• The comment voting

    Is essentially what make Reddit so reliable when it come to source material. While every current event may not make it to Reddit, some don't make it to headlines. But all post made on Reddit are backed by the comment voting system. Facts will almost always be displayed as the most upvoted posts. So rather than thinking of it as a singular source of information, I think of it as a "confirmation" hub. I hear about something, I Google some stuff and usually find myself on Reddit having the blanks filled in; it's pretty damn dope.

  • Reddit is realible

    I like reddit and i ink it is coool and realible u shoudl use it cause if you dont u r a stupid moron and should go die in a hole.Reddit users like me as u can see are mature and never lie we are smart and u r dmb dince u dont use reddit

  • Redditors do not write the news, only link to articles.

    While the majority of news posts on Reddit support a liberal perspective, all news submissions are links to various blogs, tv and print publications found online. It is up to the reader to judge the reliability of the news source. The top articles tend to come from trusted sources- NYT, Thinkprogress, academic journals, Al Jazeera, Washington Post, etc. Just because a poorly researched/bias article occasionally makes the front page only means it's popular, not reliable- just a reflection of the overall political opinion within community of like minded redditors. Will you get a well rounded perspective on current issues? Probably not, since the users of reddit are overwhelmingly liberal and thus, post articles supporting their point of view. However, most submissions come from reputable sources (that is, articles that cite their information/data, avoid speculation and sensationalism. I am wary of articles with bias/hyperbolic/emotionally charged language and arguments supported by anecdotes from the author's personal experience, etc)

    Reddit is more of a portal to the news, a collection of links to browse at your discretion. The sources for all posts are listed, so the news is as reliable as your ability to discern credible resources.

  • Reddit Fun But Unreliable

    As a member of Reddit I have to say I enjoy the website quite a bit, however I do no feel like it is a reliable news source. News articles make it to the front page sometimes, but many pieces of information don't make it to the light on Reddit.

  • Reddit Still biased

    The news on reddit relies on posts by users. Each user can post anything to support their own political agenda. In addition, there is no way to balance one story against another. News is printed by anyone and since most major news organizations rarely check sources,you can assume almost no one in reddit does.

  • No it is not.

    No I disagree that it is a reliable news source. Most of the articles are not coming from credible sources and therefore can not be trusted. The layout of the site is really cluttered and I believe with news reporting and current events, there should be a certain structure to how new news is presented. Most people can post their own links on the site as well.

  • No, but it can be a source for reliable sources.

    Reddit is clearly not a reliable news source. However, we have to be careful in assigning the blame. This fact of not being a reliable news source is not unique to Reddit, but applies to all sites of its type. In addition, although Reddit itself is not a reliable news source, it is a site where people can post links and people can find reliable sources through it. Just pay attention to what you were linked to.

  • No, it is not

    Reddit is not a reliable news source. I say this because many of the topics can be posted by anyone and also anyone can add their opinion about it, even if they have no knowledge of the situation. Even most news stations aren't even reliable anymore because they are so biased.

  • No, Reddit is not a reliable news source.

    I believe that Reddit is not a reliable news source because the content is provided by the users. The users also vote on which stories and discussions are the hottest. Since this is an open source, I believe there is no accountability as to the reliability of the news. Newspapers and other media have editors to serve as gatekeepers to keep the news from getting biased. It seems like Reddit does not. Reddit is good for entertainment, not news.

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