• It is good

    Please recycle because it helps the world not die and I don't want it to die because she is pretty and blue and green. I like blue and green because it is my favourite colour, please recycle its is important and you shouldn't want this planet to die. RECYCLE NOW!!!!

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  • Of course it is.

    We only have limited resources on our planet. Resources such as wood, paper, coal, oil, gas, metals such as iron, copper, tin. Etc etc wil soon run out forever unless steps are taken to recycled used materials in order to ensure that we maintain viable levels of resources. Thank you.

  • Yes it is.

    Recycling saves one 20 year old tree if we recycle 50 kilograms of paper and it save energy and reduce pollution which means that there will be less harmful gases in the air. Earth will sooner or later be extinct and it is up to us to save it. Who else will save it? Do you have any ideas for saving the earth excluding recycling? Recycling is the simplest and yet most easiest way to save the earth. All you need to do is to wash plastic water bottle and dry it. Next, find a recycle bin and throw it in. Simple as that! Unless you are so lazy to do that, YOU WILL REGRET IT!

    Posted by: NHL
  • Of course it is.

    Since the U.S. Has started recycling materials, we have hired over one million people to work in recycling plants, which will continue to grow as recycling becomes more popular and the recycling industry grows. Recycling also reduces the size and amount of landfills in the U.S.; fifty percent of the materials in landfills is paper, which could very easily be recycled and cut the land area of dumps in half. I think everyone should be required to recycle because it benefits the U.S. And keeps the earth clean.

  • Recycling is not good at all

    Recycling is not good because it causes many problems. For example, it causes pollution! Think about it, all the trucks full of junk and trash produce pollution. One because of the smell, and two because of the smoke it produces. And how about the recycling centers? All the smoke that the recycling center produces by actually recycling the trash! And, people lie! The people who run the recycle center only recycles 1/3 of the trash, then they just dump the rest into the landfill, and this is a thing because it is just simply cheaper.

  • Its not good

    It wastes lots of energy and causes pollutants to escape into the environment because of the faulty recycling process they use. And many people recycle plastic that can't be recycled and they usually slip past the sorting process and leaks bad chemicals into the rest of the plastic. A a

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  • Uh-Uh. Don't recycle.

    Recycling is the most horrible idea not only it is a waste money, but it causes lots of pollution to the earth. And also, if people started recycling the government would have to waste their money buying recycling trucks . I think people have the right to chose to recycle or not.

  • No it is not

    I think that the world will end someday and it is not going to be because we did not recycle enough, I think it will end as we know very abruptly, but then it will be transformed into a fresh new Earth and there is nothing that any of us can do to prevent this including recycling because it will end before we run out of plastic and paper.

  • Large amounts of energy frittered away

    When you consider the amount of energy, human, electrical and mechanical, invested in recycling, you would find that it is not commensurate with the additional use you get out of the recycled material. Recycling is not an energy-efficient way of conserving materials. It is better to develop new technologies that put raw materials to better and more efficient use, or reconsider the use of these raw materials. For example, do we really need all that paper and plastic for packaging?

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