• Your reasons are poor simplu....

    The opposition keeps quoting the "definition" of music. The issue is I refuse to think narrow minded, musice is more than a defintion. Music FOREMOST is expression, and art. The individuals are using definitions designed to describe their favorite type of music, lets face it alot of people who don't like rap never listened to it, proven .By the oppositions "generic" reasons for saying rap isn't music. Music that is given a fixed definition is not music at all end of.Discussion.

  • Yes, it is real music

    This is an argument by anecdote: I was much too old to appreciate rap music, but one day I was inside cleaning my house and my neighbor was outside cleaning his car. Like a lot of men cleaning cars he had his radio up loud and it was playing rap music. As I walked around cleaning I suddenly noticed I was kind of bopping to the music and enjoying myself. I don't know that music has a formal definition by which you can determine what music is real and what is not, but any sounds that can make you get up and dance is music. It is the same as the art world, pioneers in that field have often encountered the accusation "that's not art!".

  • True rap is about emotion and struggle

    When most people judge rap, they are people that dont listen to it, but judge it anyway. I could just say that your favorite type of music sucks just because i heard one song. Dugs and gangs appear so much because thats whats they had to overcome, songs that focus on that are just fluffer songs that have no meaning, but some songs have real meaning, like president carter, not afraid, drive fast live young. And notice the kind of people that defend rap are the kind of people that dont judge others music.

  • Rap is better than country.

    Rap is better than country because rap has a story behind it like trying to stop using drugs or finding a girlfriend. Country tells you about their girlfriend beer and jeans. Country people only hate rap because it "isn't real music". It has almost the same theme as country so they are basically calling country non music

  • Rap is Music

    Those who are saying that there arent people rapping about today need to dig a little deeper. Rappers like REMI, Akala and even more of a mainstream rapper like Kendrick Lamar. Skeptics of hip hop should actually LISTEN to what is being said rather than dismissing as nothing more than rhymes aimlessly glued together. Swimming Pools, a song by Kendrick Lamar which is often mistakenly seen as a song that glorifies excessive drinking. The chorus of the song is 'pool full of liquor and we dive in it'. Is actually critical of drinking and explores a man struggling with himself and his own conciousness and how it changes as the night of a party goes on. Much like violent video games, rap music is too often dismissed as a menace by people who only scratch the surface of a topic to base their arguments on. As to whether the actual music in rap music is actually music. Once again just listen to the complexity of songs by Kanye West, Childish Gambino, Hilltop Hoods. If you give it a chance amd you really LISTEN to the details of the music with and open mind the realisation will come.

  • Discard the definition of music.

    The official definition states that music combines form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Sure, many types of rap do not incorporate harmonic structures of any kind. But you can't define art... That's what makes it art. As soon as you start putting restrictions on art it loses its legitimacy to be free. When you restrict music, you lose that "expression of emotion" part, therefore making the definition a highly contestable fallacy anyways. I don't care for rap, but I just proved that the definition is garbage.

  • I think it is

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  • Unsupported opinions on rap

    I'd respect people saying they dislike rap if they said that they did not like the percussive vocal style or something that applies to most if not all rap. But I'm seeing a lot of people say that rap is bad because "the topics are sex, guns and drugs", "the music is cheap sampling and shitty drum beats" or "it's talking fast with lots of swearing".
    I'll address these one by one.
    "Violent and disgusting topics" - Yeah, I hate that rap too. I hate misogyny, I hate drugs, I hate oversexualisation of anything. This is the rap that makes people form negative opinions. Well, not all rap is like this. People like Eminem, Watsky, Macklemore, Devlin, Ed Sheeran (he sorta raps sometimes), Tinchy Stryder, B.O.B, Yelawolf, Griminal, and tons more rappers respect the art rather than treat it as an outlet to talk about vulgar subjects.
    "Sampling and badly made instrumentals" - Firstly, while I know that we're discussing things in terms of music, rap is primarily about the lyrics, not the music but I suppose since the argument is over whether rap music is real music, I will certainly discuss this. Firstly, sampling. People say that sampling is lazy and that it's because the people who write the lyrics have no musical talent. Rappers aren't composers. Rappers aren't singers. Rappers are poets. A lot of famous singers don't compose or write the lyrics to their songs, they just put their vocals to it. So don't complain when the lyricist didn't make the instrumental. Additionally, sampling has been used in rap for a long time because, as I previously said, it's about the lyrics. And rap was used as an outlet for troubled people living in the ghettos of America, they didn't have the money to be able to make or buy a beat or have the money for instruments. Now, sampling is used because the instrumental takes a backseat to the lyrics and so is only used to establish rhythm and another background layer to the song. As for "shitty drum beats", yeah, I also hate those. Not all rap is that though. A lot of rap branches into rock, techno, soul, folk, country and pretty much any genre you can think of in terms of the instrumental.
    "Talking fast with lots of swearing" - This is actually kind of true but very misleading. One: These aren't the only components of rap, and Two: These aren't set-in-stone rules. There are many rap songs where the rapping is at a normal or slow pace. And so what? Everyone swears. Gratuitous swearing is unpleasant but good rappers know when it's effective and when it's just filler. But onto the main point: rap is intelligent. Good rap uses wordplay, intricate rhymeschemes, meaningful and powerful topics. A lot of music that people will say was "classic" is far more vacuous. A lot of Elvis's songs for example. If you listen to Eminem rather than Drake, you'll see where I'm coming from.

