• Rap Is Evolving

    When it comes to any form of music, most people will always argue that the "good old days" are better than what's currently happen. However, rap is continuing to evolve just like every other genre is growing. Most people blame to current style on Lil Wayne. Truth be told, his time will come and go just like everybody else came and went.

  • Rap is devolving

    Rap and hip hop is devolving along with the rest of society. The people who produce the music and the videos know what will sell to the mass majority of people and the mass majority of people are shallow, stupid creatures. Therefore you get shallow, stupid music. Three more words

  • Rap was always tedious

    Rap is supposed to mean rythme and poetry and never, never in my life time have I seen a rap song with poetry in it. Maybe I'm blind or close minded, but I've listened to the allegedly "greatest" rappers like tupac, Notorious Big, snoop dog, etc and, to me, the lyrics look pretty much the same. The lyrics are lame and dull. Of course there is some exceptions, but for the most part it's foolishness. This is why I think that rap has never evolved and it will remained the same which is monotonous.

  • Rap music is devolving

    Rap music for the majority part that we listen to on the radio is devolving hugely. Not only has it gone down and degraded for the past 10 years, it is less creative and takes no effort for the most part. Rap that we often hear today is full of vulgar, cursing, violence and other offensive topics that are detrimental to a human being.

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