a thing. Racism is defined as following:
    prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.

    That includes all races, white people can be racist, black people can be racist, asians can be racist, and everything in between.

  • It's not just ignored, it's ENCOURAGED. (Only applies to U.S. what I'm saying)

    In-fact, 4chan has attempted to show this with their plan: "It's ok to be white" That's all it said. They were posters put up all around by mysterious people on Halloween. Guess what? Everybody viewed that simple saying as hate speech on the blacks. Blacks (obviously not all, but a big majority) are racist themselves.

    Here are my sources:
    News from when it was happening

    Here is my proof:
    Google: "It's OK to be white"

  • US Government doesn't help

    I agree it is ignored. I don't think its intentional most of the time. For example a lot of government programs are offered based on ethnicity instead of income,area lived in,or even age. Most of the time it's because the agencies are worried about racism,so they go out of the way to support all minority races. So by default the ones left out in the cold are the majority race. Go back 1000years and you had class division, not race division. A slave could be from anywhere or anyone. A monarch had to earn the right to there station(born into included). It will continue to be ignored until white becomes a minority, or class status becomes the division again.

  • Racism against white people is ignored

    Now, while I wholly agree that there is a valid reason for it to be largely ignored (as history is certainly not on white people's side in this situation), I don't think people should blatantly disregard any clear act of discrimination against white people simply on the premise that their "privilege" has caused them to be spoiled and undeserving of equality.

    While there are indeed still racist white people in the USA, the level of hate towards other races among normal, rational-thinking white people is practically non-existent. Compare it to fifty, one hundred, two hundred years ago - the general consensus of white people's views towards other races has drastically changed.

    Because of this, I maintain that the above counter-argument - that whites somehow "deserve it" due to their predecessors' (now-despised) views and actions - is ludicrous.

    And yes, yes, I do realize and fully admit that racism is far more commonly experienced against non-whites. No, I'm not white.

  • Racism against white people is ignored and has been for many years

    I’m a 30 yr old white mom and since I was a teenager I’ve had issues w racism against me. In HS girls I never even met before would often try to beat me up just for being white. I was always called names for being white. In jobs I faced similar circumstances. I would be called white girl, cracker, ash, Barbie, whitie , Casper Millie. I sometimes would laugh it off like a joke. Girls would say I thought I was better than them. I have had so many times where other women have verbally assaulted me because I’m white. I always wondered what I did wrong and if I somehow deserved it. Now that I’m older I see it all over the internet. A friend of mine recently started posting anti white pics and memes and videos on her ig. On fb the racism against whites shows up for me first in comments. I’m not sure if this a designed algorithm to make me hurt? It’s working. I cried today seeing more anti white memes. I don’t like the way I feel and I feel scared. Maybe that’s the goal of this. When I bring it up to my husband he says white people cant be discriminated against and that there’s no racism against white peoples. Almost like he’s reading some brainwashed script. Im supposed to laugh along with it. Well it’s notfunny anymore. I’m white and my best friend she’s black btw. Our children play together. No racism from her ever. I don’t get what I’m seeing on the internet anymore. I’m scared for my son.

  • I say Nay

    Why do I need 44 more words to sum up my argument over white racism being ignored or not. Clearly this can be summed up in one event and that is the Civil War to Women's Rights. White Racism is not ignored it's just not the highlight of this era and so it is less emphasized in media and so it looks like it is ignored.

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