  • Just read the definition of "Music"

    The official definition of music, is
    1. Noun, vocal or instrumental sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and the expression of emotion.

    Let's take the best-selling artist of the 2000's, Eminem, a rapper.

    He used his vocal sounds and combines them in a way to produce extreme beauty of form, by staying on beat and expressing extremely complex rhymes.

    Above all, he expresses a vast amount of emotion. In his songs, there is an expression of emotion and no one can deny that. And all rap music expresses some type of emotion one way or another.

    So, yes Rap is technically "music". :)

  • Ye yes yes

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  • Cheap sounding background beats, sampling other musicians, and talking sh*t does not music make

    1. The beat: Years ago, I had a cheap Casio keyboard with pre-programmed beats and sounds. That is what I hear in today's rap - simple, push-button sounds from a cheap keyboard.
    2. Sampling: If I were a musician who created a unique sound and wrote a song to go with it, then, with actual talented musicians, recorded that song, I would be furious if some no-talent rap "artist" stole it.
    3. Vocals: This is the only somewhat original part of the rapper's "art." Sometimes rappers actually do a good of job mixing together rapidly "sung" vocal parts. Unfortunately, most of the lyrics are very weak to the point of sounding kind of silly, and there is almost nothing that sounds original. The use of similes is nauseating ("this is like that", "he is like ______", she is like _____"). Also, rap overtly uses vulgarity, sex, and promotes the use of alcohol and drugs. These lyrics are more for shock value than anything that is actually meaningful. And don't get me started on rhymes that remind me of a poem written by an 8 year-old. I miss the days when song lyrics were true poetry and it was often difficult to know the true meaning because one could interpret the song in different ways.

    I haven't even discussed the personal life of rappers, their ridiculous choice of clothing and adornments, or the childish names they give themselves, but that's another argument.

  • What defines music?

    I am not a hater of rap music. I enjoy several of the popular artists today. My opinion however is that rap should be grouped into a category all on its own. Music is usually defined by instruments and singing, so while it does not quite fit into this category, maybe it could be called a form of poetry, since that is what rap is at its core. Rap is a form of art for sure as are all other genres, but I do not believe it quite fits in with other MUSIC persay.

  • It might be an art form (?) But, it is NOT music!

    Rap might be considered poetry. But, at least according to the definition, and my lifetime of playing melodies, it is not music. Main reason? There is no melody (or quality!)
    I am so disappointed that our young people are being taken to a lower level by this.. Stuff. Nice language! So demeaning to women! Teaching people to be ... Criminals!

    My thoughts.. Rap is Crap!

  • Ask a rapper to "sing" any song, just once...

    The fact sadly is that rap is not music, but a mix of sounds, and already used beats. Any rapper you ask to actually "sing" any other song will fail miserably. The "talent" they have is not in their voice, but could be in their ability to mix like sounds, and contrasting sounds that people can dance to. It's not a real music, it's borrowed from others, and then strung together with lyrics. The whole idea of being a rapper is to "look the part" and act like a jerk I guess. How does the word "pimpin" become a good thing? Last I heard a pimp was a cowardly man who mentally, physically, and emotionally abuses women for HIS own profit. Seriously? That's cool? Get real.

  • 'Soothing':That's what Music means....

