Is redistribution of wealth the right thing to do?

  • The want to be successful will still be there cause they will still be making more

    The rich will still be rich just not as much as they would like it's just greed they can still create jobs they would only have 2 vacation homes instead of 3. They use this as a excuse to stay on top they can do it. They can make a little less. It's just greed they have

  • Its the Only Option We Have Right Now

    Yes, redistribution of wealth is the right thing to do. Right now there are still no jobs in many areas. Consumer spending may be what has kept the economy going in the past, but now it is not working. The jobs for lower middle class families just do not exist anymore. They have left the country. Redistribution of wealth through entitlement programs and higher taxation of the wealthy are the only options left right now. The middle class has borne the heaviest burden for decades. They now find themselves with no options – through no fault of their own. So we must not begrudge these people the lifeline that we hold – it is time for many of us to step up to the plate and offer willingly.

  • No

    Making the rich less rich is NOT going to help anything. How does that make anybody want to succeed in this country? America is only at its peak when the government doesn't interfere like this. If you work hard, you get money. It's as simple as that. People nowadays thin they're automatically entitled to things from the government. That's not how it works. If you think that's how should be, then go to another country that already has those policies (I can guarantee you that that country is failing) instead of trying to ruin this one. We need to go back to running the country the way that it was run when it was in its best economic state, not try to adopt policies that have destroyed countries like Greece and Spain.

  • It has been proved not to work as intended.

    All one has to do to poke holes in any redistribution theory is look at the failures. No country that redistributes wealth in any great amount has succeeded in sustaining vibrant growth and low debt. I am all for a safety net but permanent redistribution of wealth kills all incentive.

  • They are not entitled

    These people are not entitled to the money others work hard to earn, just because you may not be as rich as your neighbor does not entitle you to take their money and keep it in the name of "fairness". This is socialism and it is proved over and over again not to work, so why do we keep trying it?

  • Upward redistribution

    People always talk about "redistribution of wealth" in the downward direction. However, the US government has been bought and paid for by the super rich and big corporations, and end result is a massive and covert redistribution of wealth upward, from the poor to the rich. People should keep the money they've earned, that's true, so this upward redistribution is what really needs to stop.

  • Free Market Philosophy Must Be Adhered To

    Redistribution of wealth may sound like a good idea. The more money consumers have in their pockets, the more money they spend on goods. In a consumer-based society, putting more money in the hands of more workers is a good thing. However, the wealthy need to recognize this on their own without government intervention.

  • No as much i would love to say yes its not

    Redistribution of wealth is not the right thing to do because it will cause a massive outburst by the people and so many people will be very angry. It will also become unjust because people who have not worked a second in there life on purpose and not even tried to work they will get money to. the best thing to do would be to make things cheaper. The companies that make thousands of dollars of profit on stuff that costs them a dollar or two should not be allowed to anymore.

  • The pizza argument

    If a pizza (representing a company's wealth) is divided up and the boss gets half and the 50 workers each get 1%. If you take all the bosses part and divide it up among the workers they get 2% each. That sounds good but the boss won't invest his ingredients again will he? So the size of the pizza shrinks and the workers end up not able to make a pizza (unemployed)

  • Not a Smart Idea

    The basic idea of this is to take money from hard earning people who earn there money and give it to people who sit around and do nothing. Why reward people who don't work and punish people who do? I feel that people need to understand what they are supporting before they support an idea

  • Do not punish success!

    Giving wealth away will cause the successful get poorer while the losers will not undertake anything. They will just spend it and then need more from others. I got no issue to give people who always worked a temporary compensation when getting unemployed but it has to be limited in time. However, no money should be given to foreigners who never contributed a dime as such will only draw poverty into your country. Help them rebuild their own country, yes, help them give the information on how to become a success story but in the end let them get there by themselves.

  • International mobility makes taxation a market unto itself

    When we look at the mobility of the frequently vilified "Super Rich" we would do well to remember that they are able to leave the country that they are in to move their wealth to one more friendly to their wealth. This point is ominously vacant from the public discourse.

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