• YES ,religion only solution for the peace of the world.

    We everybody wants good things and peace of the world but peace cannot attained without adhering the teaching of true religion.The teaching of the Quran with which no culture or political system can compete,as an example ,one verse of the Quran presented here,-

    "Verily, Allah enjoins justice, and doing good to others ,and giving to kith and kin,and forbid indecency , evil and transgression ."-chap-16, verse no-90..If the admonitions, in the above verse are heeded ,every country and nations would know nothing but peace and goodness.Allah exerts us to-

    1] Abide by justice,
    2] be benevolent
    3]show compassion to others
    4] refrain from and admonish others to refrain from such vices as can be harmful and known as blatant evil.
    5] not transgress against beneficent ,in other words ,we should be just .Beneficent and compassionate. We should avoid indecency ,blatant evil, and transgression and should save others from falling prey to the evil.These are the basic commandments for the ultimate goodness and peace of the world.If these were put into practice than word can rid of all kid of disorder .

  • Religion is AWESOME

    Religion is really good, because it helps people to fight depression, stress, and also teaches people how to be wise, positive and successful to everyday lives. It also unites people, and gives people tools to distance themselves from the negatives, and also makes people see the good in them. Without God, there is no hope.

  • Religion Is Good

    Religion is good for the world because even if people share different religious views, those religious views help people keep their morals in tact and will help them lead a life of doing more good than bad. In addition, even if religion causes conflict in some parts of the world, it typically does more good than bad.

  • Religion, could't imagine a world without it.

    Religion is good for the world. Religion can give hope, peace, a sense of something bigger than we are. Religion can bind and unite us like no other system on the face of the earth. However, religion can become fanatical, causing people to do foolish things when they loose a sense of basic right and wrong in the name of their religion. On that same note, it is human nature that brings the worst out religion not the foundations of religion itself. A world without religion, a world without something to look forward to, is a world I would not want to be a part of.

  • Religion yes, but God not so much.

    I honestly believe so. My parents are both Christian and although I wouldn't consider myself to be, I admire the work of the church. Atheists tend to not fully understand the majority of the work that churches do. The weekly donations that are collected at church, some goes to maintenance of the church, and the rest goes to charity. My dad has been flown out to Belarus on several occasions by our church to help children who are suffering there and they have set up programs where Russian children come and stay with families for a chance to relax and enjoy British culture. My dad has been out there for months at a time repairing and building hospitals and promoting goodwill and friendship to the people there. I must point out that my dad has not been the best of people in his life. He used to smoke a lot and at school would skip class and go to the pub and he really isn't what you would call a typical Christian man. However, when it comes to religion and its moral teachings, he abides by them and they have given him what I would call a higher moral standing than he did before he worked with the church. Although the idea of God is something very controversial and something I would never adamantly say is true, the effects that modern day religion have (especially in a Christian sense and I'm well aware that other religions work with charities a lot as well) are very positive and selfless. I strongly agree with the effects of religion, not so much with the idea of a God.

  • Yes, Always,

    Religions teach you to be good and disiplined humans and keeps the society safe, secure and clean. People shall follow it with fullest love and faith, once you have these basic qualities in you, you would start seeing the good/best of it. So to feel its goodness and blessings, you have to have an inner desire and hunger for the religion. Eventually the rest of the required things would fall in place for you.. Good luck..

  • Yes religion is good

    Religion is a good thing
    Every one should have the right to believe in what they want to believe in. Religion gives us art and music as well. Even if people share different religious views they help people keep their morals in tact and will help them lead a life of doing more right than wrong.

  • Religion is a good thing

    Every one should have the right to believe in what they want to believe in. Religion gives us art and music as well. Even if people share different religious views they help people keep their morals in tact and will help them lead a life of doing more right than wrong

  • Religion is good for people

    The reason I believe religion is good thIng is that most morals are based off of religion, religion has influenced many people to do many things (good and bad) but without religion people would have no morals what so ever meaning that pop culture eessentially controls morals. And we can't have Nicki Minaj doing that can we?

  • Religion is good

    Religion is a good thing because it helps people around the world. The churches give lots of food to the poor and they also let other believers to pray there. The rules of being a religious person forces others to be a good person not a bad one. This is because if you don't be bad then you would be punished for that and if you were good then you are promised all that you could imagine.

  • Religion is bad but having spirituality is good.

