• Racist action is not natural but Racism is.

    I believe people are inherently subconsciously judgemental. We judge and associate new experiences and people with others from previous times. Not just with race, but race is a commonly seen example. However, I do believe that we have the power to choose for ourselves if we will allow our subconscious thoughts to control out actions. One who behaves in a racist manner is morally incorrect based upon our current society (and my) values. One who silently passes judgement, whether knowing to or not, yet doesn't alter how they treat a person because of that judgement would be abiding by today's level of moral straightness to an extent (however among some audiences subconscious judgement is frowned upon). With all this, I must say that right and wrong are incredibly subjective terms and therefore only used them to reference the values our society typically holds.

  • "Racism" is both learned and natural.

    Thousands of years ago, natural defense mechanisms dictated that your particular group or clan protect themselves from people unlike themselves. Whether people admit it or not, it is still just as prevalent today as many years ago. Today, we recognize our differences and we call it racism if someone of a particular race says something negative or condescending about another race. How we are taught acceptance and tolerance is what seems to make a difference.

  • We fer those who are different

    People have always feared those who are different. You can automatically see a person is "different" from you if they are a different color, so naturally we are wary of them. This can lead to hatred. We tend to think of those who are different as against us, even if it isn't true. So yes, racism is natural, but that doesn't male it right.

  • Racism is natural

    Studies have found that when whites see black faces there is increased activity in the amygdala, a brain structure associated with emotion and, specifically, with the detection of threats.
    Racism is a natural human instinct, and part of a natural part of human evolution.
    Ps sorry on my bad English.

  • Darwin - natural selection

    Competition. We have not always lived in a environment of plenty. In the distant past we all competed for food. We may yet again do so and what ever survives will be the chosen ones. They will be the new race, the next step. What ever their origins. My guess is they will be oriental.

    Posted by: dog
  • It is natural

    I believe it is natural because we have a bias towards our own race or likeness, whether we act upon it or not. This therefore leads one to see other races not as superior which is the stem of America's problems and why they are so hard to abolish today. Personally I would say that I am not racist but that doesn't mean that I don't get more anxious being around an African American male over a Caucasian male. It's natural to trust your own race over others, whether that is a correct assumption or not.

  • We survived by being inherently racist a long time ago.

    If we naturally accepted all animals and races, we would be dead by now. Man survived due to fear mechanisms hard-wired into the brain; the fight or flight response to what we perceived to be danger. Anything we considered 'not one of us' was thought to be dangerous - and that fear mechanism is only repressed by civilized laws and societal rules.

  • People are born racist

    As much as racism is shunned and taught to be a negative idea or way of thinking at the same time people will always assume certain things based off of appearance. Im currently 14 and both my parents are very democratic, all for equality, Hillary supporters...Etc. I was raised to think like this although I don't really, but even when they were teaching me these things (Note: I grew up in Costa Rica) I would still get somewhat afraid of getting robbed when I was alone around a local. I think this is due to the brains automatic fight or flight response around seeing somethings different.

  • Natural but Beatable

    It is natural to suspect others when they have something you do not; such as possessions, appearance. It is natural to think "all things considered, I am different to that person because of my race/skin/grouping" because what else is there that makes us different. All naked and mute people only have appearance upon which to make a judgement. However....
    This does not make it right. You should fight your prejudice not your common man. You will never change society unless you recognise that you must be the first to change

  • Racism: It's hardwired within us and scientifically proven.

    Racism is proven to be natural and hardwired within us. While some are more aware than others, it's completely normal and scientifically proven. Racism is one of those things that will never go away, and personally, I'm OK with that. I do have friends of all races but to be completely honest I dislike the vast majority of the black community. They're a very needy race who like to loosely play the "victim" card instead of being accountable for their actions and realize we all have the same opportunity.

  • Don't think so.

    NO! Racism isn't natural! What gives a person the right to hate another person(s) just because their not the same color? I feel that if you have it your heart to hate it's because of a sad and sorry upbringing. And, if it isn't due to the upbringing, it's due to you being turned down or insulted by that other race which made you turn to hating on that race if not all races. Get over it, because you have too many different races here in the U.S. and we're not going anywhere, and there's nothing you can do or say that will change that.

  • It's a behavior

    I do not feel like racism is natural. I am a firm believer that it is a learned behavior. Studies show that you can place two babies, of different color, in a room with toys and they have no problems playing with one another. They learn these racial behaviors from parents, friends, relatives, tv, etc. It's sad that racism even exists.

  • No, racism is a learned behavior.

    Racism is a terrible stigma on our society that is unnatural. We know racism is unnatural because children play with one another regardless of race. It is not until an adult or social norms start to intrude, that children internalize racism and begin to practice racism. There is no evidence to suggest that racism is not learned.

  • Yes and no. But more no than yes.

    It's natural for us to categorize and try to define people. So in a way yes. On the other hand it is not natural to think of others as inferior based on their race. The bottom line is... The more we highlight the differences between race the more racism is created. The solution to racism is to accept that there is racism and that it can be un-learned.

  • Racism is caused by bad experiences of other races

    I believe racism is a survival mechanism after being married to a man from a different race. I was told by society that racial differences are only skin deep but after enduring a violent and fearful relationship fueled by cultural differences I now fear and are emotionally repulsed by anyone of my ex-husbands race. I suffer panic attacks and anxiety when I come in contact with that race. My reaction is automatic and uncontrollable.

  • No you're not born racist!!

    The way that you become a racist is by learning "how to be" from your surroundings. The way that most people learn to be racist is by mimicking or understanding from people that are already racist. I do not think that anyone that had just been born automatically hates black people or any other race.

  • No you're not born racist!!

    The way that you become a racist is by learning "how to be" from your surroundings. The way that most people learn to be racist is by mimicking or understanding from people that are already racist. I do not think that anyone that had just been born automatically hates black people or any other race.

  • Children have to be taught

    From hearing things on the radio, to hearing your parents or role models say something, we are taught how to hate and be racist. Being born and just automatically racist isn't what i think that happens. We have to learn and get our opinion from so where in order to believe it and act on it.

  • Racism is not natural

    It is a learned process, , children do not see color, they just want to play and have fun, they share, laugh,like, any child that is willing to share and play, racism is learned, differences are made to be a bad thing, if you teach love, then you will give love, if you teach hate, then you will give hate back, our hearts need too be pure, and opened to accept, everyone, and everything

  • I will state an example. Do not argue on the validity of this example, just go read Black Boy.

    One of the most racist periods of history was the 20th century in America, racism of whites towards blacks. Richard Wright grew up during this time period in Memphis (South), surrounded by racism, but he did not know what it was until he was told. He was not even aware there was such a thing as "racial groups" until he was told there were (he says this in Black Boy, his autobiography). He did not know there was such a thing as "white" and "black" until he heard people talking about how a "white" man had beat a "black" kid, and he originally thought the white guy was the black kid's FATHER, because he did not distinguish between white and black. So, how could a black child growing up in the most racist circumstances not even know about races? Racism is not natural.

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