• Worshipping a deity is just as outdated as worshipping the sun, moon and stars.

    Primitive humans had primitive religions and worshipped celestial objects, animals, fire and water: indeed, tribes of hunter gatherers in remote parts of the world still do. However, as humans became more sophisticated so did the religions, though it was only quite recently that the Catholic Church was persecuting people who suggested that the earth was not at the centre of the universe.

    Religion is in decline in eductated societies and as time goes on fewer and fewer people will turn to religion to make sense of their lives and the world about them.

  • In a way yes

    If depends on how we are looking at it. It offers people solace and hope but if we are just referring to the concept of it, I believe it is. Most people often out grow myths, religion is one that no one tends to out grow. If someone asked you do you believe in Zeus, you would probably think they crazy. If someone asks do you believe in God, you are probably a conservative.

  • It no longer serves a real purpose.

    Religion got its start due to primitive man's inability to explain the world around him. He could not determine why earthquakes or lightning happened, or what the sun and moon were, so he invented stories to explain those phenomenon. The more we learned as a species, the more those phenomenon were able to be deciphered. "Gods" are obsolete in a world where we have modern science to actually find out the REAL answers behind our universe.

    Then again, many people prefer fantasy....And are lazy. "Goddidit" is easy, but learning science is hard.

  • Definately an outdated concept

    Religion is indeed an outdated concept. Many wars have been started as a result of having different beliefs. The church throught history has repressed many scientific advances simply because it doesnt fit with their views, or would contradict with longstanding beliefs they have gone as far as to label people as witches, and were tried and hung for it. Take for instance Copernicus who was hindered by the church for his heliocentric theory or Galileo who was called forth by the Inquisition for supporting Copernicus' theory. The only good thing religion brings is that gives people something to believe in.

  • Times are slowly overtaking religion.

    In my opinion religion is slowly becoming an outdated concept that is slowly losing its place in modern society. Despite millions of people believing in God religion is becoming an increasing burden on society as greater progress gets halted by religion. With nearly every bold step forward into a better future there is a religious movement that is usually against it, and with these movements comes the response of the government to halt or alter the new concept or idea. Religion also slows development as there is the constant question "Will this please (or displease) God" Making people question better ways and technology for the sake of religion. Religion slows progress thus making it an outdated concept.

  • Religion is unacceptable in modern society

    The views that are portrayed in religion are complete fabrication and are often children are subject to brainwashing and end up believing in this rubbish. If an adult in their right mind wants to believe in this then okay, it should be a free world but if religion wasn't installed at such a young age it would die out quickly. It causes war, segregation and hatred and should be ridden.

  • Simply put, yes.

    Religion is for the weak minded and easily fooled, so desperate to give their lives and deaths meaning as long as you are the first religion to get pounded into their head. Most religions claim to be the one true religion, guess you better hope you pick the right fairy tale. Now if you would excuse me I am off to worship the Greek Gods.

  • Religions are all outdated

    There are over 5000 separate god being prayed to on this planet and it just happens to be that your god/s is the only true one. Well that is quite a coincidence. Can you show me any proven scientific evidence that your god is the one true one and all others are false? No? OK that's fine because, I can give you many reasons why your god is false.

  • Organized Religion is Antiquated

    Ancient man prayed to the Sun God, Greek Gods etc. The concept of one God was a dramatic leap in human psychological and cognitive growth. However, moral behavior and rules is the main component that the belief in one god created across the cultural differences that is our world. I do not see how any religious leader selling the Idea of their particular brand of religion with their God to be the one and only brand of God has any more value then wearing garlic around your neck to chase away evil sprites. It appears the moral dictates that are found with in the ten commandments are moral directives that are a direct reflection of the growth of society and how if they are followed society and humans can achieve a better quality of life.

  • Yes it is

    Religion is very much out dated just like anything that does not evolve or change with the times. Religion is losing its relevance and original impact as people are getting wiser and not accepting things as before. As technology and science plays a greater role in peoples lives the need for religion becomes marginalized.

  • I don't think so..

    A belief in God doesn't hamper scientific study or progress; take the cases of Nicholas Copernicus, Sir Francis Bacon (established the scientific method), Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, Rene Descartes, Blaise Pascal, Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle, Michael Faraday, Gregor Mendel, William Thomson Kelvin, Max Planck, and others. Their faith inspired their scientific pursuits. It is a bigoted and arrogant to assume your lack of belief make you superior. I'd liken the comparison to the Grande Arche vs. The Notre Dame de Paris.