    Religion has had a negative impact on society for hundreds of years, causing conflicts and wars. I believe that religion is taught with man made beliefs and brainwashes individuals making them feel guilty and afraid of displeasing their "God". Religious institutions revolve around power and $. At the end of the day religion is a business filled with scumbags who will say whatever one wants to hear to make money. On a different note spirituality is very therapeutic and helps individuals set moral standards for themselves without a controlling institution getting in the way. It helps addicts become clean and brings hope into people's lives :)

  • Yes, Religion is Good for the World

    Yes, religion is good for the world as long as it is kept in its proper place. Religion is a good thing because most major religions teach people the basic tenets of right and wrong and the whole "do unto others" concept, which is golden. However, when people use their religious views to try to discriminate against others or to make them conform to their beliefs, religion becomes a weapon and it is not good for the world.

  • Religion is harmful and obsolete

    Religion was fine when you didn't have science to explain things. It was fine when people didn't travel very far and no conflicts could be caused from differing beliefs. Now however, it causes far too many conflicts. It doesn't explain things anymore, because science can explain everything far more logically. You shouldn't need religion (ten commandments) to tell you murder is wrong.

  • Religion is very dangerous

    I believe that many aspects of religion are not harmful at all. However, most religions do have the necessary ingredients to cause a lot of harm. First, it can make people act on "divine command", which is not to be questioned, on pain of some kind of (eternal) punishment. And we all know how good humans are at abusing power.
    Second, it does not help cultivate human curiosity. I cannot think of a single thing religion has taught us about the universe. The last question remaining where religion can take shelter in is: why does the universe exist?
    Religion has an extremely unpleasant way of making people think that our 13.8 billion year old, 45+ billion light year wide universe, populated with 200 billion galaxies, each with as many billion stars, is here because of us. And in the midst of all that immensity, God, for some strange reason, has a particular interest over which holes men put their penises into. I cannot stand that kind of arrogance.
    The reason we are having this discussion without fear of being executed or tortured is because secularist values guarantee us the right to express ourselves freely. Actually, sadly, this is only the case in a few cases. So yeah. Religion is a no-no.

  • Religion is a path to destruction

    Every religion, no matter how wonderful the faithful are ultimately seek more sheep, and more money. It is about power, and everyone else's beliefs are "wrong" according to their bible, a book written 100's of years after event by those who used the words and stories to guide those they wanted to follow them. How does anyone not see that? Disagreement will fuel conflict, conflict fuels war, and death is at the excuse of religion

  • Religion is the worst thing that has ever happened to Mankind.

    More people have been killed and tortured under the banner of "Convert or die" than for any other reason. It gives people false hope. The morality is horrific. It drains money and resources that could be used for medical research. Also the biggest road block for science. There is not enough room on this page to detail all the bad religion has inflicted on humanity.

  • Religion has done nothing but cause conflict

    If you think about it, religion causes conflict between other other religions. One always has to be better than the other. One is always right and the other is wrong. I have nothing against other religions, I'm happy people have hope in something, because sometimes thats all they really have. But its the people who follow these religions that are hypocritical and telling other religions that they are wrong, that I don't like and give religions such a bad rep. That's not something I want in my life or my future family's life. People can be good without religion. Even relious people do bad. Religion kind of pushes people to do good for the world, but for the wrong reasons. They are told that they will go to heaven if they help others. People should do that on their and for themselves, not because a higher power is telling them to.

  • Religion can be good for the world .

    I think that religion can be good for the world, and it can also be a bad thing. I think that religion is all the same. We all believe in a god and worship him on a day. We fight for the same thing. Why? To put a title on it and to be greater then others. God created us all the same why make everything different.

  • Because people can't agree so it causes waqr.

    The reason why I think that religion is bad for the world is because there are so many different types of religions and it causes disagreements and wars. I feel like if people were more mature then theywould be able to understand that people have different opinions and people aren't always going to agree on one specific religion.

  • Religion Leads to Pain

    Imagine a world with no 9/11, no 7/7, no ISIS, no troubles in north Ireland, and no whipping of female flesh for the crime of showing it. Imagine a world without all of this, because there was no religion to cause it. People will commit horrible crimes in the name of religion. Why support that?

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whitegoat says2015-01-13T20:57:57.040
Is science good for the world? Yes.

They are equally good, as they are of the same concept. They both tries to come up with an explanation of the world we live in.

What did create you? Nothing? What is nothing? We know it isn't something, therefore not bound by our rules. It is outside time, therefore it is infinite. It is outside space, so its invisible. It is what you came from, so it creates you. It creates every reality and everything, therefore being infinite. It is infinity and God.

Our creator are just as real as anything else.

Read more about scientific evidence for God here: