• POWER rush !!

    Sure I find it more sexually pleasurable to use my sexorgan to cause shame, fear and pain on a victim, than if I beat him with my fists. But the power rush you get when penetrating a defenceless man's backside is soooooooo immense!! I even fell more masculine after raping

  • Absolutely about power.

    If it were about lust people would be able to go out and find a willing partner or just handle the feeling with their own hands. Forcing someone into sexual interaction is all about having power over that person. This is why straight men rape other men, they aren't gay, they're not turned on by other men. It's about the control, and the power over that other person.

  • Rape is about power and control.

    As someone who has studied the topic of rape and sexual assault very much, I have learned that rape really is more about power and control over someone, and not so much as a result of a desire or lust that someone has for their victim. It is a horrible crime.

  • Mostly rape, is a power trip

    Sure I find it sexually pleasurable to rape a woman. But what really turns me on, is the look of fear on her face, as I whip out my masculine punishment device and threatens to rape her!

    Also, when me and my buddies rape a man, it's all about humiliating him..

  • It is all about power

    I believe rape is more about power than lust. One of the things that make rape so tragic is that it is someone who has taken control over you in the worst way violating your body; stripping you to take advantage of you and leaving you scared and helpless. Further more, the word rape stems from the word "rapture," which means "to take." This all implies power and control.

  • Rape Little To Do With Lust

    I do not believe rape is an act of lust, rather I believe it is far more related to a show of power. I believe rape makes the person performing the crime feel bigger and better and obviously more powerful. I think the act of rape is probably the push to prove a lack of power.

  • A lot of it pleasure

    Forced pleasure but pleasure nevertheless. Some can't take no for an answer. It's just how it is. Those who say it's power are almost completely wrong. It's an attempt at feminism quite frankly. No I believe rape is forced pleasure. It's wrong, don't take this as though I'm saying otherwise, but it's not about power. The only time it's about power is during war and imperialism. During imperialism, rape was a tool that the white man used against the conquered nation's woman. Then it was about power, but most of the time it's a loser who can't take no and just won't have it.

  • Rape serves an Evolutionary function.

    From an Evolutionary perspective, there are 5 types of rapists:

    1. High-ranking male; this type rapes females of lower status because they can get away with it.

    2. Brutal male; this type finds violence sexually arousing.

    3. Low-ranking male; this type rapes because they can't get laid consensually.

    4. Stalker; this type targets and stalks specific victims.

    5. Wife-beater; this type discovers that his wife has cheated on him, and rapes her to re-assert his paternity confidence.

    In all of these scenarios, power is simply a means to an end - the end being the passing on of the rapist's genes. It's not an attempt to enforce a patriarchy - patriarchy was probably created to counter the problem by providing potential rapists with a very real threat of harm.

    Posted by: APB
  • Why assume a universal motivation?

    Isn't it more likely that different rapists have different reasons? Regardless this is irrelevant. Rape is wrong. Rape is enslaving another person's body to your own for what ever personal benefit you seek whether that's power, lust, or you are trying to prove free will to yourself by doing something that is completely contradictory to all your other motivations. Regardless rape is rape.

  • Rape is more about power.

    Yes, I think that rape is more about power than lust. I think that many rapists want to feel dominant over the women that they rape. They likely feel a sense of power when they do this. I do not think that lust necessarily plays into the equation at all.

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