  • We need religion like we need oxygen

    Yes, Religion does initiate war and violence; however, those that assert this are just focusing on the bad things. Religion also feeds the starving, heals the sick, helps those in need, rescues those in despair and educates millions internationally- the list could go on, though, I am limited by words.

  • Religion is not outdated and will always be here

    Religion is not outdated and will always be here present in people lives and in the world. Do we know what outdated means? Do we have evidence that religion is OUTDATED. I mean yes there are evidence for both side but you cant say religion is being outdated because its still here more than a billion probably has a religion or a belief. It will never die even in the future when theres only 100,000 people with a religion it still doesnt die because that 100,000 people still has a religion. There are people who aren't religious person but would like to be labelled as a religious person. Yes world is getting advanced and stuff but religious has been here since the world was created. For hundreds and thousands of years religion has been here and will never die.

  • Religion is not oudated

    Religion is still needed in the 21st century because it gives hope to those who think they don’t have a reason to live anymore and gives people alot of confidence. To support this Marcel Gauchet a known philosopher and sociologist proffessor wrote a book about the issue and said that pockets will always remain as science cannot give a person everything,

  • Not quite outdated

    I wouldn't say it's outdated per day while I'm not a religious man , I know there are plenty of people who still look to it .
    So I guess I'm saying it's all in the eye of
    The individual whether or not it is outdated , in modern society

  • Religion is not outdated.

    I think religion is a basic need of the human being, of the same importance as feeding, sleep, sex, etc. there was never a time when people didn't believe in ANYTHING, simply because we are so small compared to the universe around us. Religions have evolved and changed, of course, but the thing that remains, is the recognition of the fact that there must be something greater and mightier that controls everything, and that's not us. I mean the perfect order of the universe, the perfect laws that govern it, the perfect mechanism of a cell, that allows it to regenerate, and work betther than any man made machine, give testimony to that.
    On the other hand, religious feeling can never be surpressed, it can be perverted, of course. Not even the so called atheist regimes could not surpress it, without trying to put something instead: the cult of the ruler e.G.. The cult of the mass media. See American Idol, Superman, etc. they try to give some alternatives.

  • People Want Faith and Hope

    I disagree, I do not believe that religion is an outdated concept. I believe if that were the case you would see people dropping religion and continuing life without it, however that is not the case. Religion offers a plethora of things from community activities to faith and hope. Everyone craves these things and as long as religion provides them, it will not be an outdated concept.

  • Religion Is Not Outdated, The Church Is

    The argument that religion is outdated and thus tries to stop scientific study and progress to protect itself is not completely unfounded. In fact, it is partially true.

    However, religion is a very broad field. A religion includes all of the churches/groups/etc. That represent the religion.

    These different churches and groups may have different attitudes towards scientific, cultural, and worldwide advancement. Some are very open-minded and accept and coexist with new scientific theories and social norms, while others stubbornly stick to old social patterns and denounce science.

    It is not that religion as a whole is outdated, but that some churches and groups that represent them are.

  • Of course not.

    If Religion was outdated, most of the world still wouldn't b religious anymore. Some people still feel like they need a boost in every day life, to give something meaning. Is that so wrong? For people who go through hell everyday were looking for something to aspire to, what would you have them do if Religion was simply out of the question? Simply tell them their lives are really meaningless and their cause to live through that hell every day is just non existent? Not only does that seem rather unpleasant, but really people would just go nuts if they had nothing to believe in. I'm not saying that without religion, the world would just go to S***, no of course not, but some people might take this new found meaninglessness and go to the extremes, killing innocents just because he can, no one will punish him. Some people do crazy things. But as long as religion is around, it still serves a purpose and still is important to some people.

    Posted by: O.Z
  • For the most part, religion is not outdated

    While it can be frequently observed that some religious views cling to old social principles, most of today's practiced religions advocate for philosophies that coexist with what we consider today as modern thinking. Most religions are gradually becoming capable of going hand in hand with scientific progress, supporting tolerance of all people and all views, and promoting free-thinking. Religion isn't at all an outdated concept but rather an evolving and beneficial part of our culture.

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