Is Rafael Nadal the best tennis player of all time?

  • Indeed he is one of the greatest.

    Rafa had to face two tennis generations while fed had to face two too, but one was a bit weaker comprising of Roddick as the best one, who fed owned). Rafa had first fed, then Djoko n Murray bur still he went to win so much. I'd rather say, he is the greatest, if not the second best after Djoko.

  • Best competitor world has ever seen and will ever see after he retires

    Without him tennis would not be as lively as it is. He always rise after everyone writes him off. He came back in 2009 after losing FO and than came back with a bang in 2013 winning 7 Clay court Titles out of 9 including FO and than US OPEN after 8 months long injury. And now he came back in 2016 when everyone had again write him off for 3rd time and he proved everybody wrong by winning back-to-back Titles of Monte Carlo and Barcelona Open. He is GOAT NUFF said

  • He is the best

    All court player. Winner of grand slams in different courts. Highest masters. Atleast 1 grand slam and 1 masters for 10 continuous years. Now when everyone said he is out, he won his 9th masters @ Monte Carlo. It speaks in itself. And he has more fans than Novak who people think is getting nearer Nadal's supremacy in tennis. But he is yet to win a single grand slam in clay. And even if he wins, Nadal has multiple slams on all surfaces. Nadal is the best. Novak, Roger are better and so were Agassi and Sampras. But when it comes to being the best, it is the one and only Nadal.

  • Rafael nadal is the best

    For me Rafael nadal is the best ever , i firmly believe if Rafa wasn't there federer would have won a lot more grand slams , but it was rafa who was always in his way , if rafa wasn't injured that much i also believe that he has surpassed federer already in grand slams ....But people , don't forget NOVAK , he is in my opinion also a better player than federer and rafa's greatest competitor , but wether rafa , federer or novak are the GOAT , thanks to them tennis is lifted to a unreal level and putted the bar very high for the upcomers so i expect a lot in the future of tennis thanks to these great players

  • Rafael nadal is for me the greatest .

    In my opinion rafa is the best ever , he already won the golden slam at a young age , his records speak for itself , but i think novak djokovic is his greatest competitor and also has a good shot in being the greatest .The time will tell. If you look at his opponents in grand slam finals you will see it's always against one of the greatest tennis players of all time he have defeated and except for 2015 rafa has won since 2005 he won at least one grand slam.And i don't look only at grand slam results , because in my opinion he is the best problem solver in the game and this opinion is shared by many one of greatest tennis players of all time. And offcourse these are opinions and i have big respect for every pro because people forget how much training and discipline is involved to be a pro and i think tennis is one of the most difficult sports to end up even in the top 20.

  • Rafael Nadal GOAT

    Rafael Nadal is the Greatest Tennis Player of all time because he has dominated Roger Federer throughout his entire career. Nadal might have less grand slams, however, the competition Federer had throughout his career does not even compare to the competition Nadal has had throughout his career. Nadal has a better record against the Big Four, which goes to say how clutch Nadal can be. Nadal is a man who never gives up, no matter how important the point is. Rafa is without question the greatest player to ever play tennis because he has done through countless adversities and never gives up.

  • Nadal is the best of all time

    How can Roger be the best of all time if he wasn't even the best of his time. Nadal dominated him throughout his career and Roger never really had a answer, in Nadal's prime he bested Roger even in straight sets. Nadal remains the greatest and best of all time.

  • He ua the best

    No doubt that he is the best. He has been around for a vey long time and has performed very well throughout. He has always been a glorious picture to look at for youngsters. Though he has suffered from many injuries he has made great comebacks and truely deserves to be called the best in the world

  • Most Atp 1000, best winning percentage

    Most amazing player ever, best record against fellow rivals, most atp 1000 titles, career golden slam including olympic gold medal, highest winning percentage, his record against roger, andy, novak is far superior and he is simply the best. Also he had too many injuries, if not he would have had 20 grandslams

  • Nadal best ever!

    Nadal is the best ever. No point to argue about. He's been doing the impossible. He'll come back, he always does! He's the best ever. Say whatever you want but truth be told and nobody is better than him. Accept that and let it be man! Nadal, Nadal and Nadal.

  • Conservative weeks as no 1

    OK, Nadal has dominated his peers but it has been for a short period of time as compared to what federer has done. Federer has 237 conservative weeks as no 1. Ladies and gentlemen, this is unreal. Nadal has cumulatively been no 1 for over just a 100 weeks so how can one claim Nadal as the best? No way. Nadal is great but federer is legendary

  • Nadal is king of weak clay court era.

    In weak clay court era, Fed was getting into finals to face Rafa. Rafa was at his best on clay court tournaments. Fed was facing him with consistency. Because Fed was second best player on clay.
    But Rafa was not consistent enough to face Fed on Grass or Hard courts when Fed was at his prime. Rafa was losing in early rounds in many Grass or Hard court tournaments. At the age of 33 Fed is still no.2 in the world. At the age of 29 Nadal is getting beaten by many ordinary players in this weak era! Yes its weak era because there is no competition to Djokovic. The way Fed was distinctly ahead during 2004 to 2008, now Djokovic is distinctly ahead of others.

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