• I think that religion has been created by man under the influence of god.

    I think it is undeniable that God is a factor in our lives. No matter where you are, you can feel His presence. But religion itself has been created by humans and perverted for their own use. I believe that true spirituality is where you will find God, not in books.

  • Religions aren't that important, faith is.

    It's been said above, and I have the exact opinion as them. If God is only and one, why are there many religions as we all have known? People who lived in my country in the ancient times didn't know much about religions although they had beliefs and faiths in some objects that they believed had the spirits of their fore fathers. For me, I believe that God is for real because if we think about how the planets or the ET place was made in the first place and who did?
    So, religions teach us to have faith in God and I think I can have faith in God without following any religions because the point is I have faith in him and by the fact that there are different religions of course different ways to worship God and send prayers etc. why can't I have my very own way to worship God? And I'm sick of how religions make the followers believe there's such thing as heaven and hell, well, whether at the end of our lives that those places are real, I don't wanna believe in their existence even if I'm open to thinking about the possibilities. It's just that religions made it as their very ultimate goals in life and I think it shouldn't be like that because it makes people just wanna do good and avoid harms for only a selfish goal of getting a ticket to heaven. If you wanna do good then because it's a good thing and it's nice to be a helpful and kind person for both the helpers and the helped ones. It should be a dream of every human being to build a harmony and peace between one another it's a happy thing and don't we always wanna choose to be happy? And sad thing is that religions seem to be the gap between people, differentiate, discriminate, break that dream. But then religions are nouns so who else do those stuffs I just mentioned? It's mostly the people that follow the religions and create the barrier and rules and everything they wish to always reshape the religions the way they want to. That's why I think religions were man-made in the first place. A friend told me that in order to have a faith in God you need a proof and that proof should be a religion and for me instead of a religion, the proofs should be real actions showing our gratitude to God about each and every minute blessed and given in our life to stay humble and learn the mistakes from yesterday. Reshape us to be better and better everyday, using the chance of life our best.
    And I think, God isn't that selfish to always wanna be worshiped, maybe loved yes, believed in, but I think God isn't that self-centered and just wants His creations to have a happy and peaceful life in harmony between one another because it's something nice to watch.

  • Yes, religion is not spirituality.

    Spirituality is an individual or group experience of something that is unexplainable in human terms. Religion is the attempt to categorize that and provide more usual access. It has its rites and symbols that can be helpful. However, they are still human made and the rules can stand in the way of people finding the transcendent.

  • Religions were made by honorable men but there was no divinity involved in the whole process of religion's evolution.

    The prophets were honorable people who appeared in history at times of great debauchery and injustice . They were philosophers who deemed that there was some entity who organized the creation and set about making an effort to contain the evils in society . So they invoked God because humans are basically superstitious and want to be controlled . The prophets probably earnestly believed in a creator and went about convincing people about what they thought to be correct . There is nothing divine about religions . A study of the known prophets will show them to be very dogmatic and fanatic in what they believed were ready to suffer for their convictions. This zealousness helped them ultimately to create followers and new religions were born . The prophets were no decievers but genuinely good people who wanted to reform the society . There was however no divinity involved in the whole process of inventing of religions .

  • Nature is the only pure power

    Religion is designed to prey on human weakness, just like all cults. Humans used to worship the sun and nature before we decided to meddle with other superstitions. Is it not enough to rely on nature, and the inner self for guidance, as well as philosophy? Religion is man made to put fear into our lives.

  • We don't know. The end.

    All the world has argued over that which we cannot know while we are alive and may not know when we die. I've read many articles on the existence of the Christian God or any gods recorded to date. Neither side ever wins arguments of existence or non-existence. I think that people need to give up trying to figure this out for the main reason that it is unknowable. We are small creatures with limited senses. Our brains are subject to imagination and fear, brainwashing and deep thinking that ends up in contradiction (i.E. Can God create a rock so heavy even it cannot lift it?). The most intelligent man will admit he just doesn't know and accept that fact. Why do we argue over that which no one can ever prove? The truth is we don't know and may never know.

  • Common sense or the lack of.

