• Randomness is God

    We know randomness exists because it would be impossible to ever observe everything, and because everything we call "not random" is due to our observation of correlations. It's true "correlation is not causation" but we only know this because of our observations of correlations, namely that correlations that happen without our intervention don't always manifest when we intervene. For instance ice cream sales correlate with crime rates but purposefully manipulating either variable does nothing to the other.

    By definition everything that isn't random must trace its origins back to Randomness, so what occurs truly randomly controls everything. God is what ever controls everything. Hence, Randomness is God.

  • Randomness is a result of sin

    Rather an unstructured society. God is structured. Everything he does is for a good reason and purpose. Don't confuse recreation with wasting life. God is all about recreation, if it's clean. Like going to say Coney Island amusement park and spending time with friends. But God is structured. He don't waste time.

  • Hardly. Hardly. Hardly.

    Randomness is not God. How can the "absence of cause" be the Ultimate Cause? Randomness is at root simply the absence of a known correlation, as promulgated by our Master Debater. I, on the other hand, believe that everything has a cause, and most have several. Just because we do not "know" the cause does not make something random.

    Anyway, I know God exists, and his name is not Randomness.

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