• Rap music is awesome.

    Rap music is popular. . .
    Rap lets people express themselves how they want to. . .
    Even though some content is somewhat explicit-Its just the only way some people can
    share their passions and feelings.
    Rap is awesome-as I said before. It combines great beats with great rhymes.
    And with that you get great music.

  • I love rap music

    I love to listen to rap music. Although there is some kids out there that aren't mature enough to listen to rap and they shouldn't listen to rap. Kids under the age of 13 shouldn't listen to rap because they might talk about sex and drugs. Some teens shouldn't listen to rap because rap music might influence them to have drugs and sex. So it kind of depends on the persons maturity level

  • Rap's not music.

    Technically speaking, rap isn't even music. Think about it, music without lyrics is called an instrumental, music without instruments is called a Capella, if nobody is singing or playing a musical instrument, can it really be called music? Fact is, to make a rap record, you don't need to be able to sing or play a musical instrument so how can you call it music if it does not require any musical talent?
    Let me guess, because you hear notes, that makes it music, right? Wrong, because all your doing is playing the music of other people much like a radio D.J. Do we call them music artists because they play other people music?
    If anything, rap is just a new version of beatnik poetry from the 50's to 60's. That is when it was popular for "hip" kids to tell poetry to they rhythm of a bongo.
    In the end, are these people musicians or singers? Then how can people call what they record music?

  • Rap music is...

    If you see most of the rap musics they intend to have relationship with violence, sex, drugs and other thing that might be harmful to the listeners especially if they are young, and also like you said it is just a way to expressyour self but that is wrong most people make rap music for money not to express good luck

  • Rap is rhythmic speaking / stories/ poetry. Speaking is not singing.

    Music has rhythm but that is only one component. Music has melody and harmony that people use a singing voice to match the notes, not a speaking voice. Rap may have music in the background, but without a singing voice, you are only speaking rhythmically. It may be set to music but the rap itself is not music.

  • Nowhere near it

    I cringe whenever I hear rap music being played. There really is no skill involved in writing rap songs, especially in the modern music industry, where it appears that a sort of Mad Libs sheet exists. The only things I have ever heard in rap songs is sex, drugs, violence, hatred, etc. It's all the same.

  • It's too boring

    Singing is a great art style, they should try it.
    No, rap isn't the only kind of music to have lyrics, so it doesn't make it more 'poetic' or special than others.
    I personally think it is cheap compared to other music, but if it inspires you, go for it.

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