• Well, kind of.

    Science can be tested, can br proven, and has saved many lives. Science has made our lives so much better, and religion has done the same thing (As well as fighting, but we need to take the goog and the bad). Religion is proveable, faith in the New Testament usually means loyalty and trust in God, and religion has impacted humanity a lot. Science is knowledge that comes from observation, religion is a twisted version of that.

    JaneDoe625 is only thinking about the bad things that have happened with religion, and doesn't understand that Science can be wrong (and thus not certain fact).

  • No its not

    Science is not based on religion because science is based on being proven by stating facts that are true, religion could be proven by the God they believe in such as "Blessings, miracles, etc. The people could see the religious manafastation that was proven. Science shows the hypothesis and steps.

  • Not at all!

    As a Non-Denominational, New-Earth Creationist, I say no! They are nothing close! Science has supposedly 'proven' the Earth is billions of years old not 6,000 (true age.) Look around you. Could a 'big explosion' create all this beauty, love, and hope. Not possible. The Bible has more facts than your science textbook!

  • No, they are not the same.


    Science has evidence, religion doesn't.


    Science ensues the scientific process to achieve accurate, testable, repeatable answers. Religion relies on personal experience, which can easily be debunked to be delusions, false memories, etc.

    Please do some research and discover why science have a boat load of more credibility than any religion in existence.

  • Are you Kidding?

    There is no reason anyone should even think this is true. Every Scientific fact can be proven and verified, and if it can't be, the most it can be is a theory, not fact. While there are certain parts of religious text that are proven, there is no evidence that a higher power exist.

  • Similar but different.

    Religion and science are both platforms on which to find security and answers to lifes biggest questions. Though that is about the exent of there similairity. Science is constantly open to debate and willing to change given a compelling enough reason. Religion on the other hand is very set in stone, there is little discussion on the interpretations of scripture etc. though there is debate on specific meanings of things i would not say it is nearly as open as science is. Religion often promotes dogmatic principles as to how to live your life and enforces moral ideas. Science on ther other hand does not delve into that subject matter at all, Its primary focus is understanding how things work through logic and reason filtered through the human minds cabality to even do so. All in all not too similair.

  • Not in the slightest.

    Science can be tested, proven it can, and has saved many lives. Science has made our lives so much better, and all religion has us doing is fighting. Religion is something that cannot be proven, is all based on faith, and hasn't done much for humanity. Science is fact, religion is not.

  • Never was, Never is, and Never will be!

    Science and Religion are totally different. Science pretty much depends on physics, chemistry, and biology of the world and outside of it. Religion is what people choose to believe. They are totally different. They are totally different. Science is magnetism, gravity, outer space, lungs, cancer, helium, H2O, etc. Religion is beliefs, opinions, etc.

  • They're different things

    Otherwise religious scientists would be a contraction. They only appear to be in conflict if you assume all theists believe in inerrancy and are young earth creationists.

    Why people get the two confused is more due to some atheists attempting to hijack science and push their if you don't believe I'm right then you don't believe in science bollocks.

  • They are different as Day from Night.

    Science uses knowledge. Religion uses faith.

    Knowledge is verified. Faith is unverified and personal and subjective.

    Knowledge requires proof. Faith accepts without proof.

    These fundamental differences are like day and night, mutually exclusive, always a dichotomy, and irreconcilable. They are not the same thing so Science is not a religion.

  • Wow i cant believe some say yes

    They are completely different. Science facts dont contradict other science facts. Scientists have theories and facts. Religion on the other hand has theories based on lies mostly as most religions cant be true. Science is a collection of facts and theories and those theories are based on facts and premises and are the most probable answers to our questions. Religion on the other hand offers contradictory answers to our questions and most have to be false because they are almost completely opposing views. Everybody has different combinations of beliefs most of which have to be false. And they are ridiculous claims. Everything happens for a reason. We know right from wrong. Almost nobody knows all of right from wrong and i know this because of the contradictions. Dont know why you idiots cant get that. And if we know right from wrong then nobody before our age knew right from wrong. So most didnt know right from wrong and we dont know cant tell all right from all wrong. And everything happens for a reason? Not if we have free will. And they believe both. If we have free will things happen for our reasons
    if everything happens according to gods plan then he is in control otherwise being imperfect we would surely stray away from his plan. And there is evil and everything happens for a reason? If evil happens for a good reason then it isnt evil. If it has a "good" result then it isnt "evil" nor should we be punished for it because if thats the case god is in control as i explained. Otherwise things would happen for our reasons and no reasons. And there is no good reason for many things and any mind unwarped by dogma can see that.

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