    In my opinion Rap music is isn't the real music, what I call.
    So, First a question is raised what exactly MUSIC, this 5-letter word actually means? Its the activity performed to entertain yourselves and give a chill pill to our daily BUSY schedule (except for the professionals). But, Nowdays the real definition has changed. All the fast routine, i think, has changed the art as well.
    Fast Music Real Music
    1. Its not soothing but, actually makes us more Tired.
    2. Its not for a break off the busy schedule and work but It fills up an instinct to an individual, sometime also acting as a DRUG.
    So, I conclude by saying that Rap music isn't Real usic

  • No its not

    1. Rap is literally a poem about sex and drugs, no lyrical meaning in any music (maybe 2 songs). Look at all of lil wayne's music (like wowzers and lollypop) Rappers just keep rethinking the same idea and writing about the same topic just to make millions more dollars like 2 chainz (she gotta big booty so i call her big booty) or (they ask me what i do and what i do it for, and how i come up with this s*** up in the studio, all i want for my birthday is a big booty call) the last line here has no relation whatsoever to the previous lines, yet this song is still somehow popular. Or whiz kalifas smokin good where "smokin weed like its oxygen" repeated the whole song.

    2. There is no effort in rap, you sometimes don't even write your own lyrics, and 99% of rap beats aren't made by the artists, they are made by other people.

    3. You don't have to be musically talented- a lot of beats and drums are computerized, and all you have to do is talk in rhythm, you don't have to have a good singing voice and be able to sing, i don't like country but at least you have to sing. You also don't play along with a band so it's not really a group effort.

    4. People say rock is all about drugs, and i wont deny that alot is, but a hell of a lot less than rap, and alot of the songs actually have meanings and a purpose and not about smoking weed.

    5. If you say all rock is about death and suicide, try and name 6 rock songs about death and name 6 rap songs about drugs and sex and tell me which one u finished quickest

  • Sorry rap is not real music

    Everyone talks about the struggle on the streets, drug life, gang life we have heard it repeated to death. And that its an art, sorry it doesn't take too much to flow just a decent vocab and ear for the MIDI produced beat or a sampled piece from some else's hard work. But to truly see if it is real music is the live experience. What do you see at a rap concert? The DJ pressing a button playing music no talent there, the rapper with 6 other guys repeating what he just said. A hey ho, uhh for an hour or 2 and that's it nothing musical there from what I can see. A rock on the other hand is very different. Every person on stage plays an instrument or two amazingly too actual rockstar status. People actually playing the drums, bass ,guitar, piano, actual singing every night on tour for 9 months out of the year. Its not done at just a press of a button and the music plays. And for people to say all they do is scream is very ignorant. Clearly they haven't heard the different sub genres of rock. Not saying that some bands don't but they perform that every night not so easy. It also comes to the audience. For rap less than half actually play a musical instrument. As for rock about 90% play instruments.I could have have picked any other genre of music like jazz, classical, blues, flamenco. I've listened to rap for many years as a multi instrument musician it doesn't hold up. Its in pop culture its in style to like rap course everybody defends it. It just makes me laugh when I see a rich white kid bumping lil boosie. He couldn't relate at all but its in style. I could go on about the constant dissing, who's the best rapper or who go's the hardest. You will never know. To sum it up its not real music no matter how much u think your expressing yourself or your opening your soul. For u mixed tape underground rap fans or its art sorry jay-z isn't the next Pablo piccaso.

  • Rap is crap

    I don't see how talking really fast and cursing excessively about drugs,white women,and guns could be considered music. Maybe it is considered music because of the jungle beats and excessive bass in that plays in the background? Ebonics is widely used in cesspools like Detroit and Atlanta so it should not be considered rap.

  • Rap is the worse thing we can subject our kids to.

    This trash that is called "music" by the black population is a perfect example of who they really are. Not one of these so called "Artists" can play a single instrument, they just steal samples of other peoples work and pretend they are creating something. Most of it sounds like a bunch of chimps screeching in sync to a chainsaw trying to cut concrete.

    No, in all seriousness, Rap is nothing but an excuse for blacks to get away with hate speech and call it music. I say ban it burn it.

  • No genre of music is the best

    Lol it's totally funny to see this topic need to debate. Everyone has his/her own favourite music genre. If it was bad, it would not exist in the world at this moment. I rarely listen to rap music but I greatly respect the way rappers show their emotion in their songs.

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