• Of course it does

    I am catholic, so i dont hate religion, but come on people, religion has so many moral codes that hold science and society back. Some religions more than others, especially ones that dont agree with medication. Medication saves so much people, but yet some religions think of it as evil. I know of a family that didnt give their kid the medication he needed. The parents thought that the only medicine the kid needed was god, so they just prayed, and guess what happened to the threeyear old boy, he died a horribly slow death.

  • Yes it is.

    Debates over science are far more constructive and ethical without a supernatural component, by the nature of debate it should always deal in fact.
    Since, generalizing, what religions primary ascertain cannot be shown to be fact they should have no place in the debates about things they disagree with purely because of unsubstantiated religious claims.
    As part of society there is room for religious people to be included in debate but not to air speculation on things that are not relevant and unnecessary, ie the bible said we shouldn't.

    Many lives have already been likely lost due to stem cell research not being utilised to it potential, this only causes problems for the poor as the rich largely ignore religious bable and go to a more enlightened part of the world and receive treatment.
    You could go as far as to reason that religion is actually a form of eugenics in some ways as it restricts some life saving treatments to poorer people..

  • Ignorance is bliss

    These ignorant people interpret are hiding something, my guess is most of them barely made it through high school and think they have found a cause. It is not our place to judge others but God himself is the judge, and will judge them if he deems it necessary. This is nothing more then a cheap crusade with little facts and are the same type of people who would stand the streets in the middle ages watching someone being hung because they believe they were a witch, again, without any facts. Through their version of interpretation they have decided to stand on the side of the road looking like idiots, what next, children with ADD or ADHD, how about fat people because the bible says your body is a temple? Well some of these walking temples are being abused. What about Albino's, or people with a speech impediment, how about the child born with a FACIAL PALSY
    VASCULAR BIRTHMARKS / HEMANGIOMAS these people most likely don't even know what these things are. Ignorance is another form of mental blindness and if it wasn't for the successes of rights you most likely see people in the streets with signs saying we should kill people who are stupid and don't have enough facts about one issue to be allowed to make a decision. I do have issues with gays but being gay is not one of them. For instance, I think that their roles in the schools should be limited, I don't think they should be able to adopt children until we understand this phenomenon better. I don't believe that because of their sexual preference should allow them the right to change our beliefs and ideology in marriage. However, I am for their right in a union.

  • Religion is obsolete

    All of the events described in the Bible are severely dumbed down versions of what very well could have happened. For example, the great flood and Noah’s ark could have been ac actual event. Instead of a literally ship, think of the ark as a DNA bank and the whole story makes a lot more sense. My point is that maybe this was necessary at the time but as our understand grows we need to re think what we were told 2000 years ago. You can be a Christian Scientist if you let go of the simplistic stories in the Bible. But that just isn’t happening

  • It shouldn't hold us back. But it does.

    Religion is a broad word to generalize here. But yes, there are a few religions that "unfortuneately" hold us back. The moral principles of these religions like Christianity or Islam have been so far scewed in the past that it's hard to interpret what's right and what's wrong. And that is why we got extremist or fundamental views preaching bullshit onto others. My concern is not religion but the minority of people following it. They are loud, illogical and should not represent the religion they follow. They may have different views on life, but they "should" not interfere other ideologies and science. I was raised as a catholic, and most of the things they teach are positive by how to treat others with respect and reframe from preaching your ideologies onto others through force (another way of saying don't fuck with scientific progress), which most religious sects lack these days. I don't necessarily identify myself as a catholic, but I do appreciate the teachings they taught me. I just wish these teachings were taught outside of religion and used as fundamental ways of being an open minded citizen and not fuck with science that hugely benefits us. It just pisses me off that I see people from other churches preaching their ideologies and think they "know the way", or pray for their sick loved ones thinking that's gonna save them. I think medicine and medical advancments are a blessing to develop, and If your not feeling blessed about the successes of what your neighbouring humans have done, something's seriously wrong with you. God could even be greatful for us developing scientific advancement. Maybe he just wants us to progress scientifically in a moral sense (by that I mean no corruption by kidnapping thousands of people for scientific testings against their will), but this is just me trying to enlighten an open minded topic for those who close their mind on other topics. I don't believe that a God exists whatsoever, but I do take some of the teachings that I've learned to heart.

    I think it's a bit risky to "Souley" follow religion at heart. You gotta spread your wings and experience different aspects of life. That's how we grow and advance.

  • Death for fags

    Christianity and many other religions hate minority's they are seen as the devil and many not all are overly irrational and cherry pick what they follow this leads to a biased opinion aswell they completely ignore envidence and fact in order to make their belief system work in truth there just children

  • Death for fags

    Christianity and many other religions hate minority's they are seen as the devil and many not all are overly irrational and cherry pick what they follow this leads to a biased opinion aswell they completely ignore envidence and fact in order to make their belief system work in truth there just children

  • God is the definition of illogical thinking

    How much war is fought int he name of "God" and "Allah"? Countless times just because they put Holy in a war. It is just another excuse to do war against another country. What a waste of lives and possible scientific minds especially in the Islamic side. Name one time that science hasn't corrected Christianity's views on how things function without testing it or finding evidence. If god is all "powerful" why hasn't he done jack to help humans if we are that pitiful. I lived in a predominately atheist country the technology and scientific mind always has something to report on the news everyday. When I go out with my friends we talk about science and how it could improve humanity as a whole. All religion ever spouted on was god this and go that which infuriates me. As humanist I believe humans can strive and improvement themselves and others. We can't pray away illnesses there is tumors, virus, bacteria, and more to cure and identify it. No one takes a gun to shoot someone and prays the bullet away is illogical. We approaching the final frontier of space exploration, finding extraterrestrial lifeforms, and colonizing planets there is no context in religion to promote this discovery which can massively improve humanity. In case you haven't realize the more religion you have in your life the more ignorant you become? I have friends that are scientist, professors, and doctors they never once bring up religion when I did get around to it they said they don't need some 5000 years old book to tell them how to live their lives. They all agreed to just be humans with our every faults and imperfection even without god we are fine. Morals and ethics is something you adopted from growing up it is taught into us and it is only us that choose which path to take.

