Is Rap Music Important and Beneficial to our society?

Asked by: mimimann
  • Of Course It Is

    The Hip Hop culture is an ever evolving way of life, with people's perspectives of it changing. The notion that Hip Hop is "detrimental" is truly outrageous. The amount of lives that it has influenced due to its intellectually stimulating messages has provided people of all ages a way to challenge their minds and give them different views on different subjects. Many people only pay attention to the rap music of today, which I also agree is trash, but that should not define the culture as a whole. Artists like KRS-One, Deltron 3030, Immortal Technique, R.A. The Rugged Man and many others have been able to grace the mic with lyrically complex songs as well as messages people can look back to and agree with. In conclusion, rap music should not be discriminated against solely because of the music in this day in age. The Hip Hop culture as a whole has provided people with an opportunity to challenge what they think and give them new reasons to fall in love with Hip Hop even more.

  • Yes, if you listen to it properly.

    First off, it needs to be clarified what’s beneficial to our society and what isn’t. In my opinion, anything that enlightens us intellectually, protects us from harm or instigates our morals, is beneficial, and anything vice-versa is not. For example, something like education would be considered “good” and something like violence would be perceived as “bad”. Moving forward, nothing is concrete and we often mix our perceptions of “goods” and “bads”, which is exactly what rap is; a mixture of both “good” and “bad”.
    On the negative side, I acknowledge that a majority of mainstream rap pertains to the glorification of counter-productive ideas in our society that may dampen our growth (eg. Drugs and violence). However, on the positive side, it also promotes a generally equal amount of enlightening messages that may prove to foster our minds (eg. Political advocacy and gender equality). What people seem to overlook in rap is that it’s a very broad genre and has a variety of songs and artist that differ in purpose. However, the “good” side of the rap genre does not generate as much attention. If you deeply analyze the rap genre, you would notice topics arraying from drugs, sex and violence to philosophy, conceptual stories and political views etc. This language change between the good and bad sides of rap impacts largely towards how an audience responds to the song. This shift in language is also dependant on the artist’s purpose, for example, commercialized songs that are appropriated by the music industry generally have positive and enlightening messages that are well retained by the audience. A popular example of this is “same love” by Macklemore, who is a modern rap artists, and he wrote that song to appealing to his audience by supporting gay rights.

  • I think it is beneficial

    Why I think that is because it can talk about life issues and can influence children when they listen to rap music to know and learn new words not the swearing words. It can lead children to their dreams and live a happy life. Lastly its just like art if you like art why not like rap music their just the same

  • Detrimental In General

    I think it contributes to a culture of violence, not taking responsibility, immorality, and drugs. Of course there are some exceptions. I know there are lots of old rap songs that don't have a bad message, but most of the garbage I hear nowadays, is not only not pleasant sounding, but has dirty detrimental messages.

  • Not beneficial or detrimental.

    This is a conjectural thing to say, as most music has the same affects on the brain. What matters are how popular a genre is (If it is more popular it will reach the ears of more impressionable and less intelligent people) and if that genre has a subject matter that could provoke those less intelligent people to do bad, things could get violent. Rap is known for having racy or graphic subject matters, though there are likely plenty of popular rap songs with a positive message (I wouldn't know because I am not a listener of the genre). To summarize, a genre cannot be inherently beneficial OR detrimental, but a song can be if it reaches the right people.

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