    Take one tiny grain of sand from all the sands of the world combined. Assume that the grain of sand represents the Galaxy , the Milky Way. This Galaxy contains millions of Suns and probably millions of planets. On the outer rim of this Galaxy there exists a minor Sun with 9 accompanying planets, one of which is Earth. Earth is a semi molten sphere of earth and water, a tiny speck of matter in a Galaxy that is itself a mere speck in the vastness of space. Common sense tells me that it is purely wishful thinking to imagine that our planet, our species is of any relevance any more than a microbe means anything to any of us as individuals. It is easier for the animal ,Man , to worship man made Gods than it is to work at creating harmony between people and mother Nature. Also the animal Man suffers from one major defect and that is it's gullibility and a willingness to transfer it's own laziness on to some nebulous deity. There are some humans though, who use the gullibility of their fellow humans to their own advantage, in creating wealth, in gaining power in brainwashing future generations to continue with the gigantic fraud. And so it goes on!

  • Religion is 100% man-made and the world would be a better place without it

    It doesn't take a genius to see that all religions are a product of man's fears and superstitions. The notion of a celestial supervisor is simply an insult to knowledge and science and amounts to nothing more than wish thinking. It's no coincidence that the origins of all monotheistic religions emanate from an obscure part of the Middle East which was and still is rife with superstition and ignorance.

    We need to shake off this nonsense once and for all and embrace the 21st century with more informed and more exciting prospects than that offered by the religious hocus pocus that surrounds us. White noise the lot of it!

  • Religion is promoted (at high levels) by self-serving control freaks.

    Religion panders to three human needs: 1) the need to belong and have others to help, 2) to provide justice in an unfair world (Hitler will get his reward in hell), and 3) we miss our loved ones when they die and want an after life better what we have here. By playing on peoples desires and needs as listed above religion brings "meaning and hope to your life". However, in many cases you have to "pay to play." Many times it seems people make up religion to gain control over others by playing on their needs and asking for loyalty to the group/cult/religion. Mormons are a great example of a cult where you have to pay to play. If you don't pay you are banned from Mormon heaven and are ostracized the group (two strikes against you). You can't even attend weddings of family members unless you pay the cult.

  • God made faith, Man made religion

    Enough said. Why are there so many religions out there? From Catholicism, Born Again Christianity, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc. God taught us to have faith and trust in Him, people interpreted God's teachings in so many ways that these religions sprouted out. This spread of different religions stirred so many arguments, and it even led to wars, genocide, and other horrendous things. If people did not interpret faith in so many ways, there wouldn't be anything like "Religious hating". I'm getting sick and tired of other religions criticizing other religions. For example, SOME (I would like to emphasize the word "some" for the purpose of not generalizing) Born Again Christians criticize most of the actions and beliefs of Catholics because they think that it is nonsense and diminishes their relationship with God, yet SOME Catholics don't criticize them. Religion has shaped society into "hate groups" by those religious founders of different religions.

  • The organisations are - the truth is not.

    People want to rule over other people and want money and the wealth of the world. This is man made. The person who sees themself as equal, and wants to give not to take has found God. The greatest danger to the person who loves God, is the person who pretends to love God but does not. Cain pretended and killed Abel who was genuine. Later the Jewish leaders pretended and killed Jesus. Then down the centuries millions have been killed for loving God, by those who pretended to love God.

  • Is religion man made?- well Not Exactly

    If you think about it for a moment on how many religions appear in history in a similar pattern and "style" it is unlikely to be man made. Why would you create a religion, when there are so many out there and claim that what you have is the truth and force it on others. (Without being paranoid) Is it some kind of ego trip to feel like you have control or do these people actually are being manipulated in some way? Yes ultimately it is they who create a religion but there could be being interfered in some way. How is religion able to survive in such a modern society when people have so much education. So all that may sound crazy but it is possible that religion is not man made and may be influenced by outside factors in a large way.

    A few questions I would ask
    How do people who are so very athiest become religious all of a sudden? (even if it is rare)
    Why are those into spirituality more likely to get depressed and have less good mental health (according to a study at least).
    Why do such mostly rational people hold such irrational (or even just rational) beliefs?
    What is to explain things like psychic phenomena?

    I found a site suggesting that there was an existence of some kind of influence and read into it:

    So it is possible for religion not to be man made directly although perhaps you could say it is man made as any influential factors in creating religion may have been created by man in the first place.

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Anonymous says2013-08-21T01:55:32.970
Religion is man made, man named an man owned. I have been reading the bible from the old testament and nowhere does God tell his messengers or prophets to preach religion of any name! He teaches mearly understanding of life, how to treat people and how to do right from wrong. I am a God loving God fearing person and I always try to right. I was christened Catholic but I don't go by that. Just another child of God :)