  • Religion blinds us!

    Religious leaders use the power oh myth ( that's all religion is) to keep people on their knees begging for help from "Gods" that do not exist. It is a form of control that, like most governments, holds people in their place face down and bent over begging for a forgiveness thAt will never come to them.

  • Religion is a taint to society and is slowly (if not quickly) going to destroy people.

    Throughout history, religion has shown itself to be barbaric in nature. For example, the Crusades showed that Christians were just as bad as modern day radical Muslims. They burned people at the stake, tortured people, and killed on a massive scale of unbelievers, women, and other people who opposed the destruction that Christians were imposing on most of Europe. This is prevalent in the massively read (as well as stolen) Bible. It is a book filled with violence, hatred, death, misogyny, homophobia, etc. Why would anyone follow a book such as this and say that they are "moderates" or "are not as bad as the radicals". If you follow some teachings of the book, why not all? Doesn't that just discredit the book altogether in being a "holy book"? It will only get worse as people who turn to religion start to hate non-believers because they don't agree with them and this hate breeds war and genocide. War and genocide are both terrifying things that can destroy a lot of people and possibly destroy humanity as a whole.

  • No, it is not

    The picture above misrepresents religion. It shows the extremity of religion, which not all following religion fall into. What if I put a picture of Stalin and asked whether atheism was holding mankind back? And there is also bad science.

    Reasonable religion is not holding humankind back, but rather saves humankind from its degenerating appetites.

  • A moral code

    Many people are of the believe science is what moves the human race forward. However, without religion there wouldn't be science. The earliest recorded sciences were about proving religion wrong or trying to discredit it somehow. However, moving forward isn't just about scientific democracy or how advanced your mobile phone is. It's a morality issue. We could be at the peak of science, but without morals we wouldn't be forward. We'd be cold, dependent and emotionless. For humanity to move forward we need religion. For it is religion that provides the basic human morals that almost everyone abides by, the ten commandments being an example. Religion is one of the few things left that actually teaches these basic human morals, and to lose one would be a travesty. The human race is selfish, greedy, jealous, angry, petty and murderous as a whole, all we need to do is look at the world and current events and history to prove that. The only common factor in every war, every murder, every fight was greed, one side always wanting something from the other. Religion is the only thing teaching against this. We need to recognise this to move forward as a race. Not advance technology.

  • No, Not Really

    1. Religion helps provide the order which keeps society in check. One may argue that atheists can be moral too. Yes they can...For a while. But after a while they'll start justifying and then legalizing immoral, unhealthy, and dangerous behaviors and lifestyles. 2. Religion does not hinder science. If one argues in favor of Stem Cell research because the results of the research is beneficial to mankind, one might as well justify the Nazis' experimentation on Jews and other groups which they persecuted. Global Warming is not necessarily something that religion makes its followers deny, but this is assuming that large scale manmade climate change is a reality. 3. Religion does not cause wars. Diversity causes wars, and religion is simply another factor which adds diversity. 4. Religion provides purpose and a hope of a Life to Come after we die. 5. Religion does not necessarily cause bigotry. While there are many homophobes among the "Religious Right", opposition to homosexuality is often due to a belief that the behavior is immoral, not a hatred of "gay" people. Science shows that there are many health risks associated with homosexuality, so perhaps even atheists should stand in opposition to homosexuality. 6. Religion is responsible for many charity organizations. 7. There are people who convert to a religion (such as Christianity) and experience a dramatic positive change in their behavior and lives. 8. Atheism has also been responsible for much persecution and bigotry, such as in places like the Soviet Union, the People's Republic of China, North Korea, etc. While one may argue that these atrocities were not committed in the name of atheism, I would say that they were, as anti-theism is a type of atheism. It is radical militant atheism, as there have been radical militant forms of virtually all religions. 9. While religion causing diversity can be a bad thing, it can also serve to make our world more "colorful". 10. Science has not disproven religion, while a large degree of Biblical Prophecies have come to pass.

  • Religion Not Holding Mankind Back

    Religion does not in any way hold mankind back. While some people might argue that it causes plenty of conflicts, religion itself doesn't hinder humankind in any major way. Plenty of other institutions are far more damaging to mankind as a whole, so religion shouldn't be targeted in any special way.

  • No it is not

    What holds humanity back is sort sightedness, fear, and pettyness. Now sure these things can manifest themselves in organized religion, however so can all the good things about humanity. Where ever humans are the good and bad can always exist within. And people are not going to get anywhere if we keep pointing fingers at large groups of people.

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Quan says2013-12-29T17:59:10.970
Not necessarily religion itself. It's the simple-minded people who selectively interpret or outright misinterpret religious teachings.
abyteofbrain says2013-12-30T21:51:46.590
It holds people back from doing